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PI Original
by Steven Ross Johnson
Tue Sep 18, 2012

Lobbying For Wind Energy Tax Credit Intensifies As Expiration Nears

Supporters of wind energy are predicting that what happens in Congress over the next several days could be crucial to the fate of the industry, warning that more than 37,000 jobs could be in jeopardy if lawmakers fail to extend a vital tax credit for renewable power producers. Meanwhile, supporters and opponents of the tax credit are intensifying their calls for the credit’s extension or demise. 

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri May 11, 2012

Tenaska Compromise Doesn’t Win Over Skeptics

The Nebraska-based energy company Tenaska, Inc. negotiated a deal with state lawmakers this week to run a proposed electricity plant in Taylorville on natural gas instead of coal gasification, and the amended legislation will be called before the House Public Utilities Committee next Thursday.

But environmentalists against the original proposal remain opposed for now – they contend that the new legislation will let Tenaska phase into the more expensive and environmentally risky proposition of converting Illinois’ abundant downstate coal into gas.

“It is kicking the most expensive and dirty parts down the road,” says Jack Darin, director of the Sierra Club Illinois chapter.

PI Original
Thu Jul 28, 2011

The Costs Of Keeping Cool

As the Mercury rises once again and another heat advisory is put into effect, we take a look at the politics around keeping the state’s most vulnerable residents safe — and cool.

PI Original
Wed Mar 30, 2011

Consumer Advocates Battle ComEd Rate Hikes

Consumer advocates are fighting a bill they say would allow for ComEd and other utility companies to sidestep the current comprehensive regulatory system, leading to automatic rate hikes.