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U.S. Senate


Quick Hit
by Micah Maidenberg
Mon Sep 20, 2010

The Enthusiasm Gap And Election 2010

This morning, the speakers at the Painters’ Union’s “It’s all about jobs!” rally and frozen chicken give-away defended the Obama Administration and exhorted those who had gathered outside of the old U.S. Steel site in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood to get to the polls this November. Obama “took over a mess and the only answer he’s gotten from the opposition party has been no,” said Painters’ Union president James Williams. Ten thousand more painters would be unemployed without the stimulus bill, Williams told the crowd.

Quick Hit
by Michael Vanassche
Thu Sep 16, 2010

Jobs With Justice Calls Out Kirk

Some folks from Chicago Jobs with Justice showed up outside of the Illinois Republican headquarters in Chicago yesterday to protest the arrival of U.S.

Quick Hit
by Adam Doster
Thu Sep 9, 2010

How Should We Close That State Deficit, Mr. Kirk?

U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk may be running for the U.S. Senate, but he sure has a lot of opinions about state government. When the North Shore Republican launched his campaign last year, a major theme he hit on was rooting out corruption in Illinois, a task we thought might be difficult to tackle for a pol stationed in Washington. Today, Kirk released a new ad criticizing Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias for his thoughts on Illinois’ budget deficit.

Quick Hit
by Adam Doster
Wed Sep 8, 2010

The Coming Weather Extremes

While scientists have not yet made a definitive link between extreme weather and climate change, former New York Times’ environmental reporter Andrew Revkin argues that today’s brutal storms, heat waves, snow storms, and droughts “give us the feel, sweat and all, of what’s to come if emissions are not reined in.” Environment Illinois (EI) agrees.