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U.S. Senate


Quick Hit
by Adam Doster
Fri Oct 8, 2010

Obama: Giannoulias "Doesn’t Shift With The Wind"

President Obama, in town for an Alexi Giannoulias fundraiser yesterday, had some kind words for the Democratic U.S. Senate nominee. “He’s comfortable in his own skin,” the president told a group of supporters. “He doesn’t shift with the wind. He doesn’t pretend to be something that he’s not.”

Quick Hit
by Adam Doster
Tue Oct 5, 2010

American Crossroads Loves Kirk

American Crossroads, a 527 group founded in March by Karl Rove, is trying to make a big impact during the midterm election cycle.

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Thu Sep 30, 2010

Would Kirk Block Everything In The Lame Duck Session? (VIDEO)

U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk thinks Senate Democrats are going to “overreach” during their upcoming lame duck session. And he wants to win Illinois’ special election to stop them.

Quick Hit
by Aricka Flowers
Tue Sep 28, 2010

Kirk Releases Ad Touting Downstate Roots And Fiscal Conservativeness

GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate Mark Kirk released a new ad in which he highlights his downstate roots and “mainstream Illinois values.” What values does he mean, exactly? Could Kirk be referring to his opposition to gay marriage? According to recent data, support for gay marriage among Illinoisans is growing at a rapid pace.