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LIVE BLOG: Polls Are Closed, Time For The Results In 2014 Primary Election

All of the polls have closed in the Illinois primary election, including those that closed late due to problems at polling places. Progress Illinois lays out the latest as the results come in.

All of the polls have closed in the Illinois primary election, including those that closed late due to problems at polling places. Now it’s time for the results.

First up, the Guzzardi/Berrios race. Progress Illinois reporter Ellyn Fortino is at Guzzardi’s campaign headquarters tonight. Here’s what she is reporting as of 8:00 p.m.:

About 50 people have arrived at Will Guzzardi’s election party, held at the Logan Square Auditorium. Wendy Katten with the Raise Your Hand education coalition was in the audience. 

Katten told Progress Illinois that she has gotten to know Guzzardi well over the past few years organizing on various education efforts in Chicago, like an elected school board.
“He’s fantastically smart, a great strategist, and I don’t live in this district, but I ended up canvassing for him a number of times,” she said. “So it’s both about him as a person and just being tired of the whole kind of machine politics that we have.”
As of about 8 p.m., 56 out of the 91 precincts in the 39th District had reported their results. At that time, Guzzardi had 3,251 votes, while Berrios had 2,153 votes.
Additionally, it looks like Tom Dart will retain his position as Cook County Sheriff. The incumbent has 70 percent of the vote with about two-thirds of precincts in. The candidate following Dart in the polls is William “Bill” Evans, who has just 14 percent of the vote thus far in the four-way race.
Meanwhile, the Associated Press is calling the race for incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn, who went up against challenger Tio Hardiman for the Democratic nomination. 
On the Republican side, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, whose campaign was dogged by sexual harrassment allegations — and a subsequent lawsuit — by a former aide, has already conceded in the race for the GOP nomination, adding that he will be “vindicated” in the federal lawsuit he is facing. As of now, Dillard has just 6.5 percent of the vote. Venture capitalist Bruce Rauner has a substantive lead with about 42 percent of precincts are reporting thus far. He leads with 44 percent of the vote, followed by State Sen. Kirk Dillard of Hinsdale, who has garnered 38.5 percent of the vote. Three-time gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington has pulled in 13.7 percent of the vote.   
UPDATE 1 (8:53 p.m.): The race is being called for State Sen. Jim Oberweis for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat over Doug Truax. While saying there are a lot of positive elements of the Affordable Care Act, Oberweis then told WGN that “we need to appeal Obamacare.” He also said will not serve more than two terms in the U.S. Senate, if elected. He also says he would like to push for term limits for U.S. congressmen. With 51 percent of precincts reporting, Oberweis is leading 54 percent over Truax, who gained some steam after the state senator was blasted for spending the final days of the campaign vacationing in Florida and also faced residency questions.
UPDATE 2 (9:03 p.m.): The crowd has doubled to about 100 supporters at Guzzardi headquarters this evening and the energy is cheerful as everyone regularly checks their phones for updates on the results. In attendance were Alds. Scott Waguespacck (32nd) and Joe Moreno (1st), who read poll results from his phone garnering smiles from the crowd near him.
Guzzardi is not expected to arrive to the party until the race is called, according to his campaign.
Be sure to check for tweets from us at Guzzardi heaquarters via @ProgressIL.  
UPDATE 3 (9:17 p.m.): The race has been called for Guzzardi in the 39th District race. The Berrios campaign has conceded, according to Guzzardi’s camp. 

UPDATE 4 (9:20 p.m.): Guzzardi has garnered 59 percent of the vote to Berrios’ 41 percent with 81 percent of precincts reporting. 

In the race for Illinois Treasurer, former House Minority Leader Tom Cross has been declared as the winner by the Associated Press and WGN. Cross was up against DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan in the race for the GOP nomination.

UPDATE 5 (9:28 p.m.): The race is tightening between Bruce Rauner and Kirk Dillard for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. With 66 percent of precincts reporting, Rauner is leading Dillard 41 percent to 38 percent. Brady has pulled in 14 percent of the vote and Rutherford, who has already conceded, has 7 percent of the vote.

UPDATE 6 (9:31 p.m.): In the race for the Republican nomination in the 11th congressional district seat, Chris Balkema is leading Darlene Senger 38 percent to 32 percent in the four-way race. Bert Miller has 26 percent of the vote and Ian Bayne trails with just 4 percent of the vote. The winner of this race will go up against U.S. Rep. Bill Foster. Republicans are voraciously eyeing the incumbent’s seat.

UPDATE 7 (9:35 p.m.): Although Rauner has not yet won the GOP nomination for Illinois governor, Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn has already begun airing an ad this evening against the millionaire Republican called ‘Who is the real Bruce Rauner?” Check out the ad here.
UPDATE 8 (9:38 p.m.): Guzzardi has taken the stage for his acceptance speech, greeting a huge round of applause and chanting. He opened his speech thanking Berrios for her service over the last six terms.
“Tonight, this community stood together and we demanded new leadership,” said Guzzardi. “We said with one voice that every child deserves access to a great public education. We said with one voice that the very wealthy and the biggest corporations ought to be held accountable to paying their fair share just like the rest of us. And we said with one voice that working people who have earned their retirement deserve to get it, right?”
“Today, in this election, this community stood up and we were counted ya’ll,” he continued. “And look around tonight, today the whole city is watching what we did here. You know, the whole state. That’s right. Because this election didn’t happen in a vaccum. This didn’t happen out of nowhere. The result we saw here tonight is the result of a movement. A movement that has a long history in this city. A movement that is striving for basic values of justice and fairness, right? And this is a powerful movement in Chicago. It’s a movement that’s elected aldermen and it’s elected state representatives and it’s elected state senators. And this is a movement that even once upon a time stood together and elected a mayor of the city of Chicago,” he said in an apparent reference to the 1983 election of the late Harold Washington. 
“Lately, there’s been people who have been saying ‘well you know, this progressive movement, it’s a movement whose time has passed … They’re too divided. They’re too splintered. They’re too worn down. … But what we’ve proved here beyond a shadow of a doubt here tonight is that this is a movement that is alive and kicking here in Chicago.”
For more from Guzzardi’s election headquarters and victory speech, check back with Progress Illinois for a full report on results from the 39th District race.
UPDATE 9 (9:55 p.m.): Doug Truax has conceded to Oberweis in the race for the GOP nom for Illinois U.S. Senate. In his victory speech, Oberweis said he hopes a victory in November will help lead to a Republican majority in the upper chamber. He also told WGN earlier this evening that he “will need a lot of help” to go up against Durbin financially.
Meanwhile, Brady has conceded in the GOP gubernatorial race. The race is still too close to call between Dillard and Rauner.
And State Sen. Mike Frerichs of Champaign has won the Democratic nomination for Illinois Treasurer. He will go up against former Illinois House Majority Leader Tom Cross in the General Election. Frerichs said the following about his win:
I am honored and deeply humbled to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the next Treasurer of the great state of Illinois. 

As a Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO) and former County Auditor, I am uniquely qualified for this office, and I pledge that, if I am elected, I will work to restore the trust of working and middle class families that has been compromised through the use of taxpayer dollars to promote partisan political agendas.

I look forward to the coming months as Rep. Cross and I debate the differing visions we have for Illinois.

The Illinois Republican Party is already blasting Frerichs, with Andrew Wellhouse, spokesman of the group, stating the following after news broke of the state senator’s win: “The very last thing Illinois voters can afford is Mike Frerichs as Treasurer. For the past seven years, Frerichs has joined with Governor Pat Quinn to raise taxes on Illinois’ middle class families and support economically destructive fees and regulations — an agenda that has driven jobs out of the state.  The irresponsible taxing and spending habits under Quinn and Frerichs have led to the nation’s worst budget deficit.  Illinois families simply cannot afford four more years of Quinn/Frerichs.  We can do better.”
UPDATE 10 (10:02 p.m.): In the Republican 8th congressional district race, Marine veteran Larry Kaifesh is set to run against incumbent U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D). He beat Manju Goel 71 percent to 29 percent, with about 77 percent of precincts reporting.

“It feels great,” Kaifesh told reporters before talking to supporters, according to the Chicago Tribune. “We worked long and we worked hard. I’m just happy that our message got out there and resonated with the people.” 

UPDATE 11 (10:25 p.m.): Bruce Rauner is making his victory speech, reportedly edging out Dillard 41 percent to 37 percent with 94 percent of precincts reporting. Dillard has yet to give his concession speech.

UPDATE 12 (10:30 p.m.): U.S. Rep. Foster released the following statement regarding his upcoming race against State Rep. Darlene Senger (R-Naperville):

As a scientist and a businessman, I strive to bring a common sense voice to Washington and support jobs and opportunity for our community. I am proud to have received the support of primary voters today and hope to continue to have the privilege of representing the 11th Congressional District.

I congratulate State Representative Senger on her victory tonight and look forward to a thoughtful and honest debate on the issues.

The choice for voters in November is clear: we can invest in strengthening the middle class, or we can continue to hand out tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest Americans.  We need to ensure workers are able to earn a living wage and to get access to the training and education they need to be prepared for 21st century jobs.  I also believe we need policies which allow women to make their own health decisions and honor the basic human rights of all American citizens.

While Republicans have been in charge in Congress, they have brought our economy to the brink with a government shutdown and threat of default, cut essential safety nets for working families like unemployment insurance, and blocked every attempt to pass comprehensive immigration reform. 

We need a renewed focus on the important issues in Congress – creating jobs, growing the economy and strengthening the middle class.  These are the priorities I will continue to fight for in Washington.

UPDATE 13 (10:47 p.m.): Gov. Pat Quinn also made his speech just before Rauner’s highlighting his push for an increased minimum wage and plans to fight for the middle class .

“I believe in everyday people. I think a governor has to have a heart. I may not have nine mansions. I have one house,” Quinn said in his speech. “I’m not a billionaire. Never will be. I’m not part of the 1 percent and never will be there. I’m not even part of the 0.1 percent. But I’ll tell you this. As long as I’m governor I’m going to fight hard for the 99.9 percent.” 

In an email to supporters after his speech, Quinn stated the following about the race he faces against Rauner in the General Election:

We knew coming into this office that we were inheriting a tough situation, but, with your support, we’re getting Illinois back on track. We’ve helped Chrysler grow from 200 employees to more than 4,500 and Ford expand from one shift of 1,600 workers to three shifts with more than 5,000 workers. We cut billions in wasteful Medicaid spending and made the tough calls to fix our pension system. 

We’ve got a lot of work left to do, and the stakes are even higher now. 

We’re going to learn a lot more about my opponent, Bruce Rauner, in the coming weeks. 

What we know right now is that he’s got a lot of ideas — like cutting the minimum wage and cutting education and public safety investments to dangerous levels. They’re the same anti-middle-class policies that got Illinois and the country into a mess in the first place. 

We’re not going back there under my watch. 

Meanwhile, Rauner attempted to court the middle class in his victory speech, making statements against “government union bosses” and pressed his desire to impose term limits for state politicians. The candidiate, who has no political experience, neglected to detail any substative information on how he plans to legislate, if elected.

“Let’s bring back Illinois. What that means is we want to restore the opportunity, the quality of life for every family in our state,” Rauner said.

“The voters are going to face a stark choice in November, a major decision about the future of our state,” Rauner said in his victory speech. “It’s a choice between failure of the past and a new day,” he added.

The Illinois Republican Party is already getting behind Rauner, with Chairman Jack Dorgan releasing the following statement: “For five years now, Illinois has suffered under Pat Quinn: high unemployment, broken budgets, and families worried about the future. Republicans took a major first step today to bring back Illinois, and we’re not letting up for one moment until the job is done.”

UPDATE 14 (11:34 p.m.): Pamela Reaves-Harris beat embattled incumbent Derrick Smith in the race for the 10th legislative district seat.

“I want to first thank everyone for the support they have given me in this race for 10th District Representative,” she said in a statement following her win. “This race was never about me, it has always been about the people of the 10th District.  Now that this race is over, I look forward to being a part of the united Democratic Party.  I want to thank, especially, Congressman Danny K. Davis, Alderman Jason C. Ervin, Alderman Ed Smith and Alderman Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno for their support and guidance in this race.” 

Reaves-Harris will go up against the sole Republican who ran for the 10th district seat, Mark Colander.

In the 13th congressional district race, former Madison County Judge Ann Callis is set to face off with freshman incumbent Rodney Davis in the November election. She beat University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor George Gollin 54.3 percent to 31.6 percent.

Democrat Dennis Anderson is set to go up against incumbent Randy Hultgren in the 14th congressional district. Anderson released the following statement after winning the Democratic nomination:

I am honored to represent my party in this year’s general election.  For too long Randy Hultgren has served the special interest and extreme ideologues that have paralyzed Washington and ignored the needs of hard-working Americans,” said Anderson. 
Starting tonight, we’re going to make sure people in the 14th District know they have a choice in November’s election.  My campaign and I will work hard to reach out to voters.  Unlike my opponent, I will hold town halls and listen to your ideas and concerns.
Hultgren is a proud member of the ‘suicide caucus’ that opted to shut down the government and threaten default on our debt rather than compromise with anyone.  I will work with all of my colleagues to find common ground and produce results.
Hultgren offers an extreme ideology that drives him to support defunding Planned Parenthood but spend half a billion on ‘abstinence-only education’.  His Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act – which would weaken financial regulations – was 85 lines long.  75 of those lines were written by Citigroup. My values are much more in line with the people in our communities.
Hultgren would rather toe the Tea Party line than raise the minimum wage or extend unemployment benefits,  ignoring our families’ economic challenges. My highest priority is to make sure our economy works for small businesses and middle class families who just want a fair shot at prosperity.  Randy Hultgren has let us down for far too long, and I will be the voice in Washington that our families deserve.

Incumbent Jaime Andrade retained his seat in the 40th legislative district, beating out second runner up Nancy Schiavone 50.4 percent to 27.2 percent. Three other candidates in the race gathered the rest of the votes in the race.

In the race for the 1st district Cook County Commissioner seat, Richard Boykin beat out Blake Sercye, former Chicago alderman Issac Carothers and two other candidates. Check back with Progress Illinois on Wednesday for more on this race. For the 4th District race, Stanley Moore won and will retain the seat he gained after replacing the now imprisoned William Beavers last year.   

In terms of referendum items on the ballot, voters did not support a taxi fare hike, with 61.4 percent opting against it. Voters did, however support a ban on guns in Chicago bars as well as a ban on the sale of large magazine clips in the city by more than 70 percent each. Close to 67 percent of voters were in favor of Logan Square’s Ames Middle School remaining a neighborhood school as opposed to it being converting to a military school. Click through to see of the results of other referendum votes in the Chicagoland area. Here’s a look at referendum votes in the Springfield area, Carbondale region, and Quad Cities.

Voter turnout reached historic lows Tuesday, according to Chicago Board of Elections and Cook County Clerks office. Voting problems cropped up at polling places in Chicago due to a new $2.3 million electronic polling book system. There were also some problems at a handful of polling places in the suburbs. Due to the issues, polling places in these areas stayed open past 7:00 p.m. 

UPDATE 15 (12:41 p.m.): That’s it for tonight’s live blog on the 2014 primary election. Check back with Progress Illinois tomorrow for more on today’s primary election and what’s in store as we head towards the general election.

UPDATE 16 (1:26 a.m.): Jay Travis is not conceding in the 26th district race against incumbent Christian Mitchell, despite polling numbers showing Mitchell with a 52.6 percent to 48.1 percent with close to 99 percent of precincts reporting. Travis released the following statement early Wednesday morning about her refusal to concede:

I am not conceding. 

Throughout Election Day, we constantly received reports of voter suppression and intimidation, judges tampering with ballots, wrong ballots, ballots missing my name, and illegal electioneering. I personally was turned away from the polls at 6 a.m. due to alleged problems with the voting machine, along with a group of elderly senior citizens who had been waiting in line to vote (I returned over an hour later and was able to cast my ballot at that time).

We have received these kinds of reports from precincts across at least five different wards in the 26th District. This scale is significant in a race separated by just several hundred votes. We will be at the Board of Elections with our attorney tomorrow.

In the meantime, I want to thank those of you who did incredible work in the streets today and packed our Election Night party tonight. You inspire me to continue fighting for a more just and democratic world.

Stay tuned.


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