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CTU Releases Editorial Cartoon Blasting Rauner For 'Hypocrisy'

The Chicago Teachers Union released an editorial cartoon Thursday blasting Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner for the "hypocrisy of [his] campaign for governor as he hides behind his wife." Earlier this month, Rauner's campaign began running a TV ad touting the venture capitalist's Democratic wife.

The political cartoon unveiled by the teachers' union was created by Atty. J. Peter Dowd with the law firm of Dowd, Bloch, Bennett & Cervone, who represents unions, inluding the CTU, on pension and health care issues. 

Here's a look at the cartoon:

Dowd said he was motivated to draw the cartoon after observing Rauner's attempts to sell himself as a "regular guy" to Illinois voters:

I was inspired by the blatant hypocrisy of Bruce Rauner. For the Republican primary he started out as the successful businessman in expensive suits and tie. He proposed to run the state like a business, slash the state budget, cut taxes and crush the union bosses. For Rauner, in a moment of regretted candor, it was a good idea to cut the minimum wage by $1.00 instead of raising it to $10.  According to Boss Rauner, state employees and retirees are overpaid. The $160 billion in cuts enacted by the legislature was opposed by Rauner because the cuts were not deep enough. He was proud of the wealth that put him, not only in the top 1 percent, but in the top .01 percent.  He also promised to reign in collective-bargaining rights of teachers and to privatize more public schools by multiplying charter schools.

Then, with the Republican nomination in hand, Rauner embarked on a 'regular guy' remake similar to Mitt Romney’s attempt to erase this Republican presidential primary persona like a cartoon character on an Etch-a-Sketch. The suit and tie is replaced by a plaid shirt. The antiunion, anti-worker platform is covered over with images of his wife who trusts him and will vote for him even though she is a Democrat. There is no longer an angry boss with a conservative Republican platform. He wants to seduce independents and Democrats with his crooked smile and trusting wife.


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