Quick Hit Aricka Flowers Monday August 20th, 2012, 6:36pm

A Who's Who Of American Voters

As the race for the White House ramps up, the fight for voters, especially independents, is intensifying. 

To get a better idea of just who the voters are that President Barack Obama and presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney are vying for, TakePart.com analyzed voter data from 2008 and created an infographic to illustrate just who might be heading to the polls on November 6. 

If 2008 is any indicator of who will be voting this November, women will take the lead. This could spell trouble for Republican candidates like Romney considering the GOP has been arguably waging a war on women's rights. During the last presidential election, almost 68 percent of eligible female voters headed to the polls in 2008 compared to just under 62 percent of men.

Here's more of TakePart.com's breakdown of who voted in the 2008 election:

 Who Votes in America? A TakePart.com Infographic” width=
Via: TakePart.com


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