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Americans Want Jobs, Not Bull

Congress will have just seven days to reauthorize four tiers of emergency unemployment benefits when lawmakers return from the fall recess. Even if the U.S. Senate can somehow manage to squeak an extension through in time, 99ers -- the group of workers who have exhausted the maximum weeks of benefits available -- will undoubtedly be left out to dry.

Already, Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have added 20 weeks of benefits in states where the unemployment rate is above 7.5 percent. In response, a group of 99ers have produced this moving video explaining the dire economic situation those 1.4 million Americans are facing. Establishing a "fifth tier" of benefits and promoting job growth, they argue, should be an urgent priority. Watch it:

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Hi everyone,

I've gotten some e-mails lately complaining about the tone and language being used by some commenters on our unemployment stories. With the posting of our latest unemployment story, I would like to take the opportunity to request that you remain civil to one another when posting comments and NOT use profanity. Also, when commenting, please stay on topic. The regulars who come to read the comments want to have a dialogue on unemployment and use the space as an opportunity to ask questions when needed. We will be keeping a close eye on the comments and all profane and off-topic comments will be deleted.

Thank You!

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I think putting the 'list' of the Related stories at the top of each thread is a good idea and perhaps other 'stories'/past threads might be Indexed into the list also.

"Americans Want Jobs, Not Bull" is EXACTLy the way the American people feel and WHY the GOP can think that holding back and keeping 15 million people hostage is a BRIGHT idea is beyond sane reasoning.

I wish I could watch the above video "We Need Jobs Bill, Not Bull" but I am on Dial Up and it takes 'forever' to load in a video and even then it is played in 'piece-meat'... Hoping some/others that can view it will perhaps give us (others may be on dial-up also), a synopsis as to WHAT the video involved and stated.

I am not a 99er but I do believe that they need a tier 5 or something to help them. Alot of them have nothing. We need hope; if there were no hope in this world, then it would be alot worse than it is now. What if there is no work somewhere, anywhere? Then what would you do? Alot of people in this country have become so selfish, so greedy; not wanting to help people who truly need help that it may come down to class warfare and then what in a few years? Something mirroring a third world country? It would be different if the 99ers were people who just up and quit their jobs and had collected 99 weeks of unemployment just for the fun of it. But they are victims of a selfish, greedy economic system. Communism fell in the Soviet Union twenty years ago; is capitalism next to follow?

Just in case Tier 5 & EUC extensions do not happen, 200,000 jobs are expected to be added for the Holidays. I know some of these jobs are temporary & part time but it’s something anyway. Who knows maybe some will turn into full time and you will be able to make the best of your life until the economy gives us all back comfortable wages/salaries.
The following Companies are hiring;

The Party store
Home Depot... and more.
Good luck to us all.

"Isthisajoke" WAS on Topic, CIVIL, and did not use profanity and was entitled to thier viewpoint!
Why was that comment removed?

Was that a staged & removed comment posted by the PI staff to set new precedence? Or was that comment removed by three members?

I suppose it was not a liberal enough comment.While many of you may feel empowered to make change, our government is much too large to change at this point.I'd like to give you a more cheerful point of view but I wouldn't be speaking from my perspective.The article above does say undoubtedly left out to dry, does it not?I don't see how anything else could be more negative,or is that how you rile your readers?You have a one way road view here don't you?That's a shame.You should leave room for debate,but I also see you have many posters that can only see their own way and cannot handle other's opinions without being severely offended or calling names.I would think you would have more traffic to your site if you allowed some friendly debate.

There's been friendly debate on here ever since I've been a member. It's the UNfriendly debate that is frowned upon.


TO --> "thisisajoke", 5:33pm, Mon Oct 11

We can "discuss" DEBATE later... I would like to ask WHO are you? are and why do you think that the regulars here on the thread owes YOU any answers within 2 minutes of your's and "mom"'s trying to start stirring a pot that has not even 'cooled off' for ONE hour yet?

Who are you and if you have been here previously to today, then why the change of handle/AKA/ID?

We are here to discuss jobs, lack of jobs, unemployment and lack of compassion for 15 million people that may just turn the tables on all that have put them through this fiasco, by unleashing of an anger that this country has yet to have EVER seen or ever witnessed! People are ANGRY, do NOT you GRASP that fact?

Do YOU, (or anyone else), really think that 15 million people are NOT going to RISE UP in REAL anger if these economy problems and lack of employment are NOT settled soon?

WHO are YOU to march in here and "set the tone" for this thread?

WHO are you to even 'assume' a handle of "thisisajoke" and expect US to NOT question your motive for marching in with a "chip on your shoulder" by using the HANDLE/ID/"name" of "thisisajoke"?

Your very ID is insulting to US, (US=the regulars, here on the thread), insulting to MS Flowers, insulting to Adam Doster and insulting to Progress Illionis!

You are certainly getting off to the wrong kind of 'start' with ME, that is for sure!

Do you even have the capacity to be civil? Ericka started this thread asking everyone to be civil. Your post to thisisajoke was not civil. He or she does not report to you OR nobody is stirring the pot. We’re just posting our opinions to which we’re entitled, NOW BACK OFF! You are the one” RUTH” that just started the ugly rolling, now quit it.

I agree, unfortunately healthy debate is a thing of the past on this site. It has turned into more of a bulletin board by two or three very opinionated members advocating for unemployment benefits extensions ONLY and didnt know how or want to share the site.
Nobody interferred at the time so they began to assume ownership. People loved it because, (lets face it) the unemployed needed benifits and answers to unemployment questions. NOW, when anyone wants to discuss jobs or has a different point of view on UIC extensions they are called names or run-off.

it is true. Unemployed_troll has been a very good friend and consistant voice of reason to this site....

I'm not really concerned with getting off to a good start with you.The this of thisisajoke mainly refers to politics in general,well, democracy,I guess.It is not a personal attack.Election time is coming soon and I'm doing some looking into the issues.While I see people's opinion of the unemployed being 15,000,000 strong,as you say,I can't help but notice the government really doesn't seem to think your situation,a tier V plight,matters as much as the unemployed do.I mean no disrespect to the author of the piece.I am simply reiterating the author's sentiment of undoubtedly left out to dry.Not everyone in this country is in this unemployment situation and do not live in this world,so to speak.I understand there is anger and loss regarding unemployment.But I certainly am entitled to my opinion.I can't imagine that you plan on attracting people to believe in your views or to maybe persuade them to aid you in your fight by posting back to me as you did and assuming I am so bad.

I am assuming the phrase of "left out to dry" was Adam's way of SAYING IT in a NICE way, instead of saying "kicked to the curb, starving to death, homeless and then BLAMED, ridiculed, make fun of, abused, harassed, and treated worse than any class of people in these large numbers of MILLIONS, ANY segment of society in the U.S. has EVER been treated in this magnitude!"

I would say Adam was being very KIND, easy stated and MILD in how he expressed the unemployed's plight! "left out to dry" is putting it mildly, to say the least!

The unemployed is just another group feeling they are not heard.They are not the only one of it's kind.There are plenty of groups that feel their plight is not heard.There are plenty that feel oppression, homosexuals,blacks,women's rights activists.You cannot possibly say the unemployed are the worst treated class.Please do not tell me you are honestly comparing the unemployed to some others.Yes,I suppose you are entitled to your opinion,but I can't imagine going from a stable well paying job to maybe some less than desirable low wage paying employment can compare to say,I don't know,being beaten for being homosexual,or say constantly being looked at your entire life as suspect because of your skin color.I am not trying to minimize anyone's being unemployed.I'm sure it is a very stressful situation,but is it sincerely the end of it all.I mean after all this time,is it possible, that our government may simply be sending you a clear message that the new unemployment numbers of near 10% is the way it is,and will stay for some time,without additional benefits to come because of defecit fears.

We are all entitled to our opinions but when some posters say things on an unemployment post that is looking for comments to an article that notes republicans have blocked legislation that would have provided much needed monetary relief for millions of 99ers and how urgent a fifth tier is needed, you may expect some discord when a post of "just go get a job, somehow, anywhere" is put up. Honestly, thats' like saying to a cancer patient just go get well.

Well said! Its understandable because they are CLUELESS or incredibly naive! 11/2nd is up to Mainstreet USA to vote AND vote Democratic or the republicans will continue to BLOCK legislation that would jumpstart this economy especially with 2012 upcoming. That is the picture painted that ALL of America must see or the GRIDLOCK will continue. Faith and Hope we continue to have -- 99ers UNITED!

What I'm saying is,if the reality is that there is constant blocking by the Republican party and not enough support from the Democratic party to have passed this legislation when it was supposedly needed quite some time ago,then maybe people should be trying to find employment somehow,someway,anywhere they possibly can.There must be something out there somewhere,although maybe not ideal.I'm not very impressed by our government,they themselves find themselves to be too big to fail,and they can fail.The best way to beat them at their own game is by not relying on them.Easier said than done,I suppose.

How True!!

A cure for cancer is not always available. Jobs are not always available. BUT you have to try. There are reports after reports that retailers are hiring. The problem is some people think these jobs are not worth having. I don’t see a faster way to an economic recovery unless more people start taking these jobs.

I think that alot of unemployed people (I'm not speaking for everybody) are looking for work, any type of work and they just can't find it and for some, the situation is getting very bad. Because of the immense number of people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own and only a handful of jobs being created by both the government and private industry, a humane government should provide help to those in dire need of it; (i.e. U.S. Preamble to the Constitution). Its' not a game and if we had a choice, I don't think any of us would rely on them.

Thank you very much for letting me express my views here.Enjoy your evenings and I do sincerely hope you find what it is you are looking for.

Sounds like hedonistic to me, lol.


GOVOTE 2010 - www.onenationworkingtogether.org JOIN & VOLUNTEER!

I assume you may,miss,find yourself to be the voice of reason.But you can't possibly think those harsh words bring people to want to listen and believe in you or your ideas.I would imagine it does the opposite,stopping people in their tracks from crediting any of your remarks.

thisisajoke...you have made some very good post..

www.unemployedstatesofamerica.webs.com NEWS & FORUM Stay in touch --- 99ers UNITED!

While I seem to understand this is a site for progressive thinkers,may I ask:I read a post above stating this thread is for comments regarding the Republicans blocking this tier V legislation,well,is it possible they are correct.Maybe a tier V is not what will help the unemployed or their situation.While I cannot claim to have an answer to solve the problem,maybe,the solution should be one of more depth than simply handing over an unemployment check for 20 weeks.Yes,I do know this legislation also carries an increase of incentive for hiring,but even so,is that amount nearly enough of an incentive to large corporations to hire for such well paying positions people seek.Maybe it is time to simply do something more than quick fixes.And I also do know that our government cannot sustain this country on borrowed money.Our defecit is on the rise and it does pose a threat to this country.

Yes the Republicans will most likely block a tier 5. However; I do not think at this point there is even enough Democrats to pass the bill. I agree with you another 20 weeks is just a short time fix. Then in 20 weeks..what then? Maybe people...myself also..has to face Reality that the Government is only a temporary fix. One has to count more on oneself and family in the long run. We may have a high unemployment number for a time and some of the jobs lost may not come back. A lot of people will take jobs that pay less than they had. A lot will have to move or depend on family or Friends. America is strong and WE will survive even if it is on less.

Why,of course.If it has been made clear that unemployment will remain high for many years to come,then yes,it will be impossible for our government to keep giving years of unemployment benefits out.If some of these positions no longer exist,then I cannot imagine someone would even expect to find equal employment to their previous job,meaning,how can you expect the government to keep giving you unemployment benefits until you find a position comparable to your previous one if it no longer exists.Unfortunately,the situation just may be you either were hit by the recession or you were not,and regretfully,not everyone can be saved.Such is life.All is NOT fair in love and war.

I though I was alone on here with those views. lol I do agree with you 100%. Someone that looks at Reality and accepts Reality as it is...not the way we wish it was!!

That's the attitude America is all about and the rest of the industrialized world looks on in disgust. Throw all the dead weight out the boat, now we've got life preservers here but we'd rather watch you flop around, lose your strength, gasp for air while we dangle our arsenal of life preservers over your heads and poke mad holes in them. If we want to make ourselves look good after they've deflated we can toss them in the water and if anyone is still alive we can snap photos saying "look, we gave them life preservers, see right there, I don't know what happened? They had everything they needed, oh well that was fun, don't put that on the record just the photo. Gibson's anyone?"

REGISTER to VOTE - www.register-vote.com 99ers UNITED!

@oregonian: Reality is Reality at THAT particular time and place BUT it certainly doesn't mean it can't be changed. Accept the status-quo,sit back on a computer and grow ugly accepting reality with no effort to participate and change what the past 8yrs has done to America under the Bush/Cheney tenure UNLESS you are content which is compatible to your character or lack thereof. -- 99ers UNITED!

Again you make it personal with your RUDE remarks. Yes you can try and change Reality and if you feel you need to I say good I wish you luck in your goals. I agree with the other poster that a new tier may not be the answer. You have your views I have my views. But unlike you I will remain civil and avoid the personal remarks. The site if you read it has been asking you to do just that. They removed your other post...lets all STOP the personal name calling OK?

No matter how you slice IT, there is NOTHING GW Bush can do at this time to solve your problems. Bush is no longer the commander and chief in charge. If you sincerely want to fix the economy you should be putting pressure on the man currently in charge.Blaming and putting pressure on a retired president is misplaced energy. It could be argued perhaps Bush implemented some damaging policies, but at least he implemented policies. Obama is doing NOTHING! Obama is saying NOTHING! Obama has left you “out to dry”, not Bush!

Obama Knows exactly what a 99er is by now. (A laid off worker without income or benefits)! The first 99er’s were born back in March, (6 months ago) (without income or benefits). What is the current commander and chief in charge doing for these million’s of laid off Americans? NOTHING!!

"NOTHING" is what his political capitol is worth...
Your crush on this man is counterproductive to many of your arguments.

Comments that contain profanity or are abusive to other readers will be deleted. We DO NOT delete comments based on the perspective from which they are written. The purpose of the comment section is to allow ALL readers to express their thoughts on a topic and promote discourse. Thank you!

Ok,while I agreed our economy is quite less than perfect is this true:These 99s are people that lost their jobs,you are saying as early as March 2008 and have not,at all,found any reasonable employment in 2 and a half years.Is it they just do not like the new job they could have,maybe one with lower wages,experience requirements,less hours.Is it they cannot accept that they will no longer be able to live the life they had before our economy tanked.Or have honestly and truly not been able to find any single kind of employment.Can we really expect the government to take care of them for many years to come while the economy heals itself.Did these 99s do this kind of advocating for say the millions of homeless before they became 99s.I ask because there have been plenty of homeless for many many years,much longer than 2 and a half.Or is it because it is you now personally are affected and you simply find it not fair.There are many people across this globe living their lives in the face of adversity.I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that these people feel owed more than someone else.Why is it not possible that your lives have just,simply,changed and you may have to learn to change your lifestyle along with it.There are so many more people in this world with so much less.I would think you would start to feel empathy.Why is it,this can't happen to you.

Very well said. As bad as it is one can always find others worst off than yourself. The lets blame Bush game is getting old with most Americans. Obama and the Democrats have had the POWER the last 2 years. And do not forget the Democrats in the House for the last 6 years!! What are the RESILTS..We better off now than 2 years ago? If we are then we do not need a new tier?? If we are not then Onamas Direction is not working. Or could it be that his goal is to make more people dependent on the Government. As a result more POWER to the Government?? Just a though!! Raise tax on NO ONE..lower the capital gains tax..become more Business friendly and get the Government out of the way!!

To ---> "thisisajoke", 1:51pm, Tue Oct 12

You STILL appear to be MISSING a few points on this mess:

First of all, in an earlier statement addressed to me, you tried to point out, (your quoted Comment follows),; "The unemployed is just another group feeling they are not heard.They are not the only one of it's kind."

****** ****** ******First of all...:
The UNemployed is NOT just 'another' group 'feeling' their plight is unfair..., it IS unfair! No two ways about it, it is very UNFAIR! All of us in America are to 'blame' for allowing ourselves to be SWAYED by lousy politicians into voting THEM into office in the first place, so EVERYONE is to blame, all of America is to blame. The point being that 20 million people are the ones that are suffering because of this and not the rest of the people that make up the remainder of our population in this fiasco!

WHY should 15-20 million have to "buckle down" and pay the price when the rest go scott free along their merry way while treating the unemployed millions like dirt?

When you state that..., (again, YOUR quoted Comments), "There are plenty that feel oppression, homosexuals,blacks,women's rights activists.You cannot possibly say the unemployed are the worst treated class.Please do not tell me you are honestly comparing the unemployed to some others."

****** ****** ****** Again, your commented 'point' is NOT valid:

Sure, many other groups that may feel (and perhaps rightly so), that they are "oppressed" and you pointed out the "homosexuals, blacks, women's rights activists." etc., etc. BUT you failed to make note of the fact that OUR politicians are NOT the one's that MADE 'Blacks, black', nor did the politicians make 'Homosexuals, homosexual', nor did they create/have anything to do with making/creating "Activists for women's rights"...!

AND your Comment of "Please do not tell me you are honestly comparing the unemployed to some others."? I answer that with "NO, I do NOT compare the UNemployed to those other groups!..., YOU are the one trying to make that comparison, NOT I...!

********* There should be a SHOULDERING of this mess from ALL American's shoulders, not just the UNemployed!

I think that EVERY one that pays taxes that still have jobs should be levyed/levied (sp?), a special tax based on what their earnings are and that taxed money go to pay to/for the UNemployed 20 million that are now in the ranks of "Being 'hung out to dry'" by starvation, being made homeless, uninsured, loss of savings and homes, perhaps suicidal, most certainly depressed and 'more certainly' ANGRY...!

There should be a FORMULA that is put together to make ALL of America PAY for our mistakes of listening to crooked, lousy politicians that play marble games on The Hill in DC while our country is destroyed for the entire world to witness!

Put together a formula that makes ALL help carry this burden. And by ALL, 'all' means, Churches and all organized religions, ALL non profit organizations, E_V_E_R_Y_O_N_E__!!!

Every one in America should have to share the burden and cost of our own mistakes that were made by getting us here in 2010, NOT just the UNemployed!

The government does govern homosexual rights,same sex marriage,don't ask don't tell,they try to govern women's rights to abortion,and many years ago they tried to govern the right's of blacks.The government did not make you lose your job,as you say,like being black or homosexual it was no fault of your own,unless you are trying to say they chose to be black or homosexual.You are looking at the moral side of the issue.You believe in fairness across the board.You want to force people who have more to take care of the have nots.I'd like a realistic reason as to why someone with more should be forced to become morally responsible for someone with less.Not all people are responsible for the current economic fiasco and asking everyone to pay for it is irresponsible.I understand the unemployed are angry and they want someone to PAY for their misfortune,but why should it be on everyone's backs.Our defecit is climbing,it is a severe threat to our country,you want to increase our defecit for a tier V,is that fair to the good citizens of this country that had nothing what so ever to do with the plight of the unemployed.There must be people out there,unemployed because of the economy,that took X amount of weeks of unemploynent,found what they could for work,comparable or not,one or two jobs,accepted it for what it was,and simply moved on with their lives.

To --> "thisisajoke", 3:41pm, Tue Oct 12

****** ****** ****** STOP 'TWISTING' AROUND what I SAID!

There you GO AGAIN..., 'twisting' around what was actually SAID!

*I* did NOT say that the politicians "MADE Blacks, black OR Homosexuals, homosexual, etc., so stop trying to 'add' YOUR slanted view to your PLOY, I have 'been there & done that' with you and your ilk countless times already, BUT you all still CONTINUE twisting facts around.

You are forgetting that OTHERS 'can' read, others CAN grasp what an original Comment was at the start of other's comments, and YOUR TWISTING around your own version of what was actually said, (or what you are trying to IMPLY that you are 'thinking' WAS said), is as transparent to this thread's readers/users as a glass of mineral spring water.

Do NOT continue to twist what I say/said, because you will be called on it everytime.

It IS our fault, ALL our fault! OUR fault because we the voters, did NOT stop/look/listen to our OWN inner truths about what has been going on in the political scene for over half a century!

...and YES, ALL should be made to PAY for our mistakes, not 'some' but ALL. All means EVERY voter, every citizen, every business,every organization, every church/temple, all non-profits, all those that have ever worked (employed or not employed), should PAY to get us out of this mess.

YOUR 'twisting' around WHAT I stated will 'get you nowhere', in/on the site thread, not here on the floor, nor by observers/readers up in the rafters.

YOU just do NOT wish to admit the truth! and what is more, YOU know it to be fact, that is what you are trying to avoid, THE TRUTH!

And moral responsibility does not know boundaries,it does not know state lines or country borders.So I say you are morally responsible as a human being for the impoverished diseased tribesmen and women in Africa,or maybe assuring that the people of Haiti actually receive the goods that were donated and not living in their tent cities still after all this time.I find you morally responsible for that simply because you're a human being.Doesn't feel very good does it,especially when you don't feel it's your fault.

hedon lol


You are a very angry lady,and I cannot imagine living life with the constant crusade of someone must pay for other's woes.

Ruth...The Government that Governs best is one that Governs Less. Call your plan what it is; redistributing the wealth or socialism..My Government has no Right to take from some to give to others. Not the system I want to live under. So if you have 5 TV's and I have no TV you should give me one?? However, I do think Obama believes in redistributing the wealth and socialism. That is why he is dropping in the polls and will be a one term President.

"My Government has no Right to take from some to give to others."

Actually, this is the definition of government. They take your money, and redistribute it to a whole myriad of recipients, the largest group being themselves. The largest employer in the U.S. is...well...the U.S., lol.


If Obama IS going to BE a one termer, it will be by HIS choice. The NEWS is that Obama never intended to run for a second term. HIS 'plan', (for no 2nd term), NOT the voters, not the GOP nor Dems intention but HIS intention...!

I predict that Hillary Clinton will be our next president with perhaps Senator Durbin running as her team-mate for vice president...!

I also predict that Hillary and Durbin WILL win the election of those two offices in 2012 by a landslide!

Thats a winner! Just so long as its NOT another republican!! I'm enjoying the teabaggers chatting among themselves because goober got lonely and called her fellow teabaggers friends,lol! This is so SNL blog-style. 99ers UNITED!!!

Christine...I am a 62 year old vet..guy. I love my country and not in toe with all that the tea party has to say. However; some of their views are worth noting. In three weeks you will see that most of America agrees!! The USA is not a Socialism left wing progressive country. Most Americans believe in personal responsibility. Few believe in BIG Government Control. As Regan said the Government is the problem. They need to get out of the way and let the Free Market Work.

Paying taxes for the benefit of my fellow countrymen and women is what is expected by me,kind of like a contract of being an American.But my country being put into severe debt because of corporations being greedy and having bad policies and laying people off,forcing millions to be unemployed and receiving unending unemployment benefits,and myself having to pay for it, is not in my contract,so to speak.Morally,yes,people deserve to live a decent life.But what constitutes decent?If you were making $150,000 a year and are now down to say $50,000 well,that's life.You can live off of that.You may not be frequenting the country club,but you are living,and the best things in life are free.

********** **** You left OFF a major part of the UNemployed!

You left off the citizens of this country that were making $50,000 - $75,000 per year, now facing never having that life back, are not "too happy' that people such as yourself, are now expecting them to go out and grab a minimum wage job of $8.00 per hour, JUST to make you and your sadistic political party, and that party's followers happy!!! Got news fer ya..., "it ain't gonna happen"... Period!

Period (.)

I'm ottta here for a bit, I have better things to do than babysit a TeaParty fool...

(to the rafters, as MacArthur once said, "I SHALL return" (BBL))


I think you'd get much farther advocating for changes in policies,outsourcing tax penalties,larger tax incentives than what is being offered in this Hire Act,what is $1000 to a multimillion dollar corporation,with tier V being in the background.It seems like people just want a handout even though you insist you want jobs.President Clinton said it quite clearly that some jobs no longer exist and people do not have experience in the jobs that are out there.We need money put into training programs and we need people willing to start over and ready to go to take that training regardless of age.You may be 50 even,but you're not dead.We need subsidized training by businesses and government.Instead of an unemployment check in your hand it pays for your on the job training you get paid for,win win situation.I think your days of receiving an unemployment check as emergency spending is over,maybe you should,in asking for your government to provide you with a tier V,you implore them to find a way to pay for it so that the legislation cannot be blocked.

@ --> "thisisajoke", 4:50pm, Tue Oct 12

To WHOM are you speaking to in your Comment at 4:50 p.m.???

Surely NOT myself... if so and you were 'speaking' to me, then all I can say is.....

jeeze, louise!

Actually,the Tea Party goes much too far for me,I,myself,am an Independent.Expect from yourself what you expect from others.So in your eyes it is not alright for someone to go from $50,000 a year to minimum wage,but it is perfectly alright for people whose experience and education that only warrants a minimum wage job to survive that way is alright.There are families of all shapes and sizes that have heads of households that work and make due with one or more minimum wage jobs,are they less significant and therefore it is a just situation for them.Does it somehow make someone less of a man or woman to accept minimum wage work.

You have to keep in mind your audience! Many people here have only had to answer a few quick questions from home (in their underwear) weekly or biweekly to receive unemployment benefits. Getting dressed and searching for jobs that are beneath them cannot be easy. This is how the mind/brain begins to believe others should bear responsibility to help keep them alive.

THis is the Liberals creed "OPM" other peolpe's money.

That is part of my boggle,there is no real follow up for people receiving benefits,you do just have to say,yes I am looking for work.The whole system needs an overhaul,so that it fully benefits recipients,potential employers,and the government from being a victim of fraudulent claimants.

I agree with you...and UI after you use your reg. benefits should not be more than min wage. Why would someone getting 450 a week take a Job for 8 or even 10.00 hr? Maybe the UI office should take more of a hand in helping those get jobs? Training and job placement? They have to take the job if sent out on it...even min wage.

I agree many UIC rules and guidelines need to be overhauled. Many took advantage of the recession like UIC supervisors and clerks. The deep recession made oversight nonexistent and they just cut the checks. They didn’t scrutinize job search results knowing perfectly well those jobs didn’t exist yet.
Here’s the real kicker:::::::::::/ Employment security offices are supposed to and, known for matching claimants with employers. All the experts say matching the unemployed with employers in this new workforce environment is critical to a jobs recovery. First these UIC clerks suck at it! Secondly, any monies sent to States for these programs are being swallowed up by extensions etc. Many state systems are already operating in the red. They can’t afford to match claimants with employers, so they just hand out federal or borrowed money. Where can I find stats on how many claimants were properly matched with employers? And I mean white collar matches.

Unemployed T...So you are saying the Government owes us a income...a home..a job. If so then ALL should get it not just the unemployed. All homeless everyone a fixed income?? That is socialism is it not? We have entitlement programs to help..welfaere..food stamps and HUD Housing for low income and the poor. UI was not set up to be a entitlement program and some get more from it than those WORKING min wage jobs that some say no way to?? What happen to personal responsibly? Two years should be long enough to get something together? If after that one can not then they must turn to welfare or family for help. I agree with other post we need more money put into retraining and Jobs not more into a temp. fix of 20 weeks. At the end of 20 weeks what then??

And if one truly cares for the unemployed,there are those that do not even end up qualifying for unemployment benefits or they simply do not win on a claim or appeal.They don't receive any benefits at all.What should happen for them.Those people I really feel for.I wonder what the stats are for them and how long it took them to find employment comparable or not.

Mon Oct 11

{I though I was alone on here with those views. lol I do agree with you 100%.}

you really know how to make a woman feel wanted! lol

you are not all alone in the forum. I thought we shared many simular views and posted them? Hey, just kidding! I agree "thisisajoke" is a welcomed breath of fresh air on this liberal site.

Sorry Mom...I know you are one...yes we have shared a lot of the same views. Made us both not very likable on here...lmao!! Yet, we understand we are on a Liberal web site!!

And Christine is it,is it the occasional 99 advocacy website drop and closed minded insults the wave of the future for intelligent discussion,problem solving and a take charge manner of how you seem to think you will gain support for a tier V.

I think Christine and msan222 are going to be a little afraid of you. You have a skill with the words. I agree with you 100%

That’s why they may now regret reporting “thisisajoke’s” comment at the start of this thread.

Maybe this Election will be a good thing. The Republicans take the House and more seats in the Senate. I am not sure it is positive to have one party in total control. I like the check and balance idea! And then Obama is going to have to work with the Republicans and the Republicans will have to take some ownership of the problem also. They all will be eyes forward to 2012. It was positive for Bill Clinton. However he moved more to the middle. Question is will Obama?

I thought someone would have posted this by now, very interesting article. This is also a very serious problem many of the unemployed face- especially 99ers.

“Unemployed find old jobs now require more skills”


While I agree with some of both views between ‘thisisajoke’ and Ruth, a tier 5 would be helpful right now, but it’s only a short term fix. We need something in place to get the really longed termed up and running again. Yes, for now, any job would do; because it’s always better than nothing. But at the same time, there can’t be an expectation that someone who was at one time making $50,000 to $80,000 a year or better to suddenly be content with extremely less. It has nothing to do with wanting to remain in a lavish way of living. It really is, in some way, inconceivable. I say this because many do not have family or friends to lean on. When you take a minimum wage salary, while expected to pay rent or a mortgage that is way more than your monthly take home pay, how is that possible? When you take these jobs, just to make it for now, there remains, still, a great struggle to survive. You are practically working to be able to get back and forth to work. You still can’t make any bills, pay housing, barely can cover lunch expenses, and not to mention the cost of transportation. And if you were on any kind welfare assistance program, as soon as you report your income, you are cut off or cut so low it’s a joke- even though you desperately still need the assistance.

Not trying to make excuses. When you have paid your dues, done everything expected- above and beyond, worked for many years gaining experience, gone to school gotten your education- because you wanted in on part of the ‘American Dream’, got mounds of student loans to show for it- now you are expected to chuck it up and move on? Cognitively speaking, it is not easily accepted…although you may not have a choice. It really sucks.

As mom has said, policies need to be put in place so that this never happens again. Along with that, get the unemployed up and running again through programs that will help them- and not just computer classes. But something to help them remain qualified for jobs they already have performed and have experience in, but are no longer qualified for because of how employers are tacking on additional qualifications – like having to be certified to perform a job you never had to be certified to do before- as discussed in above article.

Right now, I’m looking at over $50,000 in student loan debt just for myself- not to mention, my son will be looking at college in another three years? I went back to school to get a degree because I witnessed young college grads coming out of college, go directly into management positions, receive lucrative salaries with no prior experience- while, we the workers, had to show them the ropes. And then they were sent off to management training. As of today, I’m simply $50,000 ‘extra’ in debt. You can’t even wipe a student loan off in a BK? If so, it’s extremely difficult and rare. If I were to place a family portrait on the wall next to my framed college degree, which one would have more value, today? Now I’m looking at having to go back to school, just to keep up with what I was already trying to keep up with? The ‘American Dream’ has turned into an American dreaming a nightmare. The only thing that keeps me is the fact that I know that I am a survivor and though I get discouraged, I never lose hope. I can’t.

No offense, jt, but Obama may not have made the decisions we wished and hoped. However, IMO, if he had made jobs and the economy his main focus, he would be in a more solid position today- especially when looking at midterm elections. I will never understand why healthcare was a priority over unemployment and the economy? Who can afford health care when you don’t have a job? He could have worked on healthcare after the midterm elections. Didn’t he know that Americans are most happy when they are working, can afford to pay mortgage/rent- housing, can send kids off to college, can afford to take vacations at least once a year and so on? What was he thinking? Despite the outcome, I can’t see anything better from the Republicans when they have been the party of ‘NO!’ for the last two years; while the unemployed have been a game of chess.

To some, Obama may have done nothing, but so have the party of ‘NO!’ If it wasn’t for Obama, there would be no discussion of a tier 5 unemployment benefits. The Republicans probably would have ended it at EUC. After that every citizen for themselves- while they toast champagne at lavish parties with CEO’s. America is going to have to choose the lesser of the two evils. The outcome of the midterm elections will determine that.

No…big spending is not the answer; but I’m also not ready for a Republican takeover. They are the ones who are ‘clueless’ when it comes to the average American. If I had the money, I’d be like most with money and move to a nice tropical island or a safe spot in Europe. Question is, is that the answer? Hmmm, food for thought and topic for another time and forum.

People like the oregonian doesn't care what you say because she is in a twisted mindset that is reasonable and logically only to her.. I feel sorry for them because they are loss in a era that they can't handle "And they want their country back". We say "We want our country going FORWARD not BACK". What many have said including you, falls on death ears to those who refuse to hear. Pray for them, they surely need whatever is lacking in their lives. GOVOTE 2010 www.onenationworkingtogether.org --- 99ers UNITED!!


YB I see your point on some of this. I am not sure that anyone knows the real answer. That is the real fear. At this point what Obama is doing is not working is all I know. And I still feel that one party should not have total control. Be it Republican or Democrat. I agree with you 100% on health care issue. I am just not sure the Government can pay UI forever?? As for Obama and a tier 5 he has said nothing of another tier. I do not think at this time there is even enough Dem. votes for it. But your point is well taken. Oh...unlike Christine I do not care to use name calling if I disagree I will just disagree. Thank you for doing the same.

There are many careers that require constant upgrades in training,computer sciences,the medical field,I would even say a car mechanic would need new training from time to time to learn new technology in automobiles.Does that take you by surprise.Our business practices,laws,technologies,medical practices make advancements on a regular basis,nevermind new advancements in energy that create entirely new fields.Does it shock you that a 10,20,30 year old education is slowly becoming less valuable than someone fresh out of college.I have an uncle,he was a college professor at Ithaca,he continuously took classes.He never stopped.He still takes classes,even retired.Yes,you may need to start over,change fields,get even more education,but that is what it is.As you say,to some people it may suck,but as someone else said here reality is what it is at that time,and this is now our new reality at THIS time.

Why do you think I went back to school? …Just so I could keep up. But at a certain point in life, you don't want to keep packing on debt just to keep up- especially when you are getting older and close to retirement. You haven’t even put a dent in the loans you already have. Now, if you work for a company that is willing to send you back to school to help you remain an asset to the company that is different. But what happens when you are living a reality like today, employers have let you go and are reluctant to rehire if you are a certain age and now unqualified?

And no, it does not shock me that 10, 20, and 30 year educations are slowly becoming less desirable than someone fresh out of college. As a matter of a fact, this has always been the case. The only difference between the two is that it is more apparent now, than before; because everyone had jobs then as opposed to now.

GOVOTE 2010 www.onenationworkingtogether.org VOTE 11/2nd DEMOCRATIC! America can't afford the republicans again, thats why she's in this RECESSION! Reminder:
“This film is a wake up call to America. If you are planning on voting this
November 2nd.

You've have proven twice now you only like to read your own comments.The she you are referring to made it clear earlier that she is a he.If you read other people's comments instead of trying only to force your own upon the board you may learn something new and also realize you may look somewhat foolish to continue to refer to this man as a she.

@ --> "thisisajoke", 8:44pm, Tue Oct 12

********** **** you need to clarify whom you are Commenting to/speaking to/about in 'your' Comments. For example, when you state "The she you are referring to made it clear earlier that she is a he.". just WHOM are you speaking about as a "he" that was "made[it] clear earlier"??? WHO made it "clear" earlier that "he" was not a "she"? You need to make it more CLEAR as to whom you are speaking 'to' also, such as you did NOT make clear at your Comment this afternoon @--> "thisisajoke", 4:50pm, Tue Oct 12

********** **** Please make your comments more clear as to whom you are directing Comments to, and whom you are commenting 'about' in your Comments/statements>

thank you in advance.


I clearly agree with you. A tier 5 is not the answer. If it happens, it is only a short term fix. At the same time, Obama,said before taking office that this would be a up-hill battle. It took eight years to get into this situation. Lets just see what he does for the next two.

This job would have been a challenge for anyone taking office. I say we take away all of bush's retired benefits; which are still covered by tax payers and use it to pay for these new programs; including unemployment extensions.

OK you are right it will take some time to get out of this. And we need to remember it is not just the USA. Others having the same problems..some worst even. Look at Greece!! At the same time lets not blame it all on Bush. This goes back to the housing problems that even started in the Clinton term. There is a lot to blame. Bush is just a easy target.

You must do some serious researching into who you would like to work for.Look for companies willing to help you continue with education,do they have a tuition reimbursement program,do they provide inhouse training for new advancement,are there apprenticeships,can you find a grant either federal or private.There is money out there,there is opportunity out there and it isn't always by luck.You need to network,you need to become the best product out there that these employers can't resist buying,and unfortunately simply saying at an interview I've been unemployed for 2 and half years collecting unemployment is not what they want to hear.You need to say while I was unemployed I saw this as an opportunity and a necessity with the change in economic atmoshpere to better myself with training,education adding more credentials to my already existing experience.Employers aren't the bad guy to demand this are they,it is their business,they want the best.It's unfotunately turning into a dog eat dog world.

And what do you think I have been doing. You have to get your foot in the door first. Not making excuses, but most employers are over looking- at least big corporations- are over looking applicants who have been unemployed for more than six months. I am aware of all that you are saying. I understand corporate operations, most of my work experience come from working in a corporate atmosphere.

This is part of my concern, programs developed to help the longed term get back into the game and not a rerun of tiers.

You hit the nail on the Head!! Longer you are out of work harder it is. I said before do something even if you volnteer..have something to say. Not Oh I just took a Government check for 2 years.Thats why even that part time job is important..better than nothing. Shows you are doing something in a hard time to help yourself.

YB..I do understand your point. Student loans can kill you. One has to be careful with them. When I went to college...so long ago...the cost was so much less. That is one area I agree with you. It cost too much today I feel. Junior College should be Free. We need to put more money into that for sure. Yet, with unemployment again How Much is en ought?

YB I know you are trying. I can tell that. I also do not mean to say it is all that easy. Things will get better. You are right it is going to take time. I really fear not the Democrats or the Republicans knows what to do. That is really my fear!

Oh please do not take my responses as a personal attack.I'm speaking in a general tone,at least I hope I am.But,yes this unemployment benefits situation is only benefiting people in a monetary manner.It needs to be more in depth,as I stated earlier in my posts.Handing over a check for 99 weeks to people has not helped the unemployment situation in our country and always asking for new tiers without demanding more opportunity for training,education,and employer-employee matching,say a job bank when as the unemployed say it is desperately needed,seems foolish.Yes,go ahead and ask for a hopefully already paid for tier V,but don't sell yourselves short,or make yourselves look as if all you are looking for is more weeks.Demand a real unemployment benefit program that will lead to a true recovery in this country.

Agree...nothing in your post are personal at tacts. You have kept it very civil.

"at tacts"?




You are absolutely correct, while handing over checks there should have been a vigorous push for job matches. But that did not happen. If it had, we would not be in the position we are in today with the 99ers. Also, when job loss first began, just like the mortgage crisis, no one anticipated that the problem would end up at such an unprecedented state. The approach was, take care of things as usual.

While I was in Nevada, I signed up for the JobConnect Services; which is suppose to job match you, and what I thought, connect you with an employer and help you get an interview. Years ago, this is what job services used to do. (I signed up with one in Chicago also, went through the two week training program, but when it came to getting help with jobs and employer connections, to make a long story short, it became a waste of time.) So, I set there one day (while in nevada) waiting for hours; along with other unemployed hopefuls. When it was my turn to speak to an employee consultant, she looked at my skills, experience, looked over the positions I had chosen, told me what I matched up for, and then told me to go get on the computer and apply... WHAT THE...! (lol) I could have done that myself and saved myself hours of waiting. OMG, that experience was so discouraging.

Off topic: First Chile miner rescued!!

Hurrah!I saw that too,absolute joy.

That's a shame.Our government could be so much more helpful,progressive,organized,efficient and more if it wasn't run by so many unorganized people.I think our government is at a standstill right now.Imagine,if you will a professional organizer who comes into your home and removes excess and waste and provides you with space for what you need and makes your space more efficient.Our government needs one.Go through all the many years of waste and uneeded unbenefiting programs and policies and keep or add what is needed.Out with the whole lot of them if that's what's needed.It would be impossible to create a country where everyone is financially equal,someone must own the company and therefore there will be someone under them making less and working for them,but I believe there would be less need from our government and it's social programs if government programs were more efficient.

Finally some intelligent conversation here...nice to read.

If anyone still has their 401K's left I see now where the

current admin. is talking again about seizing them. Hopefully

in 22 days this will be a moot point.

WHAT? I was hoping they would put a moratorium the 33% early withdrawal penalties.IRS/State/Holder!
What do you mean seizing them?

@ --> "thisisajoke", 8:44pm, Tue Oct 12

********** **** you need to clarify whom you are Commenting to/speaking to/about in 'your' Comments. For example, when you state "The she you are referring to made it clear earlier that she is a he.". just WHOM are you speaking about as a "he" that was "made[it] clear earlier"??? WHO made it "clear" earlier that "he" was not a "she"? You need to make it more CLEAR as to whom you are speaking 'to' also, such as you did NOT make clear at your Comment this afternoon @--> "thisisajoke", 4:50pm, Tue Oct 12

********** **** Please make your comments more clear as to whom you are directing Comments to, and whom you are commenting 'about' in your Comments/statements>

thank you in advance.

Hey bks60,

Do you have the thread for that info. about the 401K's? My daughter's boyfriend's mother won the lottery last year- about $300,000. She did a little spending and helped out family members and then put the bulk of it into her 401K. She's says because she is retiring in two years.

"Borrowing" on retirement accounts has been kicked around for years; Pensions, 401K's, IRA's, etc. The latest is using them to "bail out" the banks in the name of the (broke) FDIC. I have no doubt that eventually this bit of wealth belonging to the working people will also be seized and transferred to the rich, but one can only speculate on when. It may be tomorrow, the next year, another decade, or what have you. Rest assured though, it will, like all other resources, eventually transfer to the elite and powerful via this tool owned by them that we commonly refer to as 'government'. If you want info on it, just Google for "FDIC Bailout" or "FDIC, Pension Takeover" or anything of the like, there's countless articles on it.


I would like to thank “thisisajoke”, “JT”, “YB”, and Ruth for contributing intelligent and civil conversation. It is a joy to read stimulating and healthy debate about where we are and possible solutions. IMO, I think we’re stuck in a lingering recovery until there is a fundamental belief and continuing practices for CAPITOLISM! I don’t’ see this effort with our new administration. I believe it is the first duty of the government to protect the people, not run their lives. Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are directly responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States. I see no attention or respect for this concept by our President.

Ok,then I was referring to Christine who seemed to be calling jt a she 5:55pm post,jt then posted that jt is indeed a he 6:33pm post and it seemed this Christine continued to refer to jt as a she 8:20pm post 8:35pm post.Is that clear now.I'm sorry I thought,if the conversation was followed, it was clear.

Oh and Ruth that comment was for you.

****** ****** ******

and your Comment this p.m. @--> "thisisajoke", 4:50pm, Tue Oct 12 ?

Whom were you addressing/Commenting to, @ 4:50pm?

Unfortunately,no matter what good intentions or iconic value our current President had or has,I'm afraid he does not have enough experience to handle such a difficult position this country is in at this time.It does not mean he doesn't have Presidential qualities or capabilities,just that,maybe,now was not his time.

I also get a kick out of Christine trying to disenfranchise the word “Oregonian” as if it was some kind of slur or insult!

Maybe she forgot that Oregon is part of the USA!!LMAO

*edited at 11:40pm

****** ****** ******* Highly doubt that Christine is/was trying to interject any 'slur' into her reference of calling "jt" an "Oregonian". I think she is just to ID "jt" as being from Portland, OR... or at least that is where "jt" first said he was living when "jt" first came aboard here.

Where YOU get it/thought Christine was trying to 'slur' is beyond me...

I have been referred to as a "North Carolinaian" but I sure have never thought of that reference as being a 'slur' of any kind. you tend to jump to your own conclusion to quickly. "Hamlet, Act III, Scene II", habit on your part...

*edited at 11:40pm - Wanted to add that *I* too KNOW of some users/handles/IDs that hail from Portland,OR but when *I* refer to them/it, I refer to them/it as "O'Ducks","OregonofDucks" or "Neo"...

Every word written by Christine to jt is crafted in contempt. That’s not me being a film critic. This is public knowledge. Most of us know how post are meant to be read & to whom their directed to without asking.

I am pleased to have dropped in and seen some really healthy discussion going on. I do have another perspective. I recently obtained a position - in my field - after almost a year and a half. I have in my possession a spread sheet which details my job search. I searched approximately 35-40 web sites 3 times per week and made sure I applied for at least one position at EACH site per week. You all can do the math on that I am sure. I also kept track of the responses. I never heard anything from 80% or more of the positions I applied for. Another percentage came back with - we don't have any positions for someone with your education. This included many of the retail positions to which you have been suggesting that everyone should apply. I worked at Macy's as recently as three years ago and even they wouldn't hire me. Not Starbuck's, not Michael's, not Bed Bath and Beyond - none of them!
So while it is easy to tell people "Just take anything that comes along", that is ignoring the fact that for some, nothing will just "come along"!
And by the way, I assume everyone has heard by now that Wall Street is at it again with their bonuses - more money which will not be given in loans to small businesses or used to modify mortgages for those who are in desperate need.
I extend my sincere hope that everyone here finds whatever it is they are seeking.

@kayak: Shhhhhh! Most on here DON'T want to hear the truth as you stated from your perspective and yes you are right the Wallstreet BONUSES have begun and Bush,Paulsen are still laughing. 99ers UNITED!


Sorry no link, this came from my local radio station this morning,

it's a talk radio station. Also a few others were discussing it

throughout the day. I know this is old news but seems that it is


Was this at the height of the recession.That I understand.But right now are there more opportunities arising,right now,or say over the summer for seasonal positions or now,is there more hiring going on.I'm talking about for 99s that have no benefits at all.My suggestion to find something somewhere,anywhere is for those that 99s and with the large possibility of having no more weeks provided for them now.Tell me,is there a portion of 99s or unemployed not taking these jobs because of a possibility of more unemployment benefits or because unemployment benefits are of more monetary value than a minimum wage job.That will not jumpstart our economy and it will not jumpstart a resume.That was to kay,partly.

I have made this observation weeks ago. There are some 99ers in the fortunate position to sit out legislation waiting for a tier five. Taking a part-time or seasonal job will negatively impact any future benefit amounts. I always wondered with 15-20 million unemployed only 20,000 signatures were collected for a tier five petition. Many of these unemployed are sitting the recession out waiting for their six figure,, expense account company car. jobs back. This is just another reason for a sluggish recovery.

Ruth,4:50pm was a general statement,to 99s advocates,I guess,but 5:12pm,now that was for you.

@ --> "thisisajoke", 11:00pm, Tue Oct 12

********** *** Sure thing, Roland...

Tell me,do the 99s have proper representation.Real representation leading your cause,not a pull the wool over your eyes representation.Because I do think what happened before the leave of our branches of government was quite a dog and pony show.I see there is little support for this additional tier V,and I'm telling you,from a very different perspective what other's not in your situation may or may not see.

@ --> "thisisajoke", 11:10pm, Tue Oct 12 - ???????

****** ****** ****** NOW, 'whom' are you addressing/Commenting 'to', (regarding your Comment at 11:10pm?


Well...this site has become one of civil post. People agreeing to disagree with respect for other peoples point of view. Very nice to see. Wish Kelly could of seen this after such poor treatment by two others. Hope the post remains this way and Christine learns from it. That you can disagree without rude remarks. Bottom line we are all Americans..be us Repulican...Democrate or Independent. All good luck with what works for you...and good night

Maybe you can drop Kelly a private email and let her know we’re having delightful discourse.

Another of MANY examples of the oregonian talking out of BOTH sides of his/her mouth. What a Lun!!!

I've been on the job for about three weeks now - the Macy's "snub" took place in July. I was never a 99er, I had a couple of temp jobs during which my benefits were put on hold and then reinstated.
I do agree that there is some abuse of the system going on but not by everyone!
Signing off for tonight, might be back tomorrow though.

Good Point

Hey KayK,

I think I'm being snubbed too, by Macy's. I put in for a couple of positions and have worked for them, also in the past. Sent me emails saying they were selecting more qualified candidates or something to that affect. Finally, one of the last positions, they sent me an email to schedule an interview, when I went to schedule an interview, there were no interviewing slots available. Kept checking back for a few days, as requested, but did not today or yesterday. The crazy part was, told me I was not qualified for something I've done for them in the past and have experience in- including management and sent me a position to apply for something of which I have no experience in and offered to schedule an interview. (lol) Go figure?

Good night all, I’m signing out also.

Ruth it is a general question.I'm speaking to anyone willing to answer.This is a group with many participants that all deserve the time and space to answer,isn't it.I wouldn't,myself,assume there is only one poster capable of answering the question.

****** ****** ****** Well..., your "assumption" is wrong...

WEll, you "assume" wrong when you say "I wouldn't,myself,assume there is only one poster capable of answering the question."

The only person, (and possibly msanon222), that is really able to honestly answer that question is Christine.

No one in the room is interested in the 99ers except myself and *I* am not qualified to answer many questions regarding UNemployment as I am NOT unemployed.

So..., Christine is THE person that you can ask about 99'ers and get good concrete answers...

Thanks for your opinion.
Unemployed_troll was the founding resident question taker on this site.
He never had a melt down or belittled anyone.

********** @ ALL on this thread**** Sure would be nice if everyone KNEW WHO was being addressed when Comments are made...

P.s. These tea partiers still scare me - I have relatives who rely on their Social Security and also some who are teachers, and the talk of elimination of SS Medicare and public education is a dreadful thought to me.

There is NO way they will do that...there are Nuts in every group. One bad Nut doesn't make them all nuts. Too many count on social security...I will be one of them. That is over played. I am a Indepentant...I am not owned by no one party. NOTE.. Also please note sometimes when I post I hit the wrong key...I know Christine and msan222 have made remarks about my spelling. I have Macular Degenration..lost vision in one eye and low vision in the other. So forgive me if i hit A when should of been s!! Give me a break I am OLD..LOL

kay,the day the tea partiers take over will be the day this country dies.My personal belief is they haven't got nearly enough strength or support to ever make significant headway.Thank goodness.They,in my eyes,are too extreme.We,as a society,live on a you scratch my back I'll scratch yours basis,at least I like to think so,and for the most part,I believe that supercedes the Tea Party's ideals.

Yes the tea party is too extreme I agree. I view myself middle to the right. Like to get a President that is more Middle,,not a right wing nut,,yet..also not a Left wing nut. America is still middle right for the most part. I do feel more Conservative than liberal tho..

********** **** Outta here for the night...



"Tier 6...is the fix!"
"Tier 6...is the fix!"

"Tier 7...would be heaven!"
"Tier 7...would be heaven!"

"Tier 8...let's sleep late!"
"Tier 8...let's sleep late!"

"Tier 9...give me mine!"
"Tier 9...give me mine!"

"Tier 10...wake me then!"
"Tier 10...wake me then!"


"Tier 15...jobs are lean!"
"Tier 15...jobs are lean!"


"Tier 23...or even EB!"
"Tier 23...or even EB!"

"Tier 24...work no more!"
"Tier 24...work no more!"



What the hell am I suppose to do between Tiers 10 and 15 and 16 thru-22? lol

Well,Ruth,unfortunately,I'm not impressed with Christine's demeanor to ask her personally,but of course will be polite in accepting a response from her.This is a thread regarding additional benefits for 99s,so surely there must be many varying opinions and posters with different information on the issue.I am quite sure there is not just one concrete source of information here,is there.


So,Troll,I'm reading you are the go to guy.Is that your formal opinion you've provided up there.

For those who care: Comments in jest as stated above about such a serious situation as being unemployed and fighting for addl TIER benefits in this RECESSION, says alot about the GOP & teabaggers, they can tell those stupid enough to believe that they are of a different party affiliation and one has already been caught in a lie BUT what the hell this is a blog AND horse manure by any other name is still horse manure. People are hurting and desperate and these apathetic humans make light of their blight. Sounds like the teabaggers once again when they made fun of the guy on the ground and threw him a dollar bill telling him to "GET A JOB" turned out the guy has Parkinson's disease receiving Disability payments. Better explains the mindset of elitists Bush and Cheney allowing America to permeate into a economic crisis & RECESSION with eyes wide SHUT! PRAY for these apathetic humans AND continue the fight. VOLUNTEERS needed for the 11/2nd election to CALL CALL registered voters. GOVOTE 2010 www.onenationworkingtogether.org -- 99ers UNITED!

@Ruth Chambers Holt 11:47pm: People like the Ambien Queen are best left to their own world where having a constructive conversation with a brick wall is tantamount to educational & unlifting. She's not worth answering directly by me and I don't. The person has serious issues I rather not feed.

For those who care: Unemployed-Friends.com www.unemployedstatesofamerica.webs.com NEWS & FORUM. Also of couse the U-F website.

*edit of double post

To --> Christine, 7:57am, Wed Oct 13

I know..., I should follow your lead and do likewise...

It amuses me, that my remark about "Hamlet, Act III, scene II" went completely over her(/his/it's) head.

Christine, you take care and thanks again for the effort you are putting forth in trying to make a difference in this 99'ers fiasco.

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