Quick Hit Adam Doster Monday October 11th, 2010, 11:22am

Brady's "Small-Bore" Record

GOP gubernatorial nominee Bill Brady has spent 17 years in the state capitol. What legislative accomplishments does he have to show for it? The Tribune's Eric Zorn dug into the Republican's record last Friday and concluded that the Republican "hasn't done much heavy lifting in Springfield."

Brady's stated chief achievement is the creation of Heartland Community College, which actually opened two years before he was elected but which he's since found money in the state budget to fund. "A fine thing, no doubt," Zorn adds. "But small-bore and routine as legislative accomplishments go." And it's difficult to see how Heartland will benefit from a Brady administration intent on cutting spending in virtually all departments, including higher education; the college’s vice president of business complained to the Pantagraph this summer that "declines in state support make it challenging to address Heartland’s continued enrollment growth while pursuing the college’s goals of access and affordability."

Brady's meager output is a point Gov. Pat Quinn raised during the first gubernatorial debate last month. "You don't just talk about it," he said. "You have a record." Watch it:

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