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Does Brady Love Indiana's Tax Rates, Too?

During the first gubernatorial debate, GOP nominee Bill Brady became the latest member of Illinois' Grand Old Party to lay out some fulsome praise for Indiana state government, a trend we've already noted. Here's Brady assuring debate-watchers that if he was elected governor, his administration would "learn" from Indiana:

Indiana's budget and fiscal outlook is indeed better than the Land of Lincoln. But that's, in part, because the state levies higher taxes than we do. According to estimates from the state's non-partisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA), if Illinois mimicked Indiana's tax code in three key areas, the Land of Lincoln would bring in an additional $5.6 billion more than it does presently. Raising the sales tax from 5 to 7 percent (Indiana's current rate) and taxing some additional services would bring in about $3 billion, according to COGFA. If Illinois' income tax was raised to Indiana's rate of 3.4 percent and the state taxed retirement income at 3.4 percent, those two streams would bring in additional $2.6 billion.

Brady may love Indiana, but he hasn't said how he squares his no-tax pledge with the higher taxes seen in the Hoosier state.

(H/T Rich Miller)

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Yeah, but Tennessee's income tax only taxes interests and dividends. They are reliant on state sales tax... just like Chicagoland. Daleyism and Bob Corker finally converge. Illiessee... it has a nice ring to it.

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