Quick Hit Adam Doster Thursday September 2nd, 2010, 12:14pm

The Speaker And Payday Loan Reform

When we expressed some concern that the Sun-Times' piece earlier this week on the Madigan family and the recently passed payday loan reform bill didn't include enough context about the substance of the legislation, this is the exact problem we had in mind. In his column this morning, the Tribune's John Kass talks to GOP chairman Pat Brady, who says it's "time for a clean break" from the Democratic Party in Illinois because House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) "uses his position ... to help out his new son-in-law." To recap: while Madigan should be forced to disclose his familial relationship with lobbyist Jordan Matyas, whose business will benefit from the passage of HB 537, this bill was a very good bill! There's a reason that only two members in the entire General Assembly voted against it. Attorney General Lisa Madigan, her dad, and the consumer advocates who lobbied vigorously for it should be applauded, not criticized. We know it's rare, but this is a great example of state government working in the interest of its citizens.

If the GOP is serious about reducing the Speaker's power in the General Assembly, there are serious ways to approach that problem. Tossing around uninformed political talking points doesn't help.


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