Quick Hit Adam Doster Wednesday February 3rd, 2010, 1:49pm

The "Corruption" Argument, Again

In a brief interview this morning with the folks at WFLD's Good Day Chicago, GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk stated that one of his top priorities, if elected, would be stopping corruption in Illinois. During the three-minute segment, Kirk said he would focus on eliminating the state's so-called "corruption tax" by supporting U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (which the Democrats are already doing).  He then offered up an anecdote from his recent military service in which an Afghan minister suggested there were more crooked pols in the Land of Lincoln than in Afghanistan. This corruption-busting theme was also Kirk's main emphasis when he announced his candidacy last summer. But we have to ask the same question today that we asked back then: What can he really do from his perch in Washington to fight the sort of corruption we've seen in Illinois?


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