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Turnover On Chicago's City Council: A Real-Time Candidate Tracker

Some analysts think up to 20 of the city's coveted aldermanic seats could switch hands in next year's elections. Our simple database includes all of the latest news and rumors.

The local political press is understandably focused on the race to replace Mayor Richard Daley atop Chicago's government. But this winter, Chicago voters will make another important choice when they head to the ballot box: Who will represent us on the Chicago City Council?

For the past 21 years, Chicago's aldermen (19 of who were appointed by Daley) have basically served at the pleasure of the mayor's office. Time and time again, the body has provided the Daley administration with unlimited space to carry out its (often troublesome) agenda. Things could change in 2011. Some analysts think up to 20 of the city's coveted aldermanic seats could switch hands in next year's elections. Already, some heavy hitters -- Alds. Toni Preckwikle (4th Ward) and Helen Schiller (46th Ward), to name just two -- have announced plans to step aside. In an anti-incumbent year, other veterans could be upended, as well.

The composition of the City Council will affect everything from Chicago's tattered finances to affordable housing policy, environmental regulations, and who gets to serve on the city's commissions and the boards of its sister public agencies. Whether Daley's exit means there will be more debate and review of the next mayor's positions remains to be seen. (The current crop hasn't done so on important issues like crime and education.) In the individual wards, meanwhile, it's likely that aldermen will retain a fair degree of power over critical ward-level issues, like zoning and development.

To keep tabs on these crucial races, we've created a simple database tracking the 2011 aldermanic field. We will update and bolster the sheet as February 2 draws closer, using both our own reporting and outside news sources:

Later this week, we will move the post into our "Hot Topics" bar so it's easy to find. For the time being, feel free to drop us an e-mail at contact (at) progressillinois.com if you see anything that looks out of date or inaccurate.

UPDATE (9/29): Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) is strongly hinting that he will run for mayor, so we've taken him off our tracker for the time being.

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Thanks for running this story. My name is Valerie F. Leonard, and I am a candidate for Alderman of the 24th Ward. Please add my name to this list as a challenger. My current occupation is a community development consultant. You may find out more about me and the work I am involved in by going to the following links: my professional website, valeriefleonard.com (http://valeriefleonard.com/); my Online Candidates profile (http://www.onlinecandidatelinks.com/citizens-to-elect-valerie-f.-leonard... ) my campaign blog (http://vote4valerie.blogspot.com/); my campaign website (http://vote4valerie.voterspace.com/); the Lawndale Alliance blog (http://lawndalealliance.blogspot.com/); the Staying in the Loop blog (http://valeriefleonard.com/StayingintheLoop/nfblog/), The Job Exchange bulletin board (http://valeriefleonard.com/TheJobExchange/index.php); and Policy on the Ground blog (http://policyontheground.blogspot.com/). Follow me on Scribd (http://www.scribd.com/), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=587348023)and Twitter (http://twitter.com/ValerieFLeonard).

Suggestions for this sheet:

Cash on hand
Amount raised since 2007 election
(If applicable) vote in 2007
(For incumbents) whether opposed in 2007
(If applicable) amount Change to Win spent in the ward in 2007

there are alot more people running out there.
Tom Caravette is running in the 38th ward.
Is Allen even running?

There is a lot of updating needed on your spreadsheet:

7th Ward - Darcel Beavers (who actually lives in the ward on a full time basis, unlike the incumbent Sandi "Stand By Your Man" Jackson:


6th Ward - Brian Sleet (who was a high level congressional aide to Jesse Jackson Jr during the time Jr. was trying to buy the Senate seat and the time Jr. was fooling around on his wife):



6th Ward - Roderick Sawyer (son of former Mayor Eugene Sawyer):
as well as Sean Washington



8th ward - Denise Denson:

37th Ward - Shanika Finley:

You wrote:
"Chicago's aldermen (19 of who were appointed by Daley)"

Were those appointments like federal judgeships, for life ?
Or did the people of those wards get an opportunity to go to the polling place in a subsequent election to dispose a candidate for one of their choosing ?

29th Ward - Tommy Simmons (running buddy of former convicted alderman Ike Carrouthers)


Maldonado is seeking a new term not re-election he was appointed by Daley in 2009.

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