Bored of Education you are becoming the model as to what not to grow up to be.  Do me a favor walk over to the doorway, peek your head thru as if you were looking down the hall, now grab the handle and THiS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT, begin thrusting door open and closed until your able to think clearly again, don't mind the headache that's just part of the activity. Now go and read the article above this one about the opening of 7 casinos in and around the Chicagoland area. Is it clicking yet?  Quit cutting pensions and removing union workers as if they are the problem.  Use your "well we know we said gambling is illegal, but it's just so damn lucrative" and it's new little brother "41 reasons you can smoke pot" money to fund some award winning schools with the help of the dominant force of the largest most prosperous company most of us will ever come to know and also our new neighbor, Google to help make this all possible.  They have robots that can take most of your jobs as well though so before you head into the cheaper labor actions that will push more people out of decent paying wages perhaps you should consider your positions value too and how much longer your help is necessary  or should we say wanted.