Schneider should stick to the facts: Interstates are the fastest, safest, most fuel-efficient roads, carrying long-distance travelers, truckers and tourists.

Here are the facts: Illinois' rural interstate have
(1) the lowest fatality rate of any rural roads -- 0.39 versus up to 3.37 elsewehre
(2) the lowest rate of so-called "speed-related" crashes
(3) account for 7% of Illinois traffic deaths

Furthermore, "speeding" is such a deceitful political term -- it deliberately mixes up CRASHES that occur at speeds "too fast for [miserable] conditions" (fog, rain, often UNDER the speed limit) and CITATIONS that occur on clear roadways in light traffic. Sure, AAA says "speeding accounts for more than half of Illinois' over 900 roadway fatalities" BUT neglects to mention that rural interstates just account for 7% of Illinois' traffic deaths.

Public servants should focus attention on crash-prone locations instead of cash-rich citations.