Maybe it's like working a lot of overtime for a good many years.

Then the overtime stops, and the income returns to normal.

Is that -really- like taking a loss?

Have we enjoyed more largesse in the past than we should have?

Is it now time to pay for our past over-indulgence?

Bob Kastigar
IBEW Local 1220, Chicago

hmmm,,, The report also found that median family income declined, though not as severely, from $49,600 in 2007 to $45,800 in 2010.

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No Bob, that was the trillions of dollars of mortgage debt that was gambled with by the big Wall Street "players" who conspired to mislead investors (AKA "defraud") about the toxicity of their mortgage backed securities that made up their CDOs & CDSs, resulting in a $14 Trillion dollar loss in the housing marke & the DOW, and more than $1 Trillion bailout courtesy of US Taxpayers and almost as much from the Eurozone countries. It wasn't a "loss of income" as much as a loss of value of what our income had been invested. The 1% have snookered us into beleiving that in order to "compete" in a "global market" we (the 99%) have to lower our expectations for pay and compensation, while the 1% see their compensation grow 20 - 30%/yr - the 99% pay for the mistakes of the 1%, time to throw some of them in jail & tax the living hell out of the rest of them so they can pay for their own mistakes for a change.

It's not clear if the report will push the Fed to issue monetary policies that deal with this huge decline in financial health. Liberal economists have criticized the Fed throughout the economic downturn for worrying too much about inflation and broader economic growth, and not enough about unemployment and how the recession affected families.