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Quick Hit
by Micah Maidenberg
Tue Mar 22, 2011

Illinois Has 2,239 Structurally Deficient Bridges (VIDEO)

Chicago's Western Avenue Overpass, which crosses busy Belmont and Clybourn avenues on the city's Northwest Side, shares one crucial aspect with 2,238 other bridges in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the state: federal regulators consider it "structurally deficient," meaning at least one key component of the bridge is rated in poor shape or worse. You can see this easily at Western and Belmont. In many places, the overpass' concrete has chipped away, exposing its internal rebar to the elements.

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Mon Sep 13, 2010

The Promise Of A Modern Transit System

At a time when government resources are scarce, elected officials and candidates in Illinois need to be judicious about how they spend taxpayer money. Mass transit is one excellent option.

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Thu Feb 11, 2010

Meet State Sen. Bill Brady

If State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) ultimately prevails in the GOP gubernatorial primary, what can voters expect from him this election season? He's telegenic, quick on his feet, and deeply conservative.