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Law enforcement


Quick Hit
by Josh Kalven
Wed Jun 23, 2010

Burge n' Blagojevich

If you're not reading John Conroy and Steve Rhodes' daily dispatches on the trial of fomer Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, there is still time to start (though final arguments are scheduled for later this week).  Here is Rhodes today highlighting the imbalance in local media coverage:

PI Original
by Angela Caputo
Mon Aug 3, 2009

More Evidence Of The Need For Reform At Tamms

Back in May, Gov. Pat Quinn called for an examination of the policies at Tamms Correctional Center in response to criticism that prisoners are languishing there in solitary confinement -- in some cases for more than a decade -- despite its intended purpose as a short-term ...
PI Original
by Adam Doster
Tue Jun 16, 2009

Kirk's Latest Priority: Saving Illinois From "Zombie-Like Kids"

Rep. Mark Kirk still can't make up his mind about the possibility for running for higher office next year. This morning, the North Shore Republican told WBEZ that he delayed his scheduled announcement in order to see who else enters both the 2010 gubernatorial and U.S. ...
PI Original
by Josh Kalven
Tue Jun 9, 2009

Cops As Crossing Guards?

This is a bizarre proposal: Nearly 300 Chicago crossing guards, detention aides and traffic control aides could face layoffs next month as their jobs are replaced by city police officers, a union representing those workers said today. [...] "The ...
PI Original
by Adam Doster
Wed Jul 16, 2008

Daley Claims Police Are Intimidated By Media (UPDATED)

During his marathon session before a City Council committee yesterday, Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis suggested that many of his officers were not doing their jobs properly in part because of intimidation: "I have heard from many officers that there is a ...