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David Vitale


Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Mon Sep 10, 2012

CTU Strike Dominates Downtown Chicago (VIDEO)

Day one of the Chicago Teachers Union strike ended much the same way it began: with thousands of teachers united in protest.

Whereas the morning saw dozens of discrete groups of teachers arriving to picket outside of their respective schools, the late afternoon's mass protest brought a sea of red CTU shirts to the heart of downtown Chicago outside of the Chicago Public Schools headquarters.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed Aug 22, 2012

Lewis Castigates CPS Policies As Talks Continue (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis had harsh words today at a press conference outside the Board of Education, indicating that a strike might be on the way. Another possible indication: The Board of Education unveiled a resolution at their monthly meeting for a Chicago Public Schools strike contingency plan.

Lewis was a bit more conciliatory a couple of hours after the press conference in remarks before the Board. She said there would be a contract and that “hopefully” there will be “movement on major issues” in the next few days. Also, Lewis echoed the remarks of CPS officials that thanks to a potential new labor deal the Board of Education will consider a fresh 2012-13 school year budget at their September meeting.

We may know more about whether teachers will stage a strike following a CTU House of Delegates meeting at 4:30 p.m. today. * The union must provide CPS a ten-day notice prior to a walkout. The majority of CPS schools start class September 4.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed Jul 18, 2012

School District, Teachers Quickly Do Away With Fact Finder's Report

The clock is ticking on a new contract agreement between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools after both the CTU House of Delegates and Board of Education swiftly and unanimously rejected a third party fact finder's report this afternoon.

The report recommended an 18 percent salary increase next year for teachers largely due to implementation of a seven-hour school day. The union agreed with the raise proposal from arbitrator Edwin Benn, but rejected other parts of the report including Benn not prescribing a recall procedure for laid off teachers. In addition to the well-documented salary dispute, these reasons for rejecting the report will shape ensuing contract negotiations.

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Thu Feb 23, 2012

CPS Turnarounds, School Closings Approved Amid Public Criticism (VIDEO)

The Chicago Board Education unanimously approved Wednesday night to close, phase out, or turnaround 17 academically struggling Chicago public schools.

A school slated for turnaround will see its entire staff – teachers, librarians, and principal – completely replaced.

Activists said CPS’s decision targets a disproportionate number of schools whose student populations are made up of predominantly low-income black and Latino students. They warn that turnarounds will destabilize an already fragile learning environment for these students.