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David Vitale


Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Fri Mar 22, 2013

Ames Middle School Students Hold Peace Assembly

About 80 students at Ames Middle School in Logan Square participated in a student-led peace assembly yesterday afternoon in order to promote ways to diffuse violence and empathize with others who may have stressors in their lives that affect how they behave.

Students took part in various activities and role-played different violence-prevention scenarios. At the end of the assembly, students released white balloons, symbolizing freeing themselves from something that makes them angry.

“We are letting those things go, so they don’t control us anymore,” one student said before heading outside to release his balloon.

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Thu Mar 21, 2013

Neighborhood School Advocates Serve School Board Members With Suspension Notices (VIDEO)

In the wake of an announcement that some 50 schools will be shuttered across the city, approximately 70 protesters visited the homes of three Chicago Board of Education  board members this morning to push back against the actions.

Accusing them of “bullying” parents, students, teachers and the community, members of Action Now, some of which have children and grandchildren enrolled in CPS, left “suspension” notices on the board members lawns.

PI Original
by Ashlee Rezin
Thu Jan 24, 2013

Youth Unemployment Summit Highlights Illinois Teens' Urgent Need For Jobs

Illinois’ teen unemployment rate is among the highest in the country and during a panel on Thursday at the Chicago Urban League, local elected officials came face-to-face with Chicago’s unemployed youth. 

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Oct 4, 2012

After Approving Contract, CTU Prepares For School Closings, Budget Battles (UPDATED)

Chicago Teachers Union members voted overwhelmingly this week to approve a three-year contract, with the option of a fourth year, that was hammered out amid a historic seven-day CTU strike. Now comes the challenge of paying for the deal, which has so far largely played out as a battle between the union and district on school closings.

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Thu Sep 13, 2012

CTU Strike Day Three: Teachers Rally As Contract Talks Show Promise (VIDEO)

Day three of the Chicago Teachers Union strike saw simultaneous rallies Wednesday afternoon at three high schools across the city, which brought out thousands of teachers, parents, and children.

Progress Illinois caught up with teachers at John Marshall Metropolitan High School on the city’s West Side during one of the rallies. There, many teachers continued to hammer on the issues of overcrowded classes and their respective schools' lack of resources, like libraries, nurses and social workers, air conditioning, and computers. Yet, none complained of being paid too little or working too many hours.

“Overcrowding’s number one,” said Tony Heinrichs, a first-grade teacher at Falconer Elementary School. “Thirty-some kids in a classroom, it’s ninety-some degrees in the classroom, there’s not a lot of learning going on.”

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Tue Sep 11, 2012

CTU Strike Day Two: Negotiations Stalled, Janitors Union Pledges Support (VIDEO)

With contract negotiations still at an impasse, Chicago public school teachers hit the picket lines for a second day as local and national labor union leaders joined in a show of support.

Instead of heading to their respective schools Tuesday morning, many teachers picketed outside of the schools chosen for Chicago Public Schools' $25 million “Children First” contingency plan.

“If they can afford the contingency plan, what is the problem with paying the teachers or providing resources and the things that they need in order to be effective,” asked Kenge McCall, a third-grade teacher at Washington Irving Elementary.