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Chicago Police Department


Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Tue Aug 6, 2013

ALEC's Impending Chicago Conference Incites Protest, Multiple Arrests (VIDEO)

Six people were arrested Monday when protesters descended upon the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago to push back against the impending visit of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), whose conservative agenda, activists say, promotes policies and legislation that protects corporate interests and disenfranchises workers and voters. 

ALEC is slated to hold its 40th national conference at the hotel August 7 to August 9. In anticipation of the meeting, six protesters staged a sit-in on the hotel’s lobby steps Monday, while roughly two dozen demonstrators marched outside demanding the hotel cancel its plans to host the powerful right-wing group's annual meeting.

“ALEC is one of the great nexi where money and politics meet in order to corrupt our democracy,” said Greg Goodman, protest organizer. “From attacking workers, to attacking the environment, criminalizing immigration, constructing for-profit prisons, attacking health care, promoting Stand Your Ground laws, ALEC promotes the interests of big business and the one percent.”

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Mon Jul 22, 2013

Should We Bring In The Illinois National Guard To Combat Chicago Violence?

Gov. Pat Quinn should call on the Illinois National Guard to fight the violence in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, according to State Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago). But at least two Chicagoans who have lost loved ones to gun violence think military involvement is a bad idea.

“This violence needs to stop today,” said Davis in an interview with Progress Illinois. “The National Guard goes into communities based on the governor’s request, when there’s a natural disaster or civil unrest. It is my belief that we are suffering from civil unrest in this city.”

The city has logged nearly 230 homicides for the year, as of July 22, according to RedEye Chicago’s homicide tracker. More than 85 percent of the recorded murders were from gunshot wounds.

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Wed May 22, 2013

Protesters Rally Against Proposed CPS Closings Outside Board of Education Meeting (VIDEO)

Energy was high outside the Chicago Board of Education meeting Wednesday morning as education activists, union members, teachers, students and parents gathered in anticipation of a vote that could close a staggering amount of schools across the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) district.

“All I keep hearing is ‘we’re doing this for the kids,’ but there’s not been one iota of a discussion about the educational plan,” said Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), said as she arrived for the meeting.

PI Original
by Ashlee Rezin
Tue May 21, 2013

Protesters Wrap Around City Hall Demanding A Stop To Chicago School Closings (VIDEO)

Three days of marches from across the city and countless acts of civil disobedience culminated on the steps of City Hall Monday, as more than 500 protesters called on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to stop closing Chicago’s neighborhood schools.

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Wed Apr 17, 2013

West Pullman Parents, Students Voice Safety & Gang Violence Concerns At School Closing Hearing

Parents and advocates in support of keeping West Pullman Elementary open called out Chicago Public Schools officials at a public hearing last night, asking if they've ever set foot in their school or its surrounding neighborhoods.

“Have you been there,” asked Susan Garza, a South Side resident and CPS counselor, after district representatives presented their case to the hearing officer. "Have you been to West Pullman? Because your portfolio is really impressive, but you haven't been there.”

PI Original
by Ashlee Rezin
Wed Mar 27, 2013

Thousands Take To Downtown Chicago Streets In Protest Against CPS School Closures (VIDEO)

More than 7,000 protesters descended upon downtown Chicago today in protest of school closures and related actions by the Chicago Public Schools system. Progress Illinois was there for the action.