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PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Fri Jun 27, 2014

CivicLab's 'Democracy Design Studio' To Launch New Tools, Programs For Activists

Progress Illinois profiles the Chicago-based CivicLab, which turns one year old next month, and its latest efforts to aid local activists.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri May 25, 2012

After NATO Summit, Murmurs Of Chicago Olympics

After months of local government, and media, focus on Chicago hosting the two-day NATO summit, it might be time for the city’s political class to focus on more parochial concerns like the reconfiguring of public housing, a highly possible teacher’s strike, and the neighborhood impact of state and city government budget cuts.

On the other hand, the city could just re-live 2009 and put a lazer-like focus on getting the Olympics.

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Fri Oct 2, 2009

Amy Dean On Chicago: "We Need To See More Benefits For Real People"

After Chicago lost its bid for the 2016 Olympics, author Amy Dean expressed skepticism that the benefits of the proposed development projects would have ever reached the city's working people.

PI Original
by Angela Caputo
Thu Apr 23, 2009

Wednesday At City Hall

Yesterday, the Chicago City Council adopted two pieces of legislation we've been following closely in recent months -- the TIF sunshine ordinance and an Olympics community benefits agreement. Both passed unanimously no less. Below is a summary of the two measures, as well ...

PI Original
by Angela Caputo
Fri Feb 13, 2009

Transit Passed Over In Olympic Bid

On a trip to Beijing back in August, Mayor Daley raved about the city’s new state-of-the-art subway system and took note of how to incorporate some of what he saw into transit upgrades back home in preparation for Chicago’ 2016 Olympic bid. It looks like he didn’t ...

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Thu Aug 7, 2008

South Siders Voice Olympic Concerns

On the eve of the Olympic games, Mayor Richard Daley flew to China to test out Beijing's state-of-the-art mass transit system. Back in Chicago, residents are using the possibility of the 2016 Olympics being held in Chicago to advocate for better services as well...