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NATO summit


Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Nov 15, 2012

Emanuel Calendar Shows Mayor Holding On To National Profile

Through a public information request, the Chicago Tribune obtained Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s daily calendar between January and August of 2012. The Tribune’s focus on the hundreds of pages of documents is almost identical to the Chicago Reader, which did a two-part review of Emanuel’s public schedule between January and November of 2011. In a nutshell, the publications noted that Emanuel meets a lot with business leaders.

Emanuel’s ties with business are important given his policy record of ramming the Infrastructure Trust through city council in April, a nebulous effort to use private money for public projects, and expanding his own role as chairman of World Business Chicago, which coordinated the NATO summit in May.

But perusing through the calendar, available on the Tribune Web site, reveals other elements of Emanuel’s tenure including his national profile and approach to the Chicago Teachers Union labor dispute.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Fri May 25, 2012

After NATO Summit, Murmurs Of Chicago Olympics

After months of local government, and media, focus on Chicago hosting the two-day NATO summit, it might be time for the city’s political class to focus on more parochial concerns like the reconfiguring of public housing, a highly possible teacher’s strike, and the neighborhood impact of state and city government budget cuts.

On the other hand, the city could just re-live 2009 and put a lazer-like focus on getting the Olympics.

Quick Hit
by Progress Illinois
Mon May 21, 2012

Hundreds Of Protesters Kick Off NATO Boeing Protest (LIVE BLOG)

The Boeing protest is underway, with hundreds of protesters arriving and chanting, "Another World is Possible!"

The police presence is heavy, with many protesters saying "there are more cops here than people!"

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Sun May 20, 2012

NATO Protesters Rally In Support Of Education, Labor & Living Wages (VIDEO)

More than 2,000 NATO and anti-war protestors gathered in Grant Park Sunday before they took to the streets and descended on McCormick Place where world leaders are meeting for the summit.

Protestors with various causes such as ending drone attacks and promoting women’s rights overseas held signs, chanted in megaphones and waved peace signs as a heavy police presence lined the park and the surrounding streets.

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Fri May 18, 2012

Chicago Protesters Decry Canada’s Tar Sands Oil Extraction Methods (VIDEO)

With ties to Occupy Chicago about a dozen protesters covered themselves in fake oil and performed a symbolic death in front of the Canadian Consulate in downtown Chicago Thursday evening.

Those who “died” were joined by more than 100 supporters in protesting Canada’s extracting of crude oil from the Alberta Tar Sands, which is the world’s third-largest deposit of oil. The protesters pointed to a recent report which said the oil derived from the tar sands could emit 10 to 12 times more greenhouse gases than conventional crude oils, and the Chicago Tribune recently reported that the increased level of emissions could be as high as 22 percent.

PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Thu May 17, 2012

Latino Leaders Meet In Chicago To Talk Voter Mobilization, Immigration Reform

NATO is not the only policy summit in Chicago this weekend – the three-day National Latino Congreso started today with local and national Latino leaders focused on voter mobilization, at a moment in Chicago when many Occupy protesters are focused on street marches, rallies, and sit-ins.