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Naomi Jakobsson
Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Tue Apr 15

On Tax Day, Activists Urge Illinoisans To Support A Graduated Income Tax (VIDEO)

Considering taxes are on the minds of many today, activists gathered outside of a downtown Chicago post office to campaign for a graduated income tax rate in Illinois.

“This flat tax that people in this state are burdened with right now is totally unfair and makes the poor and middle class pay more in taxes than people who can really afford it,” said Bob Gallie, a volunteer for A Better Illinois.

Gallie was one of a handful of activists with the statewide coalition who passed out literature in Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn St., Tuesday afternoon, urging people to support a “fair” tax, which would implement higher tax rates for those with higher income levels, and lower rates for people who bring in less income.

With the use of the group's Illinois Fair Tax Calculator, activists were able to show people passing through the plaza that they could likely save money on their taxes if the state had a progressive tax rate. Read more »

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Tue Feb 25

Illinois Faith Leaders Host Prayer Vigil, Pledge Support For A ‘Fair' Income Tax

Faith leaders from across the Chicago area gathered in the city Tuesday to host a prayer vigil and call on legislators to pass a graduated income tax rate in the state of Illinois.

“Flat tax structures are inherently unjust, as they disproportionately put the load on those who can least afford it,” said Bishop Wayne Miller, of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Assembled at the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple, located at 77 W. Washington St., nearly 50 faith leaders, including pastors, bishops, rabbis and imams, signed pledges in support of a “fair” tax, which would implement higher tax rates for those with higher income levels, and lower rates for people who bring in less income. Read more »

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Jul 29, 2013

New State Coalition Calls For ‘A Better Illinois’

“A Better Illinois” is a coalition representing a diverse group of state residents and small business owners who are fed up with Illinois' fiscal problems and its “out-of-date” tax code that, they say, bogs down the middle class and hinders economic growth. Progress Illinois takes a look at what the group is calling for and ways to achieve a more fair tax system in Illinois. 

Quick Hit
Mon Feb 25, 2013

Op-Ed: Protecting Illinois From Fracking

The following was written by Jack Darin, director of the Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter.

The prospect of the gas industry coming Illinois to extract gas from beneath our state using high-volume hydraulic fracturing has caused a great deal of controversy and concern, especially in parts of Illinois where leasing for drilling rights has been underway for well over a year. Horror stories from other states about open pits of toxic wastewater, secret brews of toxins injected into the earth, air emissions sickening neighbors, and contaminated drinking water are just a few of the impacts seen elsewhere.  Read more »