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Michael Carrigan


Quick Hit
by Progress Illinois
Wed Jan 30, 2013

Op-Ed: Labor Coalition Disappointed By Madigan's Decision Not To Attend Pension Summit

The following comes from Michael T. Carrigan, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO, on behalf of the We Are One Colaition in response to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's refusal to attend the pension summit to which the coalition recently invited legislative leaders. 

We Are One Illinois regrets that Speaker Madigan has indicated he will not participate in the Pension Summit proposed by our union coalition. Our summit is a demonstration of good faith and commitment to seeking to solve the state’s pension funding problem in a way that is fair and constitutional.

Our coalition has already put forward a plan that addresses the intertwined problems of inadequate revenues and underfunded pensions. It would end the practice of politicians shorting actuarially required payments to the retirement funds; ease state budget pressures by closing wasteful tax loopholes, especially for big corporations; and require active public employees to pay more toward the pensions they earn and rely on. Our plan would provide at least $2.35 billion a year to stabilize the retirement funds, while preventing cuts to retirees who worked hard and played by the rules.

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Wed Jan 30, 2013

Congressmen, Labor Leaders Want Lawmakers To Stop Holding Middle Class 'Hostage' In Fiscal Cliff Talks (VIDEO)

Illinois labor representatives and U.S. Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston) and Bill Foster (D-Naperville) gathered in Chicago this morning on a national day of mobilization to call on House Republicans to stop holding families and seniors hostage in the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations.

The Washington lawmakers, along with members of the Chicago Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and advocates for the poor and middle class, stressed that tax loopholes for Wall Street and the richest Americans be closed instead of cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits.

“This is about real people who will suffer real pain if the wrong decisions are made,” said William McNary of Citizen Action Illinois.