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Joe Walsh


Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Thu Jul 14, 2016

Controversy Over Joe Walsh's Threatening Tweet Spills Over Into 66th House District Race

Controversy over former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh's incendiary tweets posted last Thursday after the deadly sniper attack on Dallas police officers has spilled over into the state's 66th House District race.

The Democrat in the race, Nancy Zettler, is calling on her Republican opponent, Allen Skillicorn, to disavow Walsh's "hate-filled statements."

Walsh has faced backlash for a now-deleted tweet that threatened "war" on President Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Tue Sep 23, 2014

A Closer Look At The 8th Congressional District Race

Progress Illinois takes a look at the 8th congressional district race that pits incumbent Democrat Tammy Duckworth against Republican challenger Larry Kaifesh.

PI Original
by Aricka Flowers
Tue Oct 1, 2013

U.S. Government Shutdown: How Did We Get Here And What's Next?

The U.S. government has shut down. Now what? Progress Illinois takes a look at how we got here and what could happen over the next several hours and days as leaders in the House and Senate refuse to give in to the other's demands.

PI Original
by Ashlee Rezin
Mon Jul 15, 2013

Reform Advocates Pledge To Change Illinois' Redistricting Process Before Next Remap

Illinois’ redistricting process provides that the average resident doesn’t have fair electoral representation, according to supporters of a newly-formed campaign to change the way the state’s political lines are drawn. Progress Illinois takes a closer look at the state's remapping process.

Quick Hit
by Aricka Flowers
Fri Nov 9, 2012

Union Makes Major Ad Buy Appealing To Elected Officials About State, National Issues (VIDEO)

The Chicago Federation of Labor has made a major television ad buy with a 30-second message making an appeal to elected officials and constituents about the fiscal cliff. The ad notes that although the election may have been a victory for Democrats at the local and national levels, "the fight has just begun."

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Nov 8, 2012

Why Republican Super PAC, Dark Money Funds Fell Flat

If the Republican Party was the big election-day loser, maybe the second biggest loser was outside spending groups such as Super Political Action Committees and so-called “dark money” non-profits that need not disclose their donors. In the presidential race and majority of the close races for Congress, there was an inverse relationship between who won and who got the most outside money.

Nowhere was this more apparent than in Illinois. In six hotly-contested congressional contests, Republican candidates received drastically more outside cash than Democrats. Yet the Democrat won five of these races.

Only in the 13th congressional district did the GOP prevail. And even there, Republican Rodney Davis is ahead just 1,287 votes over Democrat David Gill, who will not concede until the provisional ballots are counted.

After the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United decision, these outside spending groups could suddenly spend unlimited sums of money so long as they did not directly coordinate with political campaigns.

So why were Super PACs and dark money groups not the difference makers that campaign finance watchdogs feared and an array of political observers anticipated?