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Cynthia Soto
Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Thu Mar 29

State, Not Board of Ed., May Provide Check On CPS

The Chicago Teachers Union and community activists are enraged that the Board of Education rubber stamped school closings and turnarounds -- they want Chicago voters, not the Chicago Mayor, to elect the board. But if the mayor-appointed board has uncritically adopted Chicago Public Schools policies, the Illinois General Assembly hasn’t.

One year after passing a landmark education reform law that increased CPS powers, some lawmakers now want to rein in the school district’s ability to shut down schools or fire staff. Read more »

PI Original
by Angela Caputo
Thu Feb 18, 2010

The School Reform Debate Heats Up

In recent years, Illinois lawmakers have failed to reform and adequately fund Illinois' schools.  Now fed up education activists are pressuring for that to change -- but in a variety of ways.