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Chicago Public Library
Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Tue Apr 2

Community Demands New Galewood-Montclare Library (VIDEO)

For more than two years the Galewood-Montclare Library has been confined to an approximately 500 square foot room with only four book racks, three tables and two librarians’ desks. There are no computers, no wireless internet access, and the library is not open evenings or weekends. But community residents are demanding change.

Yesterday, members of the Galewood Residents Organization launched the “Check Out” Program, a month-long grassroots effort to increase the library’s circulation and raise awareness about the community’s need for a library upgrade. Residents are encouraged to rent as many books as possible (up to 30 for each person) in the hopes of checking out every book in the library.

“We know that there’s some budget issues and we’ve been patient,” said Neal Wankoff, member of the Galewood Residents Organization, who called the Galewood-Montclare Library “unusable” in it’s current state.

“We’re going to just keep making noise until they can’t ignore us anymore. We are not satisfied with this library,” he said.

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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Mon Jan 23, 2012

Library Issue Remains Unsettled For Public Employee Union, Community Residents

AFSCME logoThe American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFSCME, which represents city library workers, is calling on the city to return to a 48-hour operating week for branch libraries. Also, AFSCME wants the city to rehire more than 100 laid off Chicago Public Library employees.

AFSCME held a “People’s Library Hours” rally outside three closed neighborhood branches this morning to push for the restoration of hours and jobs.

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