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by Ellyn Fortino
Tue Jul 26

New Research Explores The 'State Of America's Fathers'

Although fathers in the United States have increased their time spent on child care and housework in recent years, they are still doing much less than mothers, according to a report on the "State of America's Fathers."

"Fathers are taking on more child care and domestic work than ever before - and they say they want to do more - but we still have a long way to go" toward achieving gender equality in parenting, reads the report released last month by Promundo and the MenCare campaign.

The research, being billed as the first comprehensive report on U.S. fatherhood, is largely based on data from the Families and Work Institute's National Study of the Changing Workforce.

Among the key findings, 81 percent of employed parents who have a spouse or partner and a child under the age of 18 live in dual-income households. On the flip side, 19 percent of such parents live in single-income households. 

"The gender-based boundaries between caregiving and breadwinning have begun to crumble," the report explains, "and today's dual-career, dual-carer parents demand new policies that support them."

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by Op-Ed
Fri Jul 8

Op-Ed: The Supreme Court Gets It Right On Home Care – Now It’s Gov. Rauner’s Turn

The following was written by Keith Kelleher, president of SEIU* Healthcare Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas. 

Last week, working people won a long overdue victory when the Supreme Court decided to let stand a new federal rule that prevents homecare employers from denying their workers minimum wage or overtime pay. The decision will help bring to an end a nearly 80-year policy of discrimination against more than 2 million workers who take care of our nation's elderly and people with disabilities.

It should also serve as a wake-up-call for Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, who is trying to bully thousands of working women of color who care for our state's elderly and people with disabilities into a deal that would deny them the ability to care for their own families.

PI Original
by Ray Quintanilla
Fri Jun 24

Can ‘Miss Obamacare’ Save Health Care? Enrolling Latinos Is Critical

Progress Illinois talks to one of the local players involved in getting a key demographic enrolled in Obamacare.

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by Op-Ed
Tue Jun 21

Op-Ed: Choice Is A Right We All Must Defend

The following is written by Oren Jacobson, executive director and co-founder of Men4Choice, "an organization that serves as a point of entry for young men to join the fight to protect and expand women's reproductive rights and make choice a voting issue for men."

In November 2010, Tea Party-aligned politicians swept into office at all levels of government under the guise of reducing government influence in our daily lives. That promise was quickly broken by many of those elected, who have since seemed more interested in using the authority of the state to severely limit access to reproductive health services and marginalize the women who make use of them. During the last 6 years, we have actually seen as many anti-choice pieces of legislation adopted by the states as the previous 15 years combined. In 2015, at least one piece of legislation was filed per day that would strip women of their basic rights.

These efforts aren't simply about preventing abortions, though. They are actually designed to make it harder to access basic health care and contraceptive services. For example, Planned Parenthood's abortion services make up roughly three percent of the organization's work, but that hasn't stopped anti-choice legislators from pushing to defund this vital organization that helps millions across the country receive affordable, critical healthcare.

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Tue Jun 21

Kids Count Report: Child Well-Being A Mixed Bag In Illinois

A new report shows some good and bad news on how children are faring in Illinois.


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