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by Angela Caputo
Wed Jan 20, 2010

Anyone Home?

Chicago's convention business is on its knees, $90 million in mass transit cuts are lurking just around the corner, and the Daley administration seems stuck in a post-Olympic haze. Crain's Greg Hinz asks: "Is anyone in charge?"

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by Angela Caputo
Fri Jan 15, 2010

Madigan Takes On Federal Regulators

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was back on Capitol Hill
yesterday railing against the "predatory practices" of the financial
services industry. But she didn't just direct her outrage at
the private sector. She also spread plenty of blame for the
mortgage meltdown ...

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by Angela Caputo
Tue Jan 12, 2010

Borrowing And The Backlog

Schools, social service providers, hospitals, and other Illinois
vendors continue to twist in the wind as they wait for the record $5.1 billion
they're owed by the state. Currently, House lawmakers aren't giving any
indication that they are prepared to finally put politics ...

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by Angela Caputo
Mon Jan 11, 2010

Trotter, Harris Lament The Lack Of Political Will In Springfield

On WTTW's Chicago Tonight last Thursday, a handful of lawmakers convened for yet another roundtable on the state's financial crisis. As the Trib and the Daily Herald
both reported today, the fallout from the mounting deficit continues to
grow. With each passing day, more ...

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by Angela Caputo
Thu Jan 7, 2010

Mounting IOUs, Declining Revenues, And The Need For Action

The bad budget news just keeps rolling in. Yesterday, Comptroller Dan Hynes released his latest report (PDF) on the state's finances. As Capitol Fax's Rich Miller put it, the situation has become "pretty much hopeless."

Not only has the backlog of unpaid bills now ...

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by Angela Caputo
Wed Jan 6, 2010

Durbin Laments Lack Of "Courage" In The Senate

When a set of financial regulatory reforms passed the U.S. House last month, the American Bankers Association (ABA) made it quite clear that the fight was far from over. "After this bruising House battle," ABA Chairman Art Johnson wrote in a memo
to the group's members, "we ...

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by Angela Caputo
Wed Jan 6, 2010

Number Of The Day: $750 Million

Yesterday, word quickly spread that some relief could be on the way
to cash-strapped universities, human service agencies, and other
Illinois vendors anxiously awaiting
a collective $5.1 billion in overdue state payments.  Gov. Pat Quinn
confirmed that by week's end, ...

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by Angela Caputo
Tue Jan 5, 2010

A State-Level Step Toward Health Insurance Reform

Last spring, the insurance industry "used every trick in the book" to try to thwart a set of consumer-friendly reforms -- known as the Health Insurance Consumer Protection Act (HB 3923)
-- that State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) was pushing in the House.
But by assembling ...

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by Angela Caputo
Tue Jan 5, 2010

TIF Threatens To “Blow Up” In Daley’s Face

As regular readers know, 2009 was chock-full of historic headlines about Mayor Daley's shadowy tax increment financing (TIF) system.
Throughout the year, public officials, community activists, and
journalists worked in tandem to finally blow the lid off of Mayor Daley's

PI Original
by Angela Caputo
Mon Dec 28, 2009

State Lawmakers Tackle Job Creation

Illinois' jobs outlook is glum to say the least. The unemployment rate is hovering at 10.9 percent, one of the highest marks in more than a 25 years. And the state has shed jobs over each of the past 22 months. To make matters worse, the State Journal-Register reports today ...

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