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New Radio Ad Calls Out Halvorson's Voting Record

Former congresswoman Debbie Halvorson is on the receiving end of yet another ad in the race for the 2nd congressional district seat, this time calling out her voting record.

The ad, which is sponsored by the SEIU Illinois Council*, points out that Halvorson voted against extending unemployment benefits, but voted in favor of lower inheritance taxes for the rich, namely couples with estates valuing more than $10 million.

"She sounds more like a Republican than a Democrat," says one voice in the ad. "That's right. She calls herself a Democrat, but votes like a Republican over and over again," another voice responds. Though the union is not endorsing any of the 22 candidates in the crowded race for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s now vacant seat, the ad does seek to inform voters about the type of congresswoman Halvorson might be if elected.  

“We need the next Congressperson for the second district to fight for President Obama’s bold agenda – not oppose it," said April Verrett, executive vice president of SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana. "Debbie Halvorson’s record while in Congress demonstrated that she is more interested in protecting the richest 1% instead of supporting our communities. The workers represented by SEIU are sending a very clear message with these ads and voter outreach: ‘We’re not voting for Debbie Halvorson.’”

The ad also points out that Halvorson voted with Republicans 88 times while in the U.S. House, voting against the President's agenda in those instances. 

“President Obama needs partners in Congress who have his back, and who believe in shared prosperity, economic and tax fairness, and a passion to reinvest in our country again to create good paying jobs,” said Tom Balanoff, president of the SEIU Illinois State Council. “But the truth is that Debbie Halvorson simply does not share those same values and fails that basic leadership test to support working families and our communities.”

To hear the one-minute ad, which will run on urban radio stations in the district, click here.

Halvorson has also been the subject of ads by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's superPAC Independence USA. The superPAC has spent more than $1 million on the 2nd district race, with the funds being spent on TV ads and mailers that blast Halvorson for her record on gun control.

* The SEIU Illinois Council sponsors this web site.


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