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Occupy Chicago Preps For Budget Vote, Occupy Wall Street Carries On (LIVE) (UPDATED)

While Occupy Wall Street protesters plan their next move after a surprise shut-down by police overnight, the Chicago movement voices their concerns about the expected vote on the budget by the city council.

Occupy Chicago protesters and other community groups held a rally in protest of the mayor's proposed budget, which calls for the closing of six of the city's 12 mental health clinics and would privatize seven of the city's health clinics.

The Chicago faction of the Occupy movement is also gearing up for a national day of action on Thursday. The group added an update to their announcement about the day of action, stating that Thursday's events are especially important in light of the evacuation of Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City's Zuccotti Park:

In light of November 15th's police raid on Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park in New York City and the widespread repercussions of that raid, as well as others around the country, November 17th's National Day of Action holds an importance to this global movement that can not be overstated. The Direct Action Committee encourages any and all participants on November 17th, the National Day of Action, to bring caution tape to Jackson & LaSalle at 5:30 pm for a simple and peaceful act of political theater. In the interest of keeping the action unpredictable and ensuring that the action has the greatest probability of success, specifics of the action will be detailed at the event itself. Additionally, if any participant can appear at Jackson & LaSalle dressed as a Monopoly banker, there will be a role for them to play in that action's political theater as well.


There is also a online petition calling on the city of Chicago to allow the movement to set up camp in Grant Park without arrests.

Meanwhile, protesters in New York vow to keep the Occupy Wall Street movement going and have already taken to the busy corner of Canal Street and 6th Avenue to plan their next move. Another group of the protesters marched to Foley Square, where they are temporarily setting up camp. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he will keep the park closed until there is more clarity on an order that came down from Judge Lucy Billings this morning banning the city from evicting protesters. The order also stops the city from prohibiting protesters from setting up tents, campers, or sleeping bags in Zuccotti Park or enforcing rules created after the Occupy Wall Street movement began.

The protesters are currently waiting to hear more from the courts. Here's live footage from Zuccotti Park as some of them try to get back in:

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

More than 200 people were arrested in the early morning police raid in New York City. As can be seen in the livestream, the tension is quite high after the 2 a.m. eviction of the protesters. Click here to watch last night's raid, courtesy of Raw Story and Think Progress.

UPDATE 1 (5:31 P.M.): The New York Supreme Court has reversed the restraining order issued by Judge Billings this morning. Here is part of the most recent court order issued by the Supreme Court:

The movants have not demonstrated that they have a First Amendment right to remain in Zuccotti Park, along with their tents, structures, generators, and other installations to the exclusion of the owner’s responsible rights and duties to maintain Zuccotti Park, or to the rights to public access of others who might wish to use the space safely. Neither have the applicants shown a right to a temporary restraining order that would restrict the City’s enforcement of laws so as to promote public health and safety.

Zucotti Park has been reopened and the protesters have started to file back in, but it is still unclear as to how police and the city will handle the situation once the night progresses and the ralliers remain in the park.

Image: Flickr/Edenpictures


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