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Occupy Chicago Protest Grows Despite Attempts To Stop It (VIDEO)

Chicagoans have been showing their support for the headline-making Occupy Wall Street protests in New York with their own shows of action outside of the Federal Reserve as well as Willis Tower and Millennium Park. 

The protests in Chicago have remained peaceful thus far, with the participants vowing to keep the events non-violent, even though they have encountered some pushback along the way.

Last night, the Occupy Chicago protesters blogged that security at the Federal Reserve was trying to have them removed from the area outside of the building:

The fed is trying to force us off the sidewalk. Contact the ACLU, zoning commissions, lawyers, or anyone else that can help. This is public property don’t let them take it from us. Stand strong Chicago.

The group later blogged that the city's Zoning Dept. told them to call 311 if the problems continued because they were indeed allowed to remain on the public property. Chicagoist's Chris Bentley reports that six police vehicles arrived on the scene at around 9 p.m. The officers said they were not telling the protesters to leave, just that they could not sleep outside of the building and would have to "keep moving" in order to stay there. By midnight, an apparent compromise had been reached, according to Bentley, shielding the protesters who slept in their cars from getting parking tickets. 

Undeterred by such opposition and lousy, wet weather, the Occupy Chicago protests have continued, growing from three or four people to as many as 50 during the day, with dozens remaining overnight. Here's a look at how the protests in Chicago started and have grown:

Check back with Progress Illinois for more coverage on the ongoing Occupy Chicago and Occupy Wall Street protests.

Image & Video: Occupy Chicago


Thank you Occupy Chicago activists! Those who can't be with you on the front lines appreciate your sacrifices and efforts toward social justice.

Please pick your garbage up off the street. It is ruining our great city.

they're working on picking up the garbage. the reserve building is pretty heavy i'd presume.

You guys are the best!! Thank you for standing up and being a voice for so many Americans. So long as we are apathetic, change will never come. It takes courage to stand up against the Goliaths of this world. I commend you and I am proud of you for what you're doing. Fight on!!


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