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Wisc. Dems Say Koch Brothers Engaging In 'Scheme To Suppress Votes'

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint (PDF) with the Government Accountability Board alleging that Koch the brothers-funded, Americans for Prosperity political action committee is trying to suppress Democratic votes in the upcoming Republican recall elections.

Politico originally reported that Americans for Prosperity sent out absentee ballots to two districts in the Senate recall election with a printed deadline date of "before August 11." But in reality, the deadline for absentee ballots is tomorrow, August 4. The election is August 9.

Click here to view one of the ballots in question.

The complaint argues that the Koch brothers-funded political action committee "displayed a continued pattern of tampering with the electoral process in Wisconsin with elaborate, illegal and fraudulent schemes designed to suppress Democratic votes."

An official for Americans for Prosperity, which gave more than $100,000 to Gov. Scott Walker during his 2010 election effort, said the incorrect information on the ballots was "just a typo", but Democratic leaders are not convinced. Mike Tate, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, released the following statement yesterday:

Scott Walker has sought the help of the corporate front group 'Americans For Prosperity,' and here they come with dirty tricks clearly meant to meddle in our elections and suppress votes against the Koch Brothers' agenda. Wisconsin's election authorities must stop the black hand of the corporate special interests and their front groups who are trying to strangle democracy in our state and support the six Republican senators now facing recall.

Some residents in the two districts have reportedly filed their own complaints with the Government Accountability Board. According to a We Are Wisconsin email:

Charles E. Shultz of Hudson is a self-described card-carrying Democrat who received the flyer appealing to him as "a member of Americans for Prosperity who lives in a district where one of the eight senate recall elections are taking place."

As Shultz alleged in his complaint: “I believe I was targeted by this Republican group because I am a Democrat and a senior citizen.”


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