Quick Hit Micah Maidenberg Friday April 8th, 2011, 11:36am

More Details About The Independent Or Progressive Caucus

The Chicago News Cooperative (CNC) has a piece out today about efforts to beef up an independent or progressive caucus in Chicago's next City Council. Alds. Pat Dowell (3rd Ward), Ricardo Munoz (22nd Ward), Scott Waguespack (32th Ward), and Joe Moore (49th Ward) will lead an April 25 training session for council newcomers covering "subjects as setting up a ward office, assessing zoning change proposals and interacting with the mayor’s administration."

The CNC's Dan Mihalopoulos reports that the aldermanic vets leading the session have support from SEIU (full disclosure: the union's state council sponsors this website). The union did not endorse any of the candidates who ran for mayor in Chicago but was the top supporter, in terms of direct donations and independent expenditures, to aldermanic candidates in the election cycle that just ended, according to an Illinois Campaign for Political Reform analysis.

In an interview with Progress Illinois, Waguespack said he was looking to solidify the independent or progressive caucus, and that he is writing a mission statement for the group and preparing binders for council newcomers that offers pointers about how to conduct ward business.


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