Quick Hit Micah Maidenberg Friday January 21st, 2011, 11:43am

Emanuel Defends Batting .000 On Mayoral Forum Attendance

There have been many mayoral forums during this campaign season thus far. And whether they have focused on Chicago's public housing system, on education (and education again), or community development and parks, one thing's been consistent about them: Rahm Emanuel hasn't attended. Any of them. Here's the candidate defending his no-shows yesterday before reporters:

The Emanuel camp has committed to future mayoral debates, to be sure. (He also attended a debate this week hosted by WTTW and the Mikva Challenge.) And his answers to questionnaires about various issues are scattered around the web. But voters have lost out in not seeing Emanuel respond to the questions put forth by diverse constituencies. It's not just the lack of answers about specific topics these groups are asking -- it's the lack of engagement with the audience and the other candidates. The mayoral race could use a lot more of both.

The Chico campaign put together this video a while back pricking Emanuel for failing to show at the mayoral forums. Take a look:

The Emanuel camp must feel justified in skipping them, however. The tactic certainly hasn't hurt their candidate in the polls.


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