Quick Hit Micah Maidenberg Tuesday January 4th, 2011, 3:13pm

Ballot Access, Ads, Jobs, And Backers

A few tidbits from Chicago's mayoral race that emerged today:

Rahm Emanuel should be listed on next month's municipal election ballot in Chicago, Cook County Judge Mark Ballard ruled this afternoon. The decision upholds a 3-0 vote confirming Emanuel's place on the ballot by the members of the Chicago Board of Elections last month. Unquestionably a win for Emanuel, Ballard's ruling sets the stage for further legal wrangling. Burt Odelson, the lead attorney representing those arguing Emanuel disqualified himself from running for mayor of Chicago by moving to Washington to serve as President Obama's chief of staff, is already promising to appeal the ruling to the state appellate court. The Supreme Court of Illinois may have the last say on this issue.

Emanuel himself spent this morning rolling out a $95 million proposal to create a "system-wide afterschool program" to keep Chicago Public Schools students safe and out of trouble when the school day lets out. The Emanuel campaign said most of the funds needed for the program already exist. They're proposing to raise an additional $25 million for the program by allowing companies to advertise on city garbage trucks, at farmer's markets, and at other city controlled venues.

Gery Chico unveiled his jobs platform today, a plan that lambastes the "brick wall of bureaucracy" at City Hall. Among the topline proposals in the plan: Chico says he'd immediately eliminate the "head tax" to spur job creation, appoint a deputy mayor responsible for business development and job creation, and aggressively pursue bringing new small, medium, and large employers to the city through outreach and various incentives. The entirety of Chico's proposal can be read and downloaded here.

Two prominent Latino aldermen, meanwhile, endorsed Miguel del Valle's mayoral campaign this morning: Alds. Rick Munoz (22nd) and Rey Colon (35th). While there's been a lot of discussion about the black community finding a single "consensus candidate" for mayor, Munoz and Colon's backing of del Valle demonstrates no such dynamic exists among the city's Latino leaders. Just take a look at our mayoral endorsement list. United Neighborhood Organization head Juan Rangel is with Emanuel, Ald. Joe Moreno (1st Ward) and Illinois Commerce Commission Chair Manny Flores are backing Gery Chico, as is Rick Garcia, who formerly headed Equality Illinois. Munoz, of course, is one City Council's most prominent progressive members.


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