Quick Hit Micah Maidenberg Tuesday December 7th, 2010, 3:45pm

More Ideas, Pitches, Plans From The Mayoral Candidates

Chicago's mayoral contenders are releasing platforms and talking up their ideas for the city at a fairly regular pace at this point. (Though, to be sure, the would-be mayors' plans for the biggest-ticket items -- the city's budget and job creation come to mind -- are still largely under wraps.) We recently took a look at ethics pitches from some of the contenders and noted Rahm Emanuel's energy efficiency proposal. Three other mayoral platform-related news items are below:

City Clerk Miguel del Valle got into the education mix last week, promising to increase the number of "community learning centers" around the city by 50 percent during his first term as mayor. In announcing the plan, del Valle lauded the work of Communities in Schools Chicago, a group that connects schools with non-profits to provide academic support and programming focused on arts enrichment, health, and other topics; the group says it reached 63,000 students during the 2009-2010 school year.

In a recent speech on the Southwest Side, Gery Chico said he'd ensure all of Chicago's industrial corridors have high-speed internet access and actively recruit so-called green companies to the city. A Chico administration would also "strategically utilize the city's tax increment financing dollars to support large and small businesses," according to a press statement. That's likely music to the business community's ears. Outgoing Mayor Richard Daley's TIF grants to large, profitable Loop companies have come to symbolize the TIF program's excesses. Chico says his full jobs plan is coming soon.

State Sen. James Meeks, meanwhile says he'd create a "mobile City Hall" to allow residents to conduct city business in a different neighborhood each week. Meeks, by the way, is on board with the Sweet Home Chicago ordinance, and he discussed it -- and criticized Emanuel -- in Englewood yesterday*.

UPDATE: Sen. Meeks' event in Englewood occured on December 7.


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