Quick Hit Adam Doster Wednesday June 2nd, 2010, 10:09am

Edit Boards Jump On Kirk's "Hubris"

Yesterday, we criticized U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk's desperate attempt to pass off the deepening controversy over the embellishment of his military record as an honest mistake exploited by Alexi Giannoulias. Today, editorial boards across the region piled on the North Shore Republican, as well.

The Sun-Times suggested that voters in Illinois now "have reason to doubt" that Kirk's word is "his bond." The Tribune wrote that the display "reflects the hubris he shows from time to time." The Daily Herald warned Kirk that "he should not expect his appalling embellishment to go away because he changes the subject to Giannoulias' banking history." Perhaps the harshest words, however, came from the Sun-Times' Carol Marin. The veteran journalist compared Kirk's behavior to that of former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, whose "unbridled ego and opportunism" led him to declare, incorrectly, that he was "in control" of the White House following an assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan. Read the whole piece here.


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