Quick Hit Adam Doster Thursday May 20th, 2010, 12:05pm

Biggert Gets Tough On The Wrong Banks

Illinois' own Rep. Judy Biggert thinks something fishy is up with the rescue of ShoreBank. Yesterday, the Hinsdale Republican sent a letter to the White House requesting all "e-mails, phone logs, and meeting records," regarding the Wall Street-led bailout of Chicago's leading community development bank. Biggert seems to think that the Obama administration applied political pressure to save ShoreBank, a charge White House officials flatly denied.

Scott Harper, the Democrat running against Biggert this fall, is confused why Biggert is getting tough on one local community bank. This is, after all, a lawmaker who voted to provide Goldman Sachs with $10 billion in TARP money and now won't return contributions from their corporate PAC, even though the firm is under criminal investigation by the SEC. "It’s curious," wrote campaign manager Jonas Heineman in a statement today, "that Congresswoman Biggert is so eager to investigate a bank that has no financial stake in her campaign." Curious, indeed.


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