Quick Hit Josh Kalven Thursday February 18th, 2010, 8:54am

The Tribune's Vague Prescription

In an editorial this morning, the Tribune blasts state lawmakers -- rightfully -- for their closed-door budget briefing from the National Council of State Legislatures yesterday, concluding that the lawmakers would "rather hide behind closed doors than publicly admit to what a dreadful mess they've made of state finances."  But the editorial board goes on to write the following about the budget crisis:

What are the prospects that these pols will — out of public view — divine fixes that are fair to people who rely on state services, fair to health and other providers that deliver those services, and fair to taxpayers who bear the burden for it all?

We appreciate the Tribune's call for transparent action from the General Assembly.  But what specific "fixes" do they propose?  And what is their definition of "fair"?  Without more detail, these editorials are meaningless


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