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Where Are The Jobs? (VIDEO)

Here’s the sad outcome of the two month fight over the federal debt ceiling: Our elected leaders are only just now turning to job creation at a time when unemployment is soaring out of control in Illinois and around the nation, prompting continued economic uncertainty and a great deal of talk about a double dip recession.

Here’s the sad outcome of the two month fight over the federal debt ceiling: Our elected leaders are only just now turning to job creation at a time when unemployment is soaring out of control in Illinois and around the nation, prompting continued economic uncertainty and a great deal of talk about a double dip recession.

What’s beyond clear at this point is that the debt ceiling debate was really nothing more than a political diversion; created by Tea Party members of the U.S. House, including some of our state’s GOP "Fab Five" freshmen lawmakers: Joe Walsh (R-8), Bob Dold (R-10,) Adam Kinzinger (R-11), Randy Hultgren (R-14), and Bobby Schilling (R-17).

While Congress spent months publically squabbling about what has historically been a routine process, families across the United States wrestled with unemployment and a stagnant economy. Fourteen million people are out of work and a third of them have been jobless for more than a year, according to government data. Zillow.com says about one of every three homes is underwater which means more is owed on the home than what it is actually worth on the open market. Meanwhile, foreclosures continue to weigh down the housing market and blight communities.

The impasse on how to deal with the nation's deficit led to a deal that will severely cut government spending, which many economists, like Paul Krugman, say could potentially spell disaster for the nation's economic future. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich says cutting federal safety net programs and slashing federal spending won’t spark the economic growth that’s needed for new job creation. And Warren Buffett spoke out this weekend in an op-ed in the New York Times imploring the Super Committee tasked with reducing government spending by $1 trillion to raise taxes on the rich:

I would leave rates for 99.7 percent of taxpayers unchanged and continue the current 2-percentage-point reduction in the employee contribution to the payroll tax. This cut helps the poor and the middle class, who need every break they can get.

But for those making more than $1 million — there were 236,883 such households in 2009 — I would raise rates immediately on taxable income in excess of $1 million, including, of course, dividends and capital gains. And for those who make $10 million or more — there were 8,274 in 2009 — I would suggest an additional increase in rate.

My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly Congress. It’s time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice.

Now that Illinois’ members of Congress are home for the August Recess, now is the time -- more than ever -- to show up for the Town Hall-style meetings legislators hold with constituents. It’s time to share your displeasure with what’s happening in Congress and their lack of focus on the jobs crisis plaguing the country. Trying to get our legislators to focus on the real issue plaguing the country's economic progress is especially important when it comes to our state’s five GOP freshmen, who went to Congress two years ago to “make things better” and instead only added to the congressional gridlock.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky is proposing a jobs program that not only promises to put Americans back to work, but will also dramatically improve school buildings and other community infrastructures across the state and nation. Schakowsky's bill, called the Emergency Jobs To Restore The American Dream Act, would create 2.2 million jobs. Schakowsky appeared on Countdown with Keith Olberman last week to discuss her bill:

Here's a breakdown of how the jobs would be created:

  • The School Improvement Corps would create 400,000 construction and 250,000 maintenance jobs by funding positions created by public school districts to do needed school rehabilitation improvements.
  • The Park Improvement Corps would create 100,000 jobs for youth between the ages of 16 and 25 through new funding to the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest Service’s Public Lands Corps Act. Young people would work on conservation projects on public lands include restoration and rehabilitation of natural, cultural, and historic resources.
  • The Student Jobs Corps would creates 250,000 more part-time, work study jobs for eligible college students through new funding for the Federal Work Study Program.
  • The Neighborhood Heroes Corps would hire 300,000 teachers, 40,000 new police officers, and 12,000 firefighters.
  • The Health Corps would hire at least 40,000 health care providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and health care workers to expand access in underserved rural and urban areas.
  • The Child Care Corps would create 100,000 jobs in early childhood care and education through additional funding for Early Head Start.
  • The Community Corps would hire 750,000 individuals to do needed work in our communities, including housing rehab, weatherization, recycling, and rural conservation.

Schakowsky unveiled the proposal late last week, but Republicans are already sounding off on the plan, which would cost the government $227 billion to execute. Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party and former gubernatorial candidate, Pat Brady, spoke out against the plan, saying "government does not create jobs." But do Republicans have another plan to help ease the pressure Americans are feeling by the unemployment crisis?

Here’s part of an editorial in the New York Times that discusses Schakowsky's program:

There are (jobs) ideas worth fighting for. Take, for example, Fix America’s Schools Today, or FAST, an idea that has been incorporated into a House proposal to be introduced this fall by Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of Illinois. Public school buildings in the United States are on average over 40 years old and in need of an estimated $500 billion in repairs and upgrades. A $50 billion school renovation program would employ 500,000 workers (1.5 million construction workers are currently unemployed) and could be easily scaled up. The money could be disbursed through existing federal formulas to all 16,000 public school districts. The initial cost could be largely offset over 10 years by ending tax breaks for fossil fuels, as called for in Mr. Obama’s 2012 budget.

Other programs in the Schakowsky bill could employ an estimated one million young people for projects in federal parks, community centers and on college campuses, as well as 350,000 laid-off teachers, police officers, firefighters and health care providers.

Washington, in thrall to austerity, has abandoned one of the most immediate and powerful tools for supporting growth and jobs, namely, borrowing at today’s low rates to provide direct fiscal aid to states. But Mr. Obama can and should make the case for targeted new jobs today, to be paid for over time by closing tax loopholes.

Right now, politicians should be looking to come up with solutions to the unemployment crisis -- and not spend time swatting at potential ideas for solving what is truly the nation's biggest problem.


A moving VIDEO “The Power of Words” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzgzim5m7oU

Great article PI.. Of course the republicans and teabaggers wouldn't sound off on any JOBS BILL if they didn't introduce it themselves. Another of countless reasons to NOT vote for them come November 2012 and with the candidates they have so far well thats a nightmare in and of itself, especially the Governor of TEXAS where George W. Bush played Governor for upteemth years until he made it to the White House via the BACK door!! So the GOP has Rick Perry riding in on his White House to save the day because he said God told him to. The hypocrisy that permeates from the republicans and teabagger's mouths is unbelievable and laughable if it wasn't so damn serious! They preach the hypocrisy of religion and yet fill their pockets full with money not belonging to THEM! HYPOCRISY 101 continues. STAY in Touch www.american99ersunion.com


They’re hiding behind desperately needed job growth policies for the private sector. Jan Shakowsky wants to create 2 million more government jobs with taxpayer dollars.

@ Online - since "socialism" depends on taxes to work, why would there be a "plot" by "socialists" to "convert all taxpayers into welfare recipients"? I will not only call you crazy, but really, really stupid - so stupid that calling you a moron would be an insult to morons. The corporatists are the ones who want to bankrupt the nation, turn us into 3rd world status so we'll take any kind of work for pennies an hour w/no benefits, all so they can fatten their bottom line. Don't you ever wonder why, with the tax burden being the lowest it has been for over 60 years, that our economy isn't booming? It has nothing to do with the debt or the deficit & everything to do with corporate greed, and oh yeah - everyone wanting everything but not wanting to pay anything for it.

Hey…. now you’re “gitten” it! This is exactly why the liberals are demanding the rich pay more income taxes, to help support half this country already collecting some form of government assistance & growing everyday.

It’s not in their/your DNA to create policies or incentives to grow capitalism.

WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Heres a small example.

Obama Owns Two Car Companies And Goes To Canada To Buy Buses Built By Canadians.


I know where the “FREEKING” jobs are!

Lose your job IN AMERICA and apply for food stamps.
The “food stamps” (Link cards) are manufactured in the Philippines. The call centers and card activation system is located in the Philippines.

Now you are also eligible for a free trac safelink cell phone with free monthly minutes.

GUESS WHAT? The safelink cell phone company also operates from the Philippines. Call centers and all new phones & replacement cell phones are all handled out of the Philippines.
That’s where the jobs are.

Are very own government is outsourcing work while unemployment in the USA continues to suffer.
Also, Obama buying tour busses made in Canada built by Canadians while he gives speeches asking everyone to buy American Chevy’s is one big fat JOKE.

Yes...Obama WHERE ARE THE JOBS? Trillions spent and there were no shovel ready jobs? You had control of the House, the Senate and the White House for two years and still no jobs?? You blame Bush, the GOP, the Tear Party and even other countries for your own failed ideas!! Why would we feel that you would promote personal responsibility? You are unable to do so yourself. Then again, maybe your goal is to turn America into a Nanny State...with more and more dependent on the Government. You do seem to feel that UI checks, welfare and food stamps stimulate the economy??? If that is your goal them Mr President you have been successful!!! CHANGE IN 2012...Get in that Big Black Bus and keep going.

BLACK? Bus? How hateful you are. You are a racist. 'nuff said.

You truly do have a smaller than average mind.
Only a low rate troublemaker would try to turn “big black bus” into something racial. (What color is the bus)? Btw, why are you still here? There will be no more free money coming out of Washington.
I see you still cannot compose an intelligent thought on the topic and are only capable of attacking other member’s comments.

So I guess I should of called it a yellow bus?LOL

So I guess I should of called it a yellow bus?LOL

You both are pitiful and not worthy of comments from anyone....that is why you two just blog on and on with each other.....take a hint already. YOU LIVE FOR THESE POSTS....you MOM supposedly live here....and Hideinseek AKA JT have no lives.....that is why you BOTH suffocate, and make others' sick to their stomachs....you two are like gnats that never go away.....we swat at you,,,but you both show up like a bad penny. GET A LIFE! And not one that is ONLY in your sick minds.....One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was made after your lives!

People on here...believe me OnLineBlogger and HideinSeek will slowly suck the life out of your thoughts if you let them...they are blinded by what is truly happening...BEWARE! Is all I can tell you all......watch and read their comments...totally one-sided....we always HOPE they won't find a blog...but POP! Here they both run to a blog like a cockroach to infiltrate and devour and destroy any REALITY thinking about what is going on in our country.....they are the ULTIMATE teabaggers. And drunks like Boehner.


Sorry you’re having such difficulty finding a website where every commenter is as upset as you are because government is failing to take care of you.

Regardless of which website you moan & groan on, you will always encounter people just like me & hideinseek who are MORE UPSET at government for taking away all the necessary tools/policies needed for people to take care of themselves and prosper.

So, for now all you can really do is call others “drunks” until another round of quantitative easing comes your way. LMAO.

Online Blogger...Well said.

Be gone with you two already.....perhaps others need to prosper as you do at your 3? jobs....blogging all day on here. What this country does NOT need is more liars and cheats.

"What this country does NOT need is more liars and cheats"....So are you telling us you are moving out of this country?

Almost 56 million people on food stamps. That is a increase of 74% since 2008. The cost of the program has doubled to reach 68 billion in 2010......"Unemployment insurance, the economist tells us, returns $2 for every $1 that is put in"..Nancy Pelos...."It's the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and UI insurance."...Nancy Pelos...."But I should point out that when you talk about SNAP programs and food stamp programs, you have to recognize that it's also an economic stimulus."..Obamas Agriculture Sec. Tom Visack..........So this is their America???

Yes… how quickly we’ve become a “food stamp nation”.
I’m getting reports that the single most important question asked when applying for food stamps is; “are you registered to vote”? LOL.

True story!

I could already hear the radical Liberals trying to name today’s 5.9 earthquake in VA the new, “Bush fault”. LOL.

If you cross the N. Korean border illegally, you get 12 yrs. hard labor. If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot. If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get: a job, a driver's license, food stamps, welfare, a place to live, health care, housing & child benefits, education, & tax free business for 7 yrs....... No wonder we are a country drowning in debt.

Oh yeah, if you cross the Mexican borders illegally or boat in their waters that border Texas, you may get shot, raped, murdered by drug cartel....so everyone! JUMP ON THE AMERICAN BORDER BAND WAGON AND WIN THE LOTTERY! wtf....

You forgot to include if you enter the USA illegally, you also get cash assistance & a free cell phone with 250 free roll-over minutes every month.

I wonder which political party claims all these entitlements are a “civil right”! Could it be the same political party that whats to raise taxes on the rich to sustain these freebees?

What’s the next civil right, a Cadillac or a free CTA card?

Whatever....maybe the next earthquake, or tsunami will shake the earth, America? to it's core.......doubt it....we will forever NOT believe what this world/America is coming to....strife, debt, and most importantly, what this Nation was built on....so sad.........

“Whatever....maybe the next earthquake, or tsunami will shake the earth, America? to it's core.......doubt it....”

You might not be so far off the mark. Not sure if you’re a Bible person, but if you, America’s future is not bright.

According to biblical prophecy, the future of America is not bright. Scripture predicts a world government [at] the end of the age which will have its center not in America but in the Middle East. The centralization of power which is prophesied as extending to “all kindreds, and tongues, and nations” (Revelation 13:7) clearly requires that America in that [nearby] future day lose much of its present strategic place in the world (John F. Walvoord, Th.D., quoted in Thomas S. McCall, editor, America in History and Bible Prophecy, Moody Press, 1976, page 24).

For these reasons we ALL CAN AGREE. Sad, heartwrenched....Peace to all.

We know Obama inherited a lot of problems from Bush. Something else He inherited was a 5.7% UI rate and a triple AAA credit rating!! Where are we today?

Obamas economy will never recover till HE is gone. Tax, Spend,Tax more, Intimidate and Regulate! How is that working out for you?


President Obama and staff is working on a JOBS PLAN which includes extending UI benefits for those on HR 4213 and also training programs tentatively non-paying programs which is NOT acceptable especially to the Long-Term Unemployed aka 99ers. What we ALL should be doing and have been doing these pass 2 weeks is contacting our Reps in both houses and make it clear this legislation must include provisions for the LONGTERM jobless in the form of extention of UI benefits or/and JOBS or JOB TRAINING with pay! Americans have been complacent long enough and seeing how the latest polls shows the 112th Congress at it LOWEST in history, shows the Tea Party aka KKK without the sheets, also with low ratings so it speaks volume as to what the republican tea party want and that is to make President Obama a ONE-TERM President which brings back the same inept party that got America into this horrendous economic crisis and recession. People are protesting and they are finally get out and becoming involved in this backward process. 545 vs 300 Million??? Now what is important is legislation being worked on by the President that WE must make sure includes the LONGTERM jobless! Don't get distracted by a few conservative wingnuts that could care less about YOU. We know the messes President Bush left to President Obama to clean up! Stay focused on Present day and EMAIL-FAX-CALL your Reps.. Ignore the asses who are still pissed off that PI kicked off mom and the entitlement guy from Oregon JT/jt. We could care less but it is refreshing. No tit for tat with the replacements as we have seen they are basically blogging among themselves just as mom & JT/jt would do.. LOL LOL!! www.american99ersunion.com (keep in touch)

I don’t think there should be indefinite unemployment benefits WITHOUT A SERIOUS JOBS PLAN IN THE WORKS that everyone can agree on including corporate America.(IMO) that’s just more welfare! DOES THIS MAKE ME A RACIST?

I don’t believe President Obama has the capacity or willingness to expedite this nation’s economic recovery. DOES THIS MAKE ME A RACIST?

Christine, (IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE “BLACK” right)?

Obviously you are not comfortable in your own skin.
You’re obsessed with turning every debate racial.
Calling the tea party the “Ku Klux Klan” makes you “THE” first class racist. You also think every criticism against President Obama is a personal attack against you and your race.

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe ALL the criticism against Obama are those who just disagree with his policies or simply believe he’s incompetent & inexperienced as a leader.

Took Obama almost three years to have a PLAN!!! Will be the same old shit...Tax and Spend. Liberals are so good at spending money, as long as it is not their's!!! Will never pass the House...he knows it. His goal is to give you something he knows will go nowhere...then Blame the GOP! A Spend game! The man is Clueless.

To all the hard working, tax paying Americans out there. Christine is once again insulting you and all those on Social Security that are living on their own money. Funds that they paid in from their own hard work for 40+ years of their lives. She calls it a entitlement, as if it were welfare! Do not take my word for it. Just call Social Security and ask them to mail you a statement of your account. You will see how much you have earned, by your hard work over the years and how much of your EARNED income you put into the fund. If you, like me, worked for the last 40 years of your life you will be surprised how much you paid in. Then add interest to that over 40 years. Get my point? She calls it a entitlement while asking for more DC hand outs after her two years of her free weekly checks from funds she never paid into...that is welfare! I bet my last dollar she has not paid enough into SS to even get funds...so she will turn to SSI funds...that one you could call a entitlement. She is the entitlement Queen...living off the hard work and success of others. She is entitled just because she is she? If after 3 years, she is still not working, she may wish to look in the looking glass to find the real problem and not blame everyone else!

On line Blogger..You hit the nail on the head! Christine is the racist. She blames everyone for her own poor lot in life. She feels she is entitled to live off the work and success of others...a true Free Loader! The rich are bad people because they have their OWN money and should share it with her...Why? You have to ask her. If you disagree with her or Obama you are a racist..a drunk..on and on. I do not care if she is black or green...she is a dead beat. Looking for a Welfare State to live off of. She knows how to work the system for hand outs. Problem is she does not know how to get off her ass and work a job. There are people out there working min wage jobs, two part time jobs...doing what they need to do to survive. Why should we pay her, after two years, to set on her fat ass playing on her PC? I was not a real fan of the tea party..yet, I am becoming one! She hates them why? Because they are hard working, tax paying Americans.

The Washington Post Tuesday, August 23
The GOP will raise taxes — on the middle class and working poor
America's presumably anti-tax party wants to raise your taxes. Come January


"Congress Approval Rating Drops To LOWEST Level In History Of AP Poll"


Obamas approval rating is at 39%....26% on handling of the economy. If He is a one term President he made himself one! Oh I forgot the blame game! Nothing is his fault! Maybe it was Nixon?

Thanks Christine....I thought you to be gone as JT predicted.....welcome back ol' friend!

OK black or white...makes no difference to me...but please keep this civil and diverse and open to discussion...it is getting nowhere as we all have seen. Let's be honest and truly try to help those in need....not debate red and blue anymore...tired, sick and tired as a matter of fact..........

@pdwall8: Not gone, I was the first to post here and then as you can see the hackers jump right onboard after me.. Its obvious as I have said months ago that the republicans/tea partiers are trying whatever they can short of selling their souls (they might do that next) to get back into the White House after what has been done by other republicans Bush and Cheney. Presently there is TOO much happening with what they left behind and I am concentrating on getting JOBS and any help with INCOME for those LONG-TERM unemployed better known as the 99ers. I don't see it with HR 589 anymore BUT I do see it some financial help in the way of JOB-TRAINING or 10 weeks of UI extension of benefits! In addition to HR 4213 that expires in the coming months. That is word from a source but nothing is concrete, we need to keep the pressure on our elected officials including President Obama. www.faxzero.com stll has the 2 FREE faxes a day and you don't need a fax machine either so EVERYONE keep the pressure on. Those wingnuts are all over cyberspace but not making a dent in regards to taking majority in the Senate especially after the non-productive and ineffective job the 112th Congress is doing thanks to Boehner and Cantor, they have open the eyes of the American people another poll showing the tea party is in the toilet for any chance at respectability and I hear it in meetings and in my program talking to fellow Americans so KEEP FIGHTING! www.american99ersunion.com

@pdwall8: You stay strong and keep fighting. We are ALL here but choose not to post because of more important issues taking place. The HACKERS are on these blogs desperately trying to get back the White House and US Senate even after what took place under President Bush, they don't care about YOU or ME or any of the UNEMPLOYED until ELECTION TIME so I agree with you in regards to civility but they have a AGENDA. OUR agenda is JOBS JOBS and UI Extension of Benefits. The $$$$$ is there, America is NOT broke! Don't believe the AGENDA-DRIVEN BS. Wishing YOU well and all those suffering thru this RECESSION.

Bernanke, Greenspan, Voker and the Fed encouraged Congress to give away money, just print more or add it to the balance sheets where it looks good (weather it's real or not) and financial problems will disappear! The Central Bank, known as the Fed, operates by the rules of the game Monopoly, if the bank runs out of money, make your own. Most banks will not accept worthless checks (unless they come from the US Treasury). The difference is- my checks must have real money in my account already, the gov't can write checks upon the promise that they will pay in the future- and that, by robbing the people through taxes or the "hidden tax" of inflation of our money supply. Average people don't understand this, in fact, average people will have difficulty reading this because it is longer than three lines and they actually have to engage their intelligence for the direction. Mismanagement of the power of the Fed is the base case of our current woes. Just keep printing useless money in hopes to pay it back later! Bermanke has done a lot of damage to this economy. Why would we think the Fed would have the right solutions?

I like this “new you”! We can respect and work with that.
I agree with you that we should keep things civil. I like to believe we are WAY past the KKK mentality that’s Christine enjoys clinging to. Her calling the tea party the KKK only fuels that ugly fire. For me personally, this whole debate is NOT a “black” thing it’s a “green” thing (money) and how we go about earning it.

All of Christine's arguments have been geared towards "receiving" it NOT, "earning" it.

Now that we all know how useless 14 weeks of tier 5 or HR589 would have been if authorized last year without (good) jobs for the unemployed to dress up and search for lets continue fighting for JOBS and focus on JOBS. I have always said that unemployment advocates who ONLY fight for 14 weeks of extended benefits at a time when jobs are so scarce and expected to remain scarce for years to come are REALLY only “entitlement” advocates and NOT job advocates.

(A Perfect example of this is; Christine just admitted HR589 IS DEAD but now offering a new false hope for 99ers from a new bill that only she is privy to (LOL). I find that very odd for someone who loves posting links to articles on everything she beleives in.LMAO!

In the meantime….
I also believe the long forgotten 99ers still need help. I’d like very much to see them get this help. I’m sure "most" 99ers are receiving cash assistance, food stamps and cell phones with free minutes while living with friends & family. Without jobs to prepare and search for, wouldn’t any extended unemployment benefits just be another form of welfare. I’m sure that Congress and America can & will support more than 99 weeks of UIC once there are enough job’s available in the market place. (Until then, EUC is just WELFARE).

Let’s see what new jobs plan Obama will announce in the next coming weeks. I hope it’s not just more tax & spend without helping corporate America do its thing, (the REAL economic engine).

I think Obama will have the same plan and direction he has been on. More spending...talk of higher taxes on those we hope will invest and create jobs. I am sure we will hear some blame game again. I hope I am wrong. It just seems Obama will not change direction. Something Bill Clinton was able to do. Yet, Obama is no Clinton. Romney will be announcing his plan also...will have to see what he puts on the table. I still do not believe there is a "Bill" that will create jobs. It is the direction of the Gov. that will do that. They need to get out of the way and...as you say..let corporate America do its thing. "Government is not the solution right now..Government is the problem."...Regan

Stupidity & ignorance exemplified via the attached look at the twisted minds and logic of so-called Americans. Where were they during the GW Bush Presidency when he and his fellow republican majority in BOTH houses spent BILLIONS every month on THEIR pet projects?? Bush left behind a $12 Trillion national debt plus 2 wars plus a ECONOMIC CRISIS plus a RECESSION.. The Tea Party proved their unworthyness via the 112th Congress, lowest ineffective rating in its history according to the AP polling.. The Tea Party is comprised of KKK members and wannabes without the sheets who wish for JIM CROWE REVISITED or even better "Anyone but a BLACK MAN as POTUS.. VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeN0JRFGPD0

"The Tea Party is the KKK without the hoods"...Oh Really? Where did you get your facts or info on that? Do you even deal with reality and facts or do you just make statements off the top of your empty head? Do they seek to turn over civil rights? Do they say blacks should set in the back of the bus? NO. When I see groups of the tea party why do I see blacks in the group also? Would the KKK even allow blacks to be members? How can anyone take you as real? When you make off the wall statements like that with no facts. You call the Speaker a drunk. How do you know that? He ever in the news drunk or running from a DUI? Where are you getting those reports? Did he run off the road into a river and kill a lady? Oh, Ya, that was that Liberal guy Ted whoever!!! If you are going to make statements like that....give us the facts to back them up. If not then it is just remarks from a very sad and mean person who blames others for her poor lot in life..is it not?

The KKK was started by Democrats;
Heaven forbid “Christine” should research for herself and find out that the entire south was dominated 100% (not 90%, not 80%) for 100 years by democrats. Republicans didn't win any offices until well after WW II in any southern state except Texas.

Today, the “tea party” is mostly tied to the republican party with more conservative values.

A true independent would know this. Christine, didn’t you say you ARE an independent? LOL.

FYI: As usual the conservative wingnuts have miscontrued what I said but thank goodness for comments already posted by me! #1 I DID NOT say HR 589 is dead (another example of their hypocrisy & dishonesty). Lets stay ON-TARGET on what will be coming out of Washington in the next 2-3 weeks and make sure the LONG-TERM unemployed are included and not just those on HR 4213 as before. Also keep in mind that ANY plan is tentative and will certainly run into OPPOSITION from the republicans and teabaggers, which is more ammunition for the DNC for 2012.. Once again continue to contact YOUR Reps in both houses and DEMAND that the 99ers aka LONG-TERM unemployed are included in the form of IU extension of benefits for 10 weeks or 14 weeks or 20 weeks AND if some want to call it WELFARE ( LOL LOL) then let them, I think its funny how they try to play those polical games by coming up with their stupid NAME GAMES but its old news already played with no effect except to make them look stupid. #2 Desperately needed is a JOBS BILL that includes immediate PAID JOB-TRAINING for those without employment for 2+ years! Once again if some ignorance folks want to call it WELFARE then so be it! Not one republican or teabagger said one criticizing word against him Joe the Plumber when the media revealed he was on WELFARE 2x, all he said was he paid into the system so why not!! More hypocrisy and MORE talking out of BOTH sides of their mouths! Its laughable reading their gibberish but I have OTHER important issues to care for presently so continue the fight! www.american99ersunion.com

Good God you already had some job training program!! Train for what? Jobs that are not there?

Did the government train Apple employees making Apple the success it is today? OR IBM & Microsoft?

Did the government train Fed-X delivery employees making it the
success it is today? OR UPS & DHL?

Did the government train any of the major construction companies that build roads, tunnels & bridges?

The government keeps pretending that people and corporations are not smart enough to learn how to adapt to 21st century needs.

Hideinseek, you are right! Government is not the solution it is the problem. I just read that it’s very possible the administration is planning to take over Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac as part of Obama’s new jobs plan.

Obamas Plan to come= Tax and Spend..another leftist, make-work, deficit spending, stimulus plan that is all PC Platitudes and progressive ideology.......Romneys Plan...A common sense, logic-based business-oriented plan to help and encourage the private sector to create real jobs. Cut corp. taxes, stop and eliminate job killing Obama regulations, cut capital gains taxes.......I say these will be the two plans. I vote for Romney's Plan.....Romney in 2012.

IL Residents and those who care: Don't forget SB (Senate Bill) 1565 which was introduced mid-March 2011 that INCREASES the minimum wage to $10.03 gradually with $.50 or $1.00 taking effect immediately. This is another fight locally that we are advocating for. It is time to stop the madness and its up to the American people who have been getting screwed these past 8 years AND after going thru the HELL of the Bush-Cheney presidency and how they spent BILLIONS & BILLIONS on WARS and GREED and their PET PROJECTS! ITS TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS! SB 1565 needs to be voted on AND passed as soon as our STATE elected officials return. This SB 1565 has a STRONG chance of passing because the republicans are NOT the majority, they can cry the blues about spending but its closing the barn door AFTER the horses has ran out. www.jwj.org/ P.S. PI did a story on this Bill a few weeks back so lets email Aricka about doing another story when our State Reps return to Springfield.

I am all for a increase in min wage. I do think that right now it may do more to kill new jobs than create new jobs. If I was a small bussiness...which a lot of min wage jobs are...I'd be more likely not to hire that one other person or may just cut one more back...to make up for that increase. You can hate the corp. and business along with the rich...you raise their taxes and cost right now you will create less jobs. Obama has been a job killer.

Another example of people getting FED-UP with the games the republicans & teabaggers are playing with people's lives in a Economic crisis that stated on THEIR party's watch. GREAT article PI: http://www.progressillinois.com/quick-hits/content/2011/08/26/unemployed...

No were do I read that the Government owes you a job. Where is it written that the Government owes people a job or even a home or a car? As hard as it is right now...I know it is..the Government is not your employer...your landloard...your banker...those are personal responsibility's. How can Government just give you a job? Not sure I understand the reality of that. Pass a law that you have to hire anyone that walks up to you...need them or not??? Silly idea! Only the private sector creates jobs....and they will do that when the Government gets out of the way. Stop spending money they do not have. Stop talking of more taxes. Stop and eliminate Obama's job killing regulations, cut corp tax and the capital gains tax. Give us some leadership in DC that we can count on. Try to hold on...Change will come in 2012 with the New President...Romney!

NOTE TO ONLINE BLOGGER....I am taking bets on how long before Christine is calling Romney a Drunk? LOL

Knowing Romney doesn’t drink alcohol and how much Christine loves to venture waaaay beyond the bounds of truth & reality, I wouldn’t put it past her if she starts calling Mitt Romney a drunk, clone, troll or hacker starting very soon. LOL.

As some can see the bloggers aka HACKERS want to continue on towards the 2012 elections when the CRISIS spilled over from the Bush Presidency is still going on, they want to continue to not face the fact that this RECESSION and ECONOMIC CRISIS with a leftover $12 TRILLION dollar debt happened on Bush's watch. The GOVT is BROKE?? and yet the republican and teabag parties shoved the $4 TRILLION dollar BUSH TAX CUTS down our throats last year in exchange for them stopping the BLOCK of HR 4213 extension of UI benefits! That is the party that wants YOUR vote over a year from now when RIGHT NOW Rome is Burning. We see a ineffective 112th Congress that has not introduced ONE bill to help jumpstart this economy and not ONE JOBS BILL either, we see with recent polling that the 112th Congress is has the LOWEST rating in US History!! but they want YOUR vote in 15 months???? STAY FOCUSED everyone, these clowns are amusing but we have too much to do. www.american99ersunion.com www.faxzero.com (allows 2 free faxes each day without a fax machine)

For anyone who complains about Obama, or claims we should stop bringing up Bush and Cheney, I would ask them to watch this video depicting events that occurred during the Bush/Cheney reign, and what brought us to two unfunded wars, and contributed to the deficit that the GOP/TP is so fervently trying to charge the Middle Class and poor for with their spending cuts agenda.
Bush Lies Cheney Lies Rumsfeld LIES

It is Obama that is putting the middle class on welfare and food stamps. Good God even he has stopped with the Bush Fault game! Tell me what Obama has done....not just what Bush did 6 or 4 years ago! The Wars are still going strong. Remember 75% of the Dem. voted for the War...Clinton as well. The Sec of State! Get over it. We hired Obama to fix the problem..not blame others. If I hired a new sports couch because the old one was losing games and after 3 years the new one was only losing also I'd fire him also!!LOL

I think I just figured out why they keep Blaming Bush after Obama has the oval office now for almost three years.

The more Obama fails to turn the economy around or instill confidence for any future prosperity, the more he and his loyal followers are forced to blame Bush & Chaney. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bush bashing actually gets much worse over the months to come.

C’mon, think about it, what else can they really say or do when somebody they liked is UNDERPERFORMING in a time of great need?

Here the news article about the so-called JOB-TRAINing without pay, that is what we must fight for to get PAID for any JOB-TRAINing after being unemployed for 2+ years BUT this is tentative and we just don't know until its unveiled, thats why its important to be contacting our Reps in both houses on this. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/24/white-house-jobs-plan-unemploye...
White House Jobs Plan Might Let Businesses Train Unemployed Without Having To Pay Them

Read the commits below the report...not a lot of support for this. More Gov Spending with little results. This program sounds like a welfare to work program. Not going to help 99ers or those that are skilled. Another spend and waste money from the Gov. and Obama.

Sounds like more of those shovel ready jobs of Obama's! How that work out?

Online Blogger...Yes, but I do not think blaming Bush will work this time. Americans are on to that game. Obama now has a record to run on and it is one of failure. Romney will kill him in debates. There is a reason Obama is now below 40% in the polls and even lower when it comes to the economy and the direction the US is moving in. The last Poll I viewed had Romney winning Obama. Will love to see those debates.LOL

I doubt that Romney will kill a flea in the debates. For as pathetic as Obama has been in handling our nation's problems (and he has been), Romney is not winning over the Republican masses. No, instead there will likely be another insane Republicant fly in the ointment. Pick a winner. Whomever runs against Obama will be just as bad as (or worse than) Obama. The country deserves better. The country needs to wake up, be brave enough to get their hair out of their eyes, and stop voting for two parties whose interests aren't with 98% of the American people.

msan222...Not sure I find myself able to disagree with you on some of what you say. Yet; there is only the two parties at this point. Not sure anyone can be worst than Obama. As for Romney...of the ones running I'd pick him. I think the masses of Republicans in the end will also. Only other one that has a hope is Perry. Romney seems to be the one that is staying out of the others fight among themselves. In the end most Republicans across the US will vote for him. You are right...not the fare right ones. Yet; just like the fare left Liberals do not make up most of the Democrats. The fare right nuts do not make up most of the Republican masses. Romney is much more middle-right. I am still sorry Clinton had not won Obama.

That was funny...you lighten it up some! Thks

There is no more middle class - just poor and rich. The people need to start fighting what the government has done and made of "the people". America is a corporation now. Run by liars - all of them.

I understand what you say...lots of truth in it. The middle class is not dead yet. There is still time for change. We need a new direction. I wish Obama would pull a Clinton and move to a new direction. Yet; I fear he will not. I think Obama is a good man...with a nice family. He just walks to a different direction now than most Americans are supporting. It has not worked...We tried it. Why try the same? Bush spent too much and Obama spent even more. I am not sure how different Obama is from Bush really!! Lets hope that in 2012 we get a change and all we can do is hope that the change will succeed. What else can we do? Do not give up.

Exactly - Repub or Dem doesn't matter......it is about the people already. Saw 2 documentaries on HBO this weekend - first one about AIG, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, etc. walking away with $160 million apiece the CEO's....wtf? Second one about the sour mortgages sold off and the tent cities popping up all over the US! I cried....this is AMERICA! We have working class people living in tents! Powerful docs to watch if you get a chance. We need to fight back for what is our rights as Americans already.

Good Point!

Obama’s Illegal alien Uncle gets arrested for drunk driving.

Now, one would think it would be big news that President Obama’s illegal alien uncle was arrested for drunk driving and is now being held for possible deportation. But few mentions of the incident have made “the news.” Worse, even many of the ones that did mention it never mention that this is President Obama’s uncle!

I mean, imagine if President Bush had had a relative that was an illegal alien — say from Mexico, or something — that was arrested for drunk driving and damaging a police vehicle? Don’t you rather think that the Old Media would make this story numero uno for days? So, why have the big newsies ignored this story? I wish I could say.

(The real reason I made this post is not to discredit or shame President Obama, honestly! (I also have those kinds of relatives). I'm discrediting the media and the way they feed us the news).


I am sure I have a relative also that I'd not be happy with. However; I do not have any illegal-alien relatives.LOL...Obama seems to have a lot of illegal-alien relatives!! Just notice is all. Like his welfare Auntie!! Yet; he was born here! Ummmm...sorry makes on wonder is all.

OMG, thanks for pointing that out. I meant I have one or two drunks as relatives, NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS.

You know with how Obama likes to spend other peoples money and said you have to share the wealth, then why is he not sharing some of his wealth with all his poor relatives? His welfare Auntie and this poor Uncle? He has a brother living in that other country in a dirt tent. Maybe he should share is own wealth!!!

Online Blogger...I sent your report to Fox News! LOL...Not your post...just the report.

So, What. What does this have to do with the current issues or the president's ability to do his job? If you are posting this to discredit the media, then don't post it. It's irrelevant- especially here. We all probably have a relative(s) who we love/hate to see at family gatherings and fall into punch at weddings. What's the point?

Stay focused.

YMB...You have relatives that are illegal-aliens? Wow...I don't. Taking welfare while here illegal?

Obama will nominate Alan krueger of Princeton University as the next economic adviser. Another faculty lounge elitist egghead with a lot of book sense and no common sense. Poor guy, he just boarded the titanic. Why not a businessman. Someone that really had a real job! He can say...What is my experience? Well I taught about economics and how Unions doesn't hurt companies but can make them stronger. Have I had a real job besides teaching? Will No. Have I ever been a boss and created jobs? Well um No.

“He just boarded the titanic”
LMAO, (very cute remark).

EVERYONE should read Charley Reese's final column 545 vs 300 Million. Sure get rid of the 2-PARTY system, that has been stated for months to institute a viable 3rd PARTY minus those finatical tea party racists! SB 1565 is IL Senate Bill to increase the minimum wage in IL to $10.03. The fight is on for this Bill desperately needed and also whatever legislation is forthcoming from President Obama which will need fine-tuning and will most certainly be BLOCKED by the republican tea party who doesn't want ANY legislation passed to fix this economy. President Obama is the incumbent and will be RE-ELECTED because the American people will not vote for the same inept republican teaKKKbaggers that got this country into this Economic Crisis and Recession. Those who criticize should be fighting for the CHANGE that hasn't 100% occurred because of the "Party of NO".. Lets stop playing those silly political games for attention and FOCUS on getting legislation passed to help the 99ers and the middle-class Americans and working poor. 112th Congress has the LOWEST rating in its History and thats should tell us all the American people have/are waking up and seeing that the Republicans and teaKKKbaggers do not have the interest of the American people at heart.

It's been a while since I have been on the board -- just wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing.

After reviewing some of the recent comments it looks like most of the regular posters have gone on -- which I hope means they have found jobs.

For those who have not found employment, has there been any talk regarding creating a tier 5 or extending the unemployment deadline?

Choose your poison: Rick Perry "Social Security a Montrous Lie" AP/The Huffington Post) -- During a stop in Iowa on Saturday Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry stood by his criticism of Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme." He said the entitlement program amounts to a "monstrous lie" for young Americans, the Houston Chronicle reports.

...Perry recently walked back his claims that Social Security is a "Ponzi scheme," but other Republicans have made similar statements in recent months, saying the entitlement program is a "scheme" to take money from the American people.
Perry has previously taken a hard-line stance against Social Security. In his 2010 book, "Fed Up!" he suggested the program was unconstitutional, put in place "at the expense of respect for the Constitution and limited government." He also wrote that Social Security is "set up like an illegal Ponzi scheme."

Can anyone imagine if one of THOSE finatics became POTUS! My goodness JT/jt would be crying the blues because his entitlement checks would stop AND mom would have to pay FULL-PRICE for her psych medicine! President Obama doesn't walk on water but compared to 8 years of George W. Bush, I will definitely VOTE for President Obama in 2012 which is a LONG way off when there is more important issues to take care of. Maybe he will have the powers that be, find out how $16 BILLION American dollars can disappear from IRAQ with no accountability.

You again just pull shit out of your empty head. lol...SS will not stop you fool. Did you pay into SS? If you did then is it not your own money? I have a feeling you live off welfare!

As for Social Security Christine...to tell you the truth if I had a choice to of had MY OWN EARNED MONEY put into a investment mote like my 401k's I'd of jumped on that plan. With about 100K that I have paid in..then add interest...I'd have one hell of a 401K! The Gov has robbed from SS over the years...the peoples money. So they have a point. I would have access to my own money and not just get a small amount over the years...most likely not living long enough to get my own money back.

GOP Candidates 2012?? LOOK-OUT AMERICA! George W. Perry states entitlement programs such as Social Security are "PONZI SCHEMES" Michelle Bachman JOKES about God sending Hurricane Irene because of spending??? Easterners - 30 people KILLED and hundreds injured MILLIONS without power or electricity and this BIMBO #2 behind Sarah BIMBO #1 Palin, JOKES about a disaster like this.. Mitt FLIP-FLOP Romney doesn't know which way to go, he's makes his decision on which way the wind is blowing!! Latest poll shows an INCREASE of 17% from 2010 that dislike the Tea KKK Party so it will be interesting watch the Republicans and teabaggers at each other's throat while President Obama is RE-ELECTED! ILLINOISANS don't forget SB 1565 that increases the minimum wage to $10.03. We must make sure it is passed as soon as the STATE Reps return!

AFTER ALL THE FLAP THAT THE 112th CONGRESS HAVE RECEIVED and coming into the 2012 elections they knew THEY haven't done a damn thing about legislation to fix this economy including NO JOBS BILL! Their polling is in the toilet also and WAM!! THEY HAVE INTRODUCED A "JOB PLAN" (A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS) Its speaks of Deregulation of the EPA??? and environment???? Host on MSNBC asked a TP member after he TRIED to explain it and the host finally said " BUT WHERE ARE THE JOBS IN THIS BILL" and the guest couldn't answer it. America is waking up and seeing the Republicans and Tea KKK Party for what they are!

Congress approval rating: Polls shows 87% of Americans disapprove of the JOB Congress is doing. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/26/congress-approval-rating_n_9380...

You were just kind enough to report the congress disapproval rating of 87%. Are you under the impression this does not include the democrats? An authentic Independent as you claim you are, would at the very least occasionally find fault or bash a democrat every now & then. LOL. You might what to work on that if you’re trying to convince others you are an independent.

Is it possible you are a “iino” (independent in name only)?

Another typical politician - Governor George W. Perry does a FLIP-FLOP on Medicare!! The Ed Schulz Show. http://www.wegoted.com/hblog/blog-details.asp?BID=227

I agree with you that Obama’s uncle’s arrest is irrelevant here just as all of Christine’ republican propaganda.

The point I’m trying to make is; maybe the liberal Media just didn’t have enough time (wink-wink) to report about Obama’s uncle because they were fast at work criticizing & ridiculing Michelle Bachman for making a joke about God sending DC earthquakes and hurricanes as some kind of message. You see my point? It makes me wonder what else the liberal media sweeps under the carpet.

Aren’t you fed-up with feeling divided by the way the liberal media feeds us our news when “most” of us really only want the same thing, “prosperity with a promising future”? I know I’m tired of feeling divided.

I could not agree more. If that report was on Bush or Perry they would be reporting it night and day on MSNBC. How is Obama...the President... irrelevant to jobs and the economy? Who is President is very important to the economy. Christine remarks on the low poll numbers for Congress...which I agree with. Yet; she acts as if those numbers are only on the tea party and the GOP. She will say nothing of Obama's low numbers or that Romney wins him in the newest poll! Obama I feel has done a lot to divide us. Regan was known as the Great communicator....Obama will be known as the Great Divider.

A wonderful humanitarian story - Hunger at HOME http://www.abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section/=news%2Flocal&id=8324802

Some online bloggers should be on FOXNEWS blogs or DRUDGE REPORT because as they go along with the NON-TOPIC political gibberish the report button will be punched as many times as is necessary to make sure PI website does not turn into THEIR hacked blogs which is what Anonymous and other conservative ass groups are doing. We know the shit posted about Barack Obama's Uncle does nothing but show THAT person for the ass that he or she is! Its a sad state of affairs how America has sunk down to after President Bush invaded Iraq and stormed into Afghanistan, America viewed around the world will never be the great country it once was thanks to the Bush-Cheney and the republican tea party as a whole! Posting about President Obama's Uncle in some country just solidifies what has been said because nobody gives a damn about his uncle in this CRISIS times when people are hurting desperately and threatening suicide. The above VIDEO on feeding the hungry little school childrens proves the CRISIS and yet some ass post some BullShit about the President's uncle. MY MY MY!!!

What a professional TWO FACE you are.
Every other post you make, you call Boehner a drunk when in fact it is a "lie". Then you turn around and call others azzes for complaining when the media hides the "truth" about Obama’s drunk uncle.

aricka@progressillinois.com; Email to report TOTALLY OFF-TOPICS. Same silliness experienced with JT/MOM and option is there to report via the report button and to email Aricka.


I do believe the CT CLONE has returned. WOW that EGO has to be fed but not by me, have no intention of stooping down to his/her level of immaturity. DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS!!

I do believe the CT CLONE has returned. WOW that EGO has to be fed but not by me, have no intention of stooping down to his/her level of immaturity. DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS!!

Christine, when you don't address comments directly TO them, but post all these posts ABOUT how YOU'RE not feeding them? Of course you are. You're addressing them, just indirectly.

Even your mentor is growing tiered of your “double mindedness”.
Either eat from the apple or not.

Yahoo now reporting on Obama's uncle...".Obama's uncle held by immigration authorities"

Perfect example of how things got loss when GW Bush was pushed in the back door of the White House and given the title POTUS.. http://www.janeglendinning.com/blog/2011/07/13/charley-reeses-final-column/

Online Blogger...Remember Liberals like to silence the other view...at the same time calling themselves "Open Minded." If they can not back things up with facts...they trash the other side with name calling. Drunk is ok..even if not true...lieing is Ok for the Liberal if it trash's the other side. That is all they can do. They say they stand for freedom of expression...yet; for you to have anything that opposes their point of view, they rather have you arrested for "Hate Speech."!! They are the group for the poor, the blacks, the gays and remember women's rights. As long as those people hold and pray their ideologies! If not; they become free game..silence them. That is why they hate talk radio.

Hunger at Home-- The story on the Lunch Bus for needy kids isn't working that I posted a few comments up, so here's the link via URL. http://tinyurl.com/3o5a5f5

Hunger at Home-- The story on the Lunch Bus for needy kids isn't working that I posted a few comments up, so here's the link via URL. http://tinyurl.com/3o5a5f5

Hunger at Home-- The story on the Lunch Bus for needy kids isn't working that I posted a few comments up, so here's the link via URL. http://tinyurl.com/3o5a5f5

Hunger at Home-- The story on the Lunch Bus for needy kids isn't working that I posted a few comments up, so here's the link via URL. http://tinyurl.com/3o5a5f5

Oline Blogger...I hope you do not buy that Christine is a independent? LMAO She is a 100% card carrying Liberal. Just not a very smart one.

It has LONG been rumored (well before his Speaker days) that Boehner is an active alcoholic. If I were a betting person, I would bet my very last dollar that he is an active alcoholic. If you put 100 recovering alcoholics in a room and asked them if he is or isn't, I'm betting that somewhere around 98 would say that he is. The red nose, blotchy skin, sometimes glazed eyes, slurred words and even the quickness to cry all tell the sad story. They've seen it before--in themselves, in each other--before sobriety, in denial.

One of the saddest parts of being a well-known alcoholic is that the more prominent they become, the greater the ease in finding those who will quite willingly cover up their disease in the name of "helping." But trust me...your vast majority of recovering alcoholics know the man ain't hidin' nothin'.

It is rumored that Hillery Clinton is a Lesbian. If I were to ask 100 Lesbians I think 95 would say yes. The husband that seems to go his own way...even with other women. Only one child. The hair and the pants suit. Ya I think she plays on the other team.....Now do I not sound like a rumor fool. Making such statements based on Rumor about someones life? Not only unfair...it is mean. If the Speaker were a Democrat Christine would not make those remarks. .....Another Rumor...Obama is not a real American?.....We need facts to say such things...not rumors. A DUI....spent time in a recovery program...Nothing there. Just Rumors! Sad.

Recovering alcoholics and others who have had the displeasure of being around active alcoholics will tell it the way it is. It's actually pretty obvious. More often than not, the only people who defend people like that are people only wanting to see what they want to see (especially on political sides), and heavy drinkers oblivious to other heavy drinkers.

And I wouldn't imagine that you personally would talk to 100 lesbians. They'd freak old conservative you out WAY too much.

Maybe hideinseek wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in a room with a hundred lesbians as much as he would feel lonely. LOL.

I resent the implication that there is something wrong with those uncomfortable with gays & lesbians.

You have a point...I'd rather be in that room with 100 lesbians than 100 gay men..lol

[I resent the implication that there is something wrong with those uncomfortable with gays & lesbians.]

You would.

Is there anything you DON'T resent?

I could say the same thing on Obama with Christine. "Only wants to see what she wants to see!!" I think Nancy P was the worst Speaker we ever had..period. I disagree with everything she stands for and the direction she hopes for America. I can say that without calling her a drunk or other names. She seems like a nice lady and for her age a looker!LOL...Christine on the other hand seems unable to disagree with someone on the facts without the name calling and just pulling stuff off the top of her head. She never really remarks as to were she disagrees with the person or why. She never gives her idea of what she would do..she just name calls. Just my view. Msan222...you are wrong about me. Yes I am a conservative. I am not a fare right nut. I have a niece that is a lesbian. She has a parter she has been with for a lot of years who is a Doctor. One of my best friends is a gay man that is also in a long time relationship. I have no problem with that. I voted for Clinton and would so again..even if she were a lesbian. When it comes to the economy I am very conservative. I have been so with my own investments and money and it works for me! I am also sure you would not talk with 100 Drunks..lol

I wouldn't want to be in a room with 100 drunks, let alone 1. I said "recovering alcoholics." Active alcoholics aren't going to admit that they're active alcoholics; they're still in denial.

Now go talk to your friend Online Blogger about how you believe it really is okay to love people who love people of the same sex, and it isn't contagious. But narrowmindedness sure is.

mans222..."narrowmindedness"...Wow..This from someone that was going to start her own web site and only allow those to post that she agreed with and liked!!!LOL I understand her point about being uncomfortable with it. I may be to a point myself...I just don't care about it or find it that important a issue.

Aint a lesbian or an alcoholic...but somehow the help "for the People" has gone way off base, again. I will give some websites that will blow your minds....because what this nation has become....and WE ALL need to fight to get our rights back as AMERICANS. This political war has got to stop, and stop now. The middle class is dying and WE ALL NEED to fight for what is right. Whether it be a coup or downright fight for "rights"......no more sour notes on mortgage loans that were sold out, collecton agencies scaring people out of what they cannot validate as a loan to them. WE DON'T owe anyone anything, especially if we had to default on "sold out" loans and credit. VALIDATE and prove we owe you anything you bastards....and I mean the big guns of financial Wall Street who walked away with billions of taxpayer monies.....Kiss My Ass Wall Street Billionaires.

pdwall...starting to like your posting. lol Nice to know you are not a alcoholic or a lesbian...or a alcoholic lesbian!

Obama's poll..only 38% approve of him..57% say No. On the economy 77% disapprove of him....Is the country moving in the right direction..79% say No. Unless there is a major change Obama is toast.

The alternatives don't look any brighter. This country has GOT to get its head out of the sand, and start thinking about other parties. We DON'T just have two parties. What we have right now are two electable parties. But it won't be that way if people smarten up.

And therein lies the problem.

People are dumb as rocks, go with the crowd, don't look into the alternatives, vote solely on if you've heard a name before or because your great Aunt Mabel in Wichita likes someone so you will too, we have a choice between this (left hand) and that (right hand) types. What will it take before the majority realize that our current parties don't plan on working for them?

"narrowmindedness".."People need to smarten up"..like me!...."People are dump as rocks"...if they do not agree with me!

Bums are the well-to-do of this day. They didn't have as far to fall.
Jackson Pollock

I strongly disagree with you for calling some narrow-minded regarding how they accept homosexuality.

Some people believe in divine revelation and the “Bible” is the final authority for both belief and behavior NOT msanonymous222 nor public opinion.

No matter how much you try and judge others you will always be a mere mortal as the rest of us. LOL.

My God is an all-inclusive God. Sorry yours isn't.

And the best answer, from a gay person:

"Does God accept us? Heck, He MADE us."

Job report to come out soon and some say it may be in the negative numbers....Damn Obama is doing so good....He should do well running on his record. But I bet He will try to run on blaming others. Poll showing that 26% of Democrats would like to see someone in their party run ageist him now. He said Bush ran the car into the ditch....He has driven it off the cliff!

Mr President We the people want the keys back to the car...You now have a suspended license!!

LOL LOL! Over a year to go before President Obama is RE-ELECTED the Obama bashers are desperate & will most certainly burn themselves out, but for now ITS ENTERTAINMENT. www.american99ersunion.com

Christine, we’re assuming you didn’t see this excellent advice from your mentor.

Tue Aug 30

Christine, when you don't address comments directly TO them, but post all these posts ABOUT how YOU'RE not feeding them? Of course you are. You're addressing them, just indirectly.”

SB 1565 is the IL Senate Bill that increases the minimum wage to $10.03 and once its passed (uphill battle with the republicans) then $1 will kick in immediately so PLEASE contact your Reps in Springfield and also your US Reps in Congress for passage of this bill and also Extension of UI benefits for the 99ers aka LONG-TERM unemployed. It is clear the the President's JOBS PLAN will have HR 4213 extension of benefits and will not say anything more on that because of the HACKERS on PI and other websites BUT it is tentative with work to be done and we know the republicans and teaKKKbaggers will of course bitch about its contents and threaten to BLOCK it for sure which is just adding MORE fuel to the demise as we know.. The 112th Congress has not introduced ONE Jobs Bill or ONE piece of legislation to jumpstart this economy and its understandable why the American people have stated they are the least effective Congress in history! We can thank Speaker Boehner who's more concerned about a cocktail in his hand then a pen to sign introduction for a JOBS BILL. YEP! LOL LOL!! GBA.

2012 Campaign -- What to Watch For in September

(Oh no Bimbo #1 aka Sarah Palin may thrown her hat in the race, well maybe she's learned how to read a teleprompter instead of writing gibberish on the palm of hands)

WOW Its more dirt on this guy then chit on a pig after thanksgiving feast. Gov. George W.Perry is crowned King:


If you scroll up to the top you will see THIS article on PI about the anger people are having because we're sick of being screwed with NO JOBS BILL from Congress or a ECONOMY plan to jumpstart the economy, oh yeah it will come down the road closer to the 2012 elections which is another clear indicator of how important they think the UNEMPLOYED are and the middle-class working poor. 700 angry people showed up at the meeting with the Democratic Mayor of Chicago and they were not there for a bake sale either. People are WAKING-UP to the B.S. taking place in many states and in BOTH houses of Congress, they know these economic crisis permeated from President Bush and his counter-part Dickie Cheney. http://www.progressillinois.com/quick-hits/content/2011/08/30/emanuel-ch...

The more you blame the past administration, the more emphasis you’re putting on the current administration for failing to turn things around. Lol.

From the wall street journal

Details of the President's jobs plan are starting to leak out, and they're not looking impressive. (visit source article)


3 Provisions to President Obama's JOB PLAN which will be shot down the republican teaKKKbaggers: TAX INCENTIVES to employers to HIRE! JOBS via Construction on Schools, etc! Extension of UNEMPLOYMENT benefits for LONG-TERM who have been jobless 6+ months ( i.e. HR 4213) so far that is what has been revealed BUT is not concrete. ALL the unemployed must CONTACT their Reps next week and demand that the LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED aka 99ers are included in a PAID TRAINING PROGRAM, JOB TRAINING W/PAY and/0r UI extension of benefits along the lines of HR 589. This is up to the people! The Republican talking heads will voice their political excrement against ANYTHING President Obama does to jumpstart this economy that happened on THEIR watch via President George W. Bush! AND don't forget SB 1565 in IL to increase the minimum wage to $10.03. We have alot of serious issues taking place in this country and no time for the ignorance of those who don't have our best interest at heart but want to feel better about the 2 ostrichs JT/MOM who happily are GONE! www.american99ersunion.com ---- www.jwj.org/

More HYPOCRISY from George W.Perry who critcized the STIMULUS PACKAGE yet took the money and ran: "But the reality of Perry's relationship with fed-stim is complicated. Through the second quarter of this year, Texas has used $17.4 billion in federal stimulus money — including $8 billion of the one-time dollars to fund state expenses that recur over and over. In fact, Texas used the federal stimulus to balance its last two budgets.
It is true, as presidential candidate Perry says, that the state turned down some of the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 because it had strings attached. Texas didn't apply for education grants that came with conditions, and the governor famously refused $556 million in federal stimulus funds for the state's unemployment insurance program, saying the conditions that came along with the cash would increase the long-term costs of the program.

But Texas happily accepted the rest"


I’ve been reading many political articles along with their comments. On average eight out of ten comments express severe disappointment and anger with Obama. One comment is the usual “Cumbayá” (we can get through this) blah,blah,blah… and the other is always an angry liberal in panic mode over the possible Obama gravy train coming to an end.

Definition of insanity...doing the same thing expecting different results! That is Obama's new (or should I say old) plan. We tried tax credits to hire...no results. We have had job training programs..Christine was the result of one..did not work. Same old gimmicks at a very high cost with no real results. It's all temporary tinkering coupled with a re-election campaign. He doesn't care if it doesn't work or gets passed. He can then just blame the Republicans or the tea party!!! The major problem we have is the reality that Obama is perceived as the most anti-business and anti-free market President within memory.

I see Christine is worried about Perry. She must feel he will get it!LOL I still think Romney will; however, not ready to put my money on the line yet. I had said it would be those two and that Perry would give Romney a run for his money. I will vote for Romney or Perry over "Wonder Boy". Get ready Liberals there is a BIG CHANGE coming in one year...as Online Blogger says.."the gravy train is over"

Yeah, nothing terrifies a conservative more than giving money to poor people, right? Scares the bejeezus outta ya. Online Blather probably thinks the poor are just as contagious as the gay.

I bet you all can find hearts buy one, get one free somewhere. Wouldn't want you to have to pay full price for something so meaningless to you.

“Yeah, nothing terrifies a conservative more than giving money to poor people, right? Scares the bejeezus outta ya. Online Blather probably thinks the poor are just as contagious as the gay.”

Since you insist on not letting this gay & lesbian issue go,

(Speaking for myself ONLY), I try to live according to “Bible scripture” and it sounds like you live according to “Yahoo answers”. I respect that! Entirely up to you. The bible says Homosexuality is a sin. “Yahoo” says God is an all inclusive God so lesbians and gays conveniently interpreted homosexuality NOT to be a sin.

We are ALL sinners in some way. The only difference IS; I do not try and jam my sins down the throats of others (no pun intended) or believe there is something “wrong” with them when they do not accept my sins as “normal”. Because of this, most gays stray from the bible and start living by public opinion through “Yahoo answers”.

Military Spending Waste: Up To $60 Billion In Iraq, Afghanistan War Funds Lost
To Poor Planning, Oversight, Fraud

WASHINGTON -- As much as $60 billion in U.S. funds has been lost to waste and
fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade through lax oversight of
contractors, poor planning and payoffs to warlords and insurgents, an
independent panel investigating U.S. wartime spending estimates.
In its final report to Congress, the Commission on Wartime Contracting said the
figure could grow as U.S. support for reconstruction projects and programs
wanes, leaving both countries to bear the long-term costs of sustaining the
schools, medical clinics, barracks, roads and power plants already built with
American tax dollars.

Much of the waste and fraud could have been avoided with better planning and
more aggressive oversight, the commission said. To avoid repeating the mistakes
in Iraq and Afghanistan, government agencies should overhaul the way they award
and manage contracts in war zones, the commission recommended.
The Associated Press obtained a copy of the commission's 240-page report in
advance of its scheduled public release on Wednesday. READ MORE:


OUR tax dollars wasted on a WAR in IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN that never should have happened but not for the GREED and CONTROL of the OIL in that region and the bully-pulpit attitude that the big bad USA would have their own smack-down in no time! WELL we all see that God does not like ugly and the smack-down was on the USA and not vice-versa with over 4000 US TROOPS dead and THOUSANDS more injured emotionally and physically!! (Labor Day weekend will be a difficult one as usual) NOT omitting the over ONE MILLION Iraqi civilians killed and their country destroyed BUT being rebuilt with nice schools and hospitals AND free Universal Healthcare ALL being paid for with OUR taxpayer dollars thanks to the arrogance of President George W.Bush and VP Richard Cheney who travel the country promoting THEIR books and making MORE millions of dollars. From the Bush/Cheney administration to present WE know why we are here and we know who is behind why we are here. The conservative wingnuts can continue their political hypocrisy but we ALL know who was the architect of this ECONOMIC disaster culminating in a RECESSION that will last for years as President Obama stated back in 2009. President Obama is not GOD! I have said many times no one is happy or content with some of things he has and hasn't done BUT compared to the alternative of a republican who has not lifted a finger to work with this President to help in anyway JUMPSTART this economy and the tea party which is nothing but closeted KKK without the sheets! So personally speaking THOSE 2 options are NOT a alternative at all because they are in the pockets of Corporate America including the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS.. And if anyone remembers the secret recorded conversation with one of the KOCH brothers and the Governor of Wisconsin, then you know what I'm talking about. President Obama was elected President of the USA by the VOTERS and they are waking up watching what has or HASN'T taken place in the republican-teaKKKbagger 112th Congress under the drunken leadership? of John Boehner AND they are angry at the ineffectiveness of that Congress in NOT introducing ONE JOBS BILL or any legislation to move this economy going forward! They want President Obama to FAIL and they have said it since their "Party of NO" in 2009.

Now watch the counter-point HACKERS with their usual political B.S. going back and forth. Will be attending some meetings this evening and announcing info on other websites but not PI because of these people who do not have OUR interest at heart as we all know. IL RESIDENTS don't forget SB 1565 that will increase the minimum wage to $10.03, Springfield will be returning so we must CONTACT our State Reps for its passage that will help so many people.. Keep EMAILING and FAXING your US Reps in Washington on Extension of UI benefits for ALL the unemployed including the 99ers LONG-TERM unemployed well pass 6 months! GBA!!!

"President Obama supports a Federal Bill that would make it a Federal Crime to discriminate against the Jobless" "Obama: Discrimination Against Jobless 'Makes Absolutely No Sense'"

Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/30/obama-jobless-discrimination_n_...

You have to love the remarks from msan222 above! The conservative is out to hurt the poor! That is the old Liberal game...if you are conservative you hate the poor, children and dogs. What we really have is just a different idea of the direction the Government moves to help those in need. Seems the polls say 77% of Americans feel the country is moving in the wrong direction. I just agree with the 77%. Liberals feel to help you just print more useless money or take it from otters and hand out small crumbs of help...a small check and maybe food stamps. When in reality 80% out there want JOBS and GROWTH in the economy..not hand outs. We the Conservatives feel to help those in need the Gov needs to get out of the way and let corporations and small business do their job. Stop and remove all the job killing Obama regulations. Stop the anti-business and anti-free market name calling. Cut corp. tax and the capital gains tax. When business feel they can invest without fear of more regulations and more taxes they will invest again in America. It is they that create jobs...not DC. That is real help...not just more welfare crap!

“Yeah, nothing terrifies a conservative more than giving money to poor people, right? Scares the bejeezus outta ya

The conservatives are not unwilling to help the poor, they are terrified the progressives are trying to create more of the poor.

Well said Online Blogger...Obama has created more poor...Welfare at all time high...food stamps at a record high...those are the results of his direction. Welcome to the Nanny State! Most want growth and jobs. A small few like Christine is only after more handouts...welfare is ok with her! Welfare should not become a way of living. We should not be OK with just a few weeks of low checks and food stamps...and say thank you Mr President keep my welfare going I will vote for you!!! I am now 100% dependent on the Gov and other tax payers for everything. That is not the America I see or wish for. We need a change and will get one in 2012. Perry or Romney will do better than Wonder Boy and his welfare handouts!

I now will stand on my view that President Obama is the most failed and worst President in our History. I am sure Carter is happy to lose that spot in history!


Wake up at noon, put on some coffee purchased with my food stamps.

Use my free Obama cell phone to call in a check the balance on my cash assistance and food stamps account.

Ignore the landlord knocking on my door asking for his small portion of rent which section 8 doesn’t cover.

Turn on my PC and blog away on the Internet about how Bush ruined this country and Obama is doing everything he knows how to do to fix everything.

Well, I need a break now so let me watch a movie on cable TV. I’ll think I’ll watch Michael Moore’s “America is not broke”.




TAX RELIEF...Tax cuts to hire people...seens we did that last year? INFRASTRUCTURE JOBS...More shovel ready job spending!! Ext of UI checks...that one I can live with. I do not see where it is for 99ers. I think it is to ext the one that runs out in Dec. Going to have to pay for it!.....Nothing really new...same old same old. Guess he is ho[ping it works this time or just gets him pass 2012 election?

Obama today announced that he is changing the U.S. emblem from a Eagle to a Condom because it more accurately reflects his government's roll in society. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks and gives you a sense of security while you are being screwed!!!


Speaking of pr--ks, it's the guy who thinks he's in charge:


Did Obama wait three years during a recession to announce his new jobs plan on the exact same night as the 2012 GOP debate? Of course he did!

Remember when Donald Trump was a possible presidential candidate?
Remember when Obama interrupted Donald Trump’s number one hit TV show the apprentice just before the next celebrity was about to get fired and then made everyone wait 40 minutes to announce Osama bin laden’s death?

The word “targeted” in targeted unemployment extension benefits concerns me. I hope that doesn’t mean just the underserved communities/neighborhoods where the unemployment rates are the highest. If this is the case, we all know these areas are predominantly Obama’s base supporters. This is code for redistributing the wealth while buying votes with taxpayer dollars.

I would not be opposed to UIC extensions for EVERYONE regardless of which zip code they live if companies will start hiring again.

If corporate America is not inspired with Obama’s new jobs plan, any new unemployment benefit extension will be just another form of welfare.

Active alcoholics (and dry drunks as well) have real control issues.

Thks..Now I understand your problem with control issues. Hope you get help!!!

Obama agrees to give his Big Talk on the 8th. Will be like watching a golden girls rerun...lol...Seen them all!!!LOL

Just got a 6 1/2 year old black Lab---He is more intelligent than most Liberals and doesn't beg nearly as much.

Hey, maybe he can teach you spelling and grammar.

And punctuation.

And capitalization.

Oh, and maybe he can teach you and Mom to roll over and play dead when he's done teaching you everything else a third grader should know.

iF i mey bee soe Bold to axe, why hour you so ofendid by hideinseek’s blak lab joke? Our’nt ya ah independent?

Just the other day you were scolding Christine for feeding the animals and now your last four comments do “exactly” that!
Your bi-polar character is all over the place. Are you Bi?

I was pointing out to Christine that doing something indirectly versus directly is just a different way of accomplishing same. I wasn't saying she shouldn't do it, just that she IS doing it.

As for the rest, go have a few drinks, take a few Ambien and go nite-nite, queenie.

msan222...lol...I will put my resume up ageist yours any day of the week. From what you posted in the pass you never held a job for more than 2 years. Why? I was employed for over 20 years with the same employer. Why? My last job with that employer was that of General Sales Manager with a income of 100k per year and a driver (car). I live off my own investments..money I saved and invested over the years. What investments have you made? You still freelancing? LOL

Remember that “msannoyance222” used to be a proofreader for a few days/weeks before she annoyed the hell out of those people too. She is obviously suffering from the proofreading blues scolding everyone on the Internet for bastardizing the English language.

LOL...Maybe she should proofread her resume!!!LOL

"Meanwhile, Americans consider car salespeople and members of Congress to be the least ethical."


And--as I've stated before *but you can't read or comprehend, I've been working for a year.

I'd rather have a buck to my name than be you.

I would like to commend president Obama for agreeing to adjust his upcoming scheduled announcement. I would also like to commend the GOP and American people for not allowing President Obama to abuse his power by silencing or interfering with the political process.

I would like msan222, Christine and other liberals to feel better today. The very liberal state and the liberal Gov Jerry Brown was successful with a dream act bill. Undocumented students who want to attend college in CA can now do so on state funds! At a cost of 40 million. Before we take care of non-citizens, I believe we should take care of American citizens. I know I am not thinking like a liberal!! So there are now many CA kids that will need some financial assistance in the future that may not get it. At the same time Gov Brown says that the state is broke and will need to raise taxes and fees!!! Damn; got to love those liberals!

This is the same bill Obama is trying to pass at the Federal level. Thank God for the GOP; it was blocked. You do not give food to the food banks and then do not feed your own kids!

To Christine’s readers/reader).

Just in case you’re wondering where Christine was last night and this morning, allow me to keep you updated on her behalf.

Bush & Cheney still ruined America.

America is not really broke.

Boehner is still a drunkard.

The tea party is the KKK without the sheets.

Ignore opinions other than mine; for they are only clones, hackers and trolls.

Don’t feed conservative opinion, that’s my job.

New poll shows 75% of Americans now believe the economy is permanently ruined.
Source: ABC World news (George Stephanopoulos - September 1st 2011)

ZERO % felt this way at any time during the Bush Administration.
Source: yours truly

[Remember that “msannoyance222” used to be a proofreader for a few days/weeks]

Six-plus years, full time. You stand corrected, Online Bugger, aka Mom.

I stand corrected; you annoyed them for six-plus years. Just shy of the seven year itch!

Elton John did a great song that fits you.."The Bitch is back"...LOL

That's not nice to talk that way about Mom, jt.

I am sure we know who I was replying to...


They say that there will be much fewer people watching Obama's speech. I think most are tired of hearing him. Big turn out of the liberals hoping he has something for their gravy train! Obama"s words..quote.."If I can not fix the economy in 3 years I don't deserve re-election." OK; I agree here with Obama!

All Obama has to do to not keep that promise is say; he was referring to China and India’s economy. LOL.

"U.S. Adds Zero New Jobs In August As Jobless Rate Stuck At 9.1 Percent" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/02/august-jobs-report-unemployment...

IL RESIDENTS: Don't forget SB 1565 in the General Assembly introduced by a Democratic Rep in March, it INCREASES the minimum wage gradually up to $10.03 and the IL Legislators will be returning next week so PLEASE contact them and DEMAND that this Bill be passed ASAP!!!

We all know the DNC especially President Obama have a uphill battle that has been stalled on several occasions by the Republicans and TeaKKKbaggers who do NOT want this economy to improve and has BLOCKED legislation to do just that. President Ronald Reagan had over a 8% UNEMPLOYMENT rate and unfortunately was re-elected SO the strategy remains the same to make sure President Obama who INHERITED this recession from President George W.Bush is RE-ELECTED because the alternative of the same inept party that got us in this mess, is NOT an option. The political horse manure from the conservative wingnuts & HACKERS on this site and others will continue because thats their godless job BUT the battle remains and continues on. The 112th Congress still has NOT introduced ONE JOBS BILL but can bitch about the scheduling of the President's JOB PLAN conference.. Thats tell you they could care less about the economy or the unemployed. Another nail in the coffin as they say!! The HACKERS pretending to be someone they are not is just to fool those who seem to be receptive to those games with have seen before. MOM and JT/jt were BANNED and are gone (YEESSSSSS) and once again the no-longer CLONES but TROLLS & HACKERS are doing what has been done before to fool those who want to be fooled and that is my opinion DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY as I choose. I will comment from time to time BUT I don't have patience to lower myself down to their level constantly because thats their game-plan. America is in a RECESSION thanks to the BUSH/CHENEY presidency and that will be played UP constantly from which the American people are seeing it first hand with the 112th Congress not doing anything since the republicans & teaKKKbaggers became the majority. We have proposed CUTS about to take place in the coming weeks directed at the underemployed and working poor. We ALL must stay in tune and continue contacting our elected officials because what the RTP wants to do is not pretty. Play the games about who is who on this PI site but PEOPLE this is serious business and the HACKERS continue to laugh in our faces. www.american99ersunion.com

LOL..Again just pulling stuff out of the sky or off the top of a empty head! FACT: Regan defeated Carter when UI rate was 7.5%...When he won re-election, (by large numbers) UI rate was 5.3%. The reason he won was UI was on the way down...we were moving in the right direction and the economy was growing. Obama's problem is UI has gone up under him and is not going down and the economy is not growing! Second Fact: No one is hoping America fails. The GOP and a lot in the tea party see a different idea of how to grow the economy. Just because they disagree with Obama's plan and ideas doesn't mean they want America to fail. Maybe it is Obama that wants America to fail??? All his ideas and plans to date have done that. Obama got almost everything he asked for in his first 2 years. Health Care program...Big Stimulus program...ext of UI checks...and were are we?

President Bush put us in this recession. President Obama, president since Jan. 2009, is INCAPABLE of leading us out. He was given ample time to at least make some headway; he's done little to nothing. The buck stops with him. He knew what he was getting into when he got the job, and even he has said that he's the one ultimately responsible for whatever happens--NOT a president who has not been in office for over 2-1/2 years.

You state that we are (currently) in a recession. Yet our president does not and will not use that word. How is it that you are so supportive of a president who can't even acknowledge the true situation by saying what it IS? It's bad enough that he can't acknowledge the 99ers, but he can't acknowledge (or for that matter, can his administration) that we are actually still in a RECESSION because of a barely-breathing recovery, and may be heading into a DEPRESSION if this continues.

You are so focused on convincing everyone here (whoever THAT is anymore) that there are (alleged) hackers and (alleged) clones and (alleged) trolls here--SO????--and prattling about the "teaKKKbaggers," (not that I like or have use for them in the least, but your racism is showing) that you have lost the ability to see the forest for the trees anymore. We are in the mess we are currently in, in quite some part, because we have not had and do not have a powerful, effective leader.


msan222...I know that you and I have disagreed a lot. That is find. I like to think it is just a exchange of different ideas. lol...I will go on record that this post of yours is right on point. Could not agree with you more.

Just ANOTHER example of how America got into these messes under the BUSH Administration. "Military Spending Waste: Up To $60 Billion In Iraq, Afghanistan War Funds Lost
To Poor Planning, Oversight, Fraud"

WASHINGTON -- As much as $60 billion in U.S. funds has been lost to waste and
fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade through lax oversight of
contractors, poor planning and payoffs to warlords and insurgents, an
independent panel investigating U.S. wartime spending estimates.
In its final report to Congress, the Commission on Wartime Contracting said the
figure could grow as U.S. support for reconstruction projects and programs
wanes, leaving both countries to bear the long-term costs of sustaining the
schools, medical clinics, barracks, roads and power plants already built with
American tax dollars.

Much of the waste and fraud could have been avoided with better planning and
more aggressive oversight, the commission said. To avoid repeating the mistakes
in Iraq and Afghanistan, government agencies should overhaul the way they award
and manage contracts in war zones, the commission recommended.

So you think that waste that you call it has stopped under Obama? Get real. We now have 3 wars going on. Not sure we can avoid a lot of that. We had a lot of waste with his shovel ready jobs that were not there...now asking us to spend more on the same failed ideas. Give me 3 things Obama has completed that has helped the economy. You will be unable to. His idea of welfare, food stamps and UI as a stitmulas...OK he got that. Highest record in welfare and food stamps. I guess you see that as positive..you just looking for more of it!

Just ANOTHER example of how America got into these messes under the BUSH Administration. "Military Spending Waste: Up To $60 Billion In Iraq, Afghanistan War Funds Lost
To Poor Planning, Oversight, Fraud"

WASHINGTON -- As much as $60 billion in U.S. funds has been lost to waste and
fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade through lax oversight of
contractors, poor planning and payoffs to warlords and insurgents, an
independent panel investigating U.S. wartime spending estimates.
In its final report to Congress, the Commission on Wartime Contracting said the
figure could grow as U.S. support for reconstruction projects and programs
wanes, leaving both countries to bear the long-term costs of sustaining the
schools, medical clinics, barracks, roads and power plants already built with
American tax dollars.

Much of the waste and fraud could have been avoided with better planning and
more aggressive oversight, the commission said. To avoid repeating the mistakes
in Iraq and Afghanistan, government agencies should overhaul the way they award
and manage contracts in war zones, the commission recommended.

LABOR DAY MESSAGE 2011 AFL-CIO: This Labor Day, please join me in taking a little time to recognize the value of work and all who do it.

It’s a time to honor the transit workers who get us where we need to go every day. The teachers who will spend their Labor Day getting classrooms ready for our children. The firefighters and caregivers whose work is so much more than a job. The engineers, construction workers, manufacturing workers, mathematicians and scientists who are building America now and for the future. The nurses, doctors and EMTs who keep us healthy.

It’s also a time to honor the millions of people who want to work but are unable to find jobs—working people didn’t cause the economic crisis, but they certainly have paid a heavy price for it.

Today, jobless people have become all but invisible to politicians and much of the public. As activists, it’s our job to change that.

So this Labor Day season, I hope you will commit to being even more active than you’ve been in the past, and to help lead a massive America Wants to Work campaign to demand that all our elected leaders focus their efforts on putting America back to work.

Sign the America Wants to Work pledge to help lead the movement for good jobs.

Working men and women have been suffering through a dire jobs crisis. But too many politicians have engaged in extreme partisan brinkmanship and opportunistic over-reaching. Their goal: to transfer even more wealth and power from low-income and middle-class Americans to the CEOs who bankroll elections and offshore jobs.

That’s why we’re calling on Congress and the White House for leadership on big, bold and timely ideas to put America back to work and rebuild the U.S. economy.

Some will say America can’t afford to invest big to create jobs. You and I know we can’t afford not to.

Some say there’s nothing we can do to turn the economy around—we just have to wait it out. I say anyone who believes that either lacks imagination and a knowledge of history or is just plain afraid of hard work.

There’s plenty our leaders can do—right now. Yes, it will take courage and that’s something, quite frankly, a lot of politicians seem to lack when we need it most. So you and I will have to be their backbone, their conscience.

Click now to pledge to help lead the America Wants to Work campaign for good jobs.

I’m proposing a six-point agenda to create good jobs that will put millions of people back to work and restore our communities, our states and the country.

Here’s our Six-Point Agenda for Good Jobs:

ONE: Rebuild America’s schools, roads, ports, airways and energy systems.
TWO: Revive U.S. manufacturing and stop exporting good jobs overseas.
THREE: Put people to work in communities doing work that needs to be done by directly creating millions of jobs.
FOUR: Help state and local governments avoid more layoffs and service cuts by increasing federal Medicaid funding during periods of high unemployment. Ensure that we have our priorities straight so we can fund essential federal government functions—not slash them to the bone.
FIVE: Help fill the massive shortfall of consumer demand by extending unemployment benefits and keeping homeowners in their homes.
SIX: Reform Wall Street so it helps Main Street create jobs by encouraging lending to small businesses, enacting a financial speculation tax and ending Wall Street cheating and fraud.
Please sign the America Wants to Work pledge to be more active than you’ve ever been before to help create JOBS. www.aflcio.org/
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ORGANIZATION is what the 99ers need and AFL-CIO is strategizing with other unemployment website for NOW for weeks to come with these CUTS the republican tea party wants to make AND for 2012! Its up to the PEOPLE.. GBA

ANOTHER example of why the Republicans and TeaKKKbaggers are so protective of the Corporate Elite: Middle-class & Underemployed AND Working-Poor can go straight to you know where! http://blog.aflcio.org/2011/08/31/ceos-rake-in-more-than-their-corporati... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Here is a GOOD organization that is making a difference OUT THERE with rallies and strategies alongside moveon.org and others. PLEASE get involved because the COLD air is coming before year-end! http://www.jwj.org/jobs/

Christine's America...the very thing the tea party is fighting . MARXIST-LENINIST COMMUNIST DOCTRINE--Advocates the over throw of capitalism by the proletariat. A system of Government in which the "State" plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people. Government controls, (even owns) business and corporations. I guess under her plan Government would be the one to create jobs. The private sector would be dead!

On Tuesday, House Republicans—under the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner—abruptly refused to schedule a vote to renew help for victims of outsourcing.

The expiring program—called Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)—provides financial help and training for workers who lose their jobs or see their hours or wages reduced due to outsourcing, offshoring or increased imports.

Sign our petition to House Speaker John Boehner. Demand that House Republicans help workers who have been displaced by unfair trade deals like NAFTA. (We’ll also copy your representative). xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere is also a petition that has caught fire to get rid of Speaker John Boehner SOH but but better the DEVIL you know then the DEVIL you don't know.
The polling for the 112th Congress under the Boehner (where's my drink) leadership has been the WORSE in US History so we know that will change next time around but the suffering is horrendous. Satan's Disciples should be proud..


On Tuesday, House Republicans—under the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner—abruptly refused to schedule a vote to renew help for victims of outsourcing.

The expiring program—called Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)—provides financial help and training for workers who lose their jobs or see their hours or wages reduced due to outsourcing, offshoring or increased imports.

Sign our petition to House Speaker John Boehner. Demand that House Republicans help workers who have been displaced by unfair trade deals like NAFTA. (We’ll also copy your representative). xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere is also a petition that has caught fire to get rid of Speaker John Boehner SOH but but better the DEVIL you know then the DEVIL you don't know.
The polling for the 112th Congress under the Boehner (where's my drink) leadership has been the WORSE in US History so we know that will change next time around but the suffering is horrendous. Satan's Disciples should be proud..


Finally I'll let the TROLLS & HACKERS know that I'm off for another sessions and meetings so they wouldn't have to peek around like a blog predator looking for the mean old Christine, LOL LOL! www.american99ersunion.com

You are not mean. You just do not report the real facts at times. LOL You seem to like your own more!! Like the one on Regan! Have a nice day.

The reason Christine’s racism is showing and has lost the ability to see the forest for the trees (as you say in your 10:06am post), is because Christine is ONLY pretending to fight for the 99ers while really supporting Obama with the same blind loyalty a loving mother has for her inept child. This is exactly why she is “so supportive of a president who can't even acknowledge the true situation.”

Yes. I'd also say that msan222 hit the target with her post. I agree with her. I think we all really just want to see the economy to grow and jobs to return. We all have different ideas of that goal. The only thing Obama has been able to grow is Government. He is killing the private sector job growth. Government needs to STOP and get out of the way. We will help the unemployed and the poor more if we create growth in the economy and not just hand out small hand outs! I just do not believe the Federal Government can micro-manage everything as they are trying to do. The power should be given to the states..not the Federal Gov. Get the Gov out of our lives. Business and cooperations are not the enemy. Yet; Obama paints them as our enemy. He needs to lead and STOP the blame and name calling. He is the Leader. He just lacks leadership skills. As I have said both Regan and Clinton was able to lead and bring people together...Obama lacks that skill big time.

@ Hideinseek, msanon222 did make a very good point, much of what we’ve been saying for a long time now. Thanks for reminding me that we all only want the same thing, prosperity!

Good 10:06am post, I agree. We should build on those sentiments and vote appropriately come 2012.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Solyndra shuts its doors-At one time, Solyndra was the poster child for Obama's promise of a green-jobs explosion. Today, the solar-energy technology manufacturer, a poster child for the failure of his stimulus, his green-job plan and social engineering in general, Solynodra abruptly shut its doors and declared BK. Two years after over a half-billion dollars from the Obama administration. Is this not waste Christine? Not sure if these 1100 jobs fit the "Created or Saved" or "Destroyed or Bungled" category? At least they can file for unemployment (and we all know- and the Dem's. say it- Unemployment creates jobs!!!) Welcome to Obama's Depression in the making.

We got the "Change" over the last three years..Now we need the "Hope"...Vote for change in 2012...Anyone but Obama.

Zero job growth in Aug. and Obmam runs off to Camp David without one word! No way to spend this! If the Dems were smart they would take him behind closed doors and say "You need to pull a Johnson here and not run in 2012." Maybe someone could step in and save them the White House. I would think the best bet on that would be Clinton. She will get the support from the base and maybe could gain back support from independents. Her approval rating is still high. Not saying she would win; however, has a better hope of winning than him. If not the GOP will take the White House and maybe the Senate.

Maybe thats why Clinton declined the world bank job, she smelled a zero in the white house?

The Republican National Committee has already sent a release labeling Obama, “President Zero.”

Over the course of the next week, that zero is effectively going to be hung around the president’s neck, and it’s only going to up the ante for what was already, arguably, the biggest speech of his presidency.


Online Blogger...Yes. He may of made one BIG Bo Bo here with that. He has set himself up to give a speech with something NEW. If it is the same old "We did that already" game, the American people will shut him off. He made the speech thing TOO BIG! Now he has to look as if he has NEW ideas. I don't think he really has any. This guy got himself in over his head..or as he would say "over his pay grade"!! Never held a real job..let alone..one in Management or Job creator. American's should take note here..experiance counts.

Chicago Jobs with Justice www.jwj.org/ is dedicated to building a strong and progressive labor movement that works in coalition with community, faith and student organizations to win campaigns for workers and social justice.The Emergency Campaign for Jobs!

Here's what we are demanding:

1. Immediate extension and expansion of access to jobless benefits for the duration of this unemployment crisis (including COBRA or Medicaid and food assistance.)

2. Immediate federal financial assistance to states like Illinois to prevent further layoffs and service cuts, precisely when the need is the greatest in our communities.

3. Federal spending on direct job creation for improving and enhancing our public infrastructure: mass transit, schools, roads and more.

4. Federal investment in green technology, manufacturing and energy conservation.

5. Paying for it all by taxing the individuals and practices on Wall Street that created this recession so we can begin to balance the books, place the tax burden where it belongs and discourage reckless and excessive speculation.

Ya, the Federal Gov should spend more!!!NOT. Green jobs..did you not see the post on Solyndra and the waste of half a billion on that program? Are you dumb or just clueless? The Gov is cutting spending not adding to it! Where have you been? Sure more shovel ready jobs!!LOL We need workers to shovel the Shit coming out of the White House!

www.chicago.jwj - Unemployed Workers Council had a major rally today with several local TV stations appeared, I understand that one station WBBM AM radio will have further discussions too. This organization who is working with others for MORE assistance for the 99ers in this JOBLESS economy and JOBS JOBS that we know haven't been touched by Boehner or his 112th Congress. The CRISIS is now and not Nov 2012 although the Richer than RICH want to remain that way and have the CASH-FLOW to do what they are doing and continue. 2 WARS! $12 TRILLION national debt! A ECONOMIC Tsunami! A RECESSION! All left behind by President Bush to President Obama, let the Satan Disciples do their work in furtility because the American people will NOT be so foolish to vote in the same screwed-up party that got us into these messes. http://www.jwjblog.org/2011/09/we-need-jobs-tell-congress-tax-wall-stree...

This is heartbreaking but its true, the GOP/TP compliments of flunkie Eric Cantor has put another nail in their coffin. http://youtube/QzKdt9Ggph0

3 Chart with Graph and the comments are on-target about the Bush Spending and the Trillion of dollars in DEBT left before Barack Obama put his hand on the Bible to be sworned in. http://front.moveon.org/3-charts-to-email-to-your-right-wing-brother-in-...

The pie charts are bars & the bar charts are pies! That’s all those graph indicate. The only real statistic worth reading & remembering is today’s big fat ZERO jobs added. Moving forward, who gives a crap about Bush spending. Those graphs are about as useful as the report PI posted earlier today showing elevator operators and ice delivery men are jobs of the past.

Isn’t ironic how MOVE ON.ORG and their readers are so obsessed with the past? Shouldn’t they call themselves cannot move on .org

www.american99ersunion.com SB 1565 IL Senate Bill to INCREASE the minimum wage in IL. JOBS BILL not forthcoming from the Boehner 112th Congress but will be soon to save face! Extension of UI benefits for ALL the unemployed including the LONG-TERM jobless aka 99ers SO KEEP THE BATTLE GOING!

Call for the resignation of Speaker John Boehner: www.signon.org/sign/call-for-resignation ( WOW a petition??? this must be the first time I've ever seen it this bad, not even during the Reagan Presidentcy when he was dancing with IRAN insteading of fixing the economy that was in a sinkhole of its own at that time) What is it with the Republicans anyway!!!!

): A nut case!

Yea,,,,,I am starting to doubt....Christine...quit calling names please...this is not counter productive for anything!....wtf is going on in your life that you are calling ANY party names?? NOT cool, missy....like I said I will post things that could blow your mind, but want BOTH political parties to read it.....enough of parties, let's get on board and fight for what's right!

@pdwa118: You have style and I have my style so the fight for the unemployed has been going on for almost 2 years and I will continue my style as I hope you will continue yours.. What I see on PI was expected as the anger over MOM/JT/jt being BANNED still lingers with the TROLLS-HACKERS and the occasional CLONE! Have a SAFE Labor Day weekend!!! LOL LOL.

@pdwa118: You have style and I have my style so the fight for the unemployed has been going on for almost 2 years and I will continue my style as I hope you will continue yours.. What I see on PI was expected as the anger over MOM/JT/jt being BANNED still lingers with the TROLLS-HACKERS and the occasional CLONE! Have a SAFE Labor Day weekend!!! LOL LOL.

No offense Christine BUT your style is somewhat flawed and inconsistent. You have been more focused on defending and supporting Obama’ style. How is that helping the 99ers? Even “HE” has turned his back on them. If you truly are trying to help the 99ers, shouldn’t you be perturbed by that alone?

Well said. I guess I understand Christine’s frustrations but, I don’t understand how’s she’s going about dealing with them. I’d like to believe after all the healthy and unhealthy exchanges we had here, we all should be after the same results, (for congress to work together fixing the economy so we can start living with some hope for prosperity).

Msanonymous222 & pdwaLL8 have always been friends supporting your efforts. I cannot think of any reason why they would offer you poor advice. You now have heard from both of them suggesting that the gridlock in congress is everyone’s problem and bashing only one party is a major waste of your valuable energy and most ineffective

You both are right. Not sure Christine will understand your point! I understand that a lot of people had real hope with Obama. A lot of people gave him a lot of time and over looked a lot with him. He had a free ride with the media for his first 3 years almost. Now more and more people are beginning to believe that the job may of been more than he was able to handle. A lot of people feel let down. Maybe we built him up to high! I think most people, like pdwall is saying, are tired of the name calling and blame game. All while our country is going down hill fast. I am one person that is sick of hearing about Bush. Bush doesn't rate high on my list. Obama is the president now not Bush. Maybe we are tired of the speech's and talks...Americans want results. Not welfare and handouts..they want growth and jobs. Like Online Blogger is saying..hope for some prosperity. Hope that our children will have a country to grow up in that we had. It is a very fearful time for everyone. Not sure what the future holds for America. Lets all hope we pull out of this and I don't care what man/woman becomes president...I can just hope that will be the one that knows what direction we need to move to save are ass!! Have a good Labor day and weekend all.

I finally found the guy responsible for creating more liberals.
Sorry Christine but he’s already married. Lol.


LMAO..That was great!

Palin on CNN..I can not find one thing she is saying I disagree with. She has put out some good ideas of a real growth plan for this country. I know the Liberals fear and hate her..maybe that is a positive!!!lol Not saying she could win a general..yet; I am saying she has some good ideas.

LOL LOL! This VIDEO is funny, and great SNL material with the GOP-TP at each other's throat with ONE year to go b/4 the 2012 elections: Bachmann Super PAC Attacks Rick Perry In 2012 GOP Primary Ad (VIDEO)


Nice Try HACKERS/TROLLS/CLONE but I'm not biting from those apples! Keep trying, its nice to be appreciated by the conservative wingnuts and teaKKKbaggers who aim the arrow at those who didn't put this country into a RECESSION and ECONOMIC CRISIS! Arrow must be aimed at President George W. Bush and his counterpart Dick Cheney who were in the White House when this ECONOMIC TSUTAMI hit full-force. Lets see we have 2 WARS that never should have happened but not for OIL & GREED! We have a $12 TRILLION dollar national debt that Bush left behind for President Obama to clean up! We have the Mortage collapse because President Bush spent 80% of his Presidency on VACATION hence 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina aftermath! America pays for FREE HEALTHCARE in IRAQ paid for by the taypayers here in America for the next 20+ YEARS! America has $16 BILLION dollars unaccounted for in IRAQ! America has $60 BILLION wasted in IRAQ due to WASTE & FRAUD! A hearty THANK-YOU PRESIDENT GW BUSH.. And here we have these self-righteous replacement goons still smarting over the much-needed removal of MOM/JT/jt so they have nothing better to do than to bait someone for payback. STUPID is as STUPID does!! Nice Try but if nothing else it is ENTERTAINING. www.american99ersunion.com www.jwj.org/

I agree, let’s start sending letters to DC demanding we impeach Bush & Chaney immediately. You’re good at template letters (LOL) why don’t you get one rolling? Don’t forget to pre-date it three years…

Online Blogger..It is amazing that Bush has been out of office for 3 years, but he is still sneaking around in the White House basement with Cheney, screwing everything up for Obama upstairs!!!

Good website SO FAR nothing has been found as to being a secret Conservative website as another one was found to be, so check it out. http://boldprogressives.org/home - OUR MISSION: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) works to elect bold progressive candidates to federal office and to help those candidates and their campaigns save money, work smarter, and win more often.

We also advocate for bold leadership on the most important and pressing causes. Read about our campaigns, and sign up to join our fight.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NEXT WEEK The Battle for America's middle-class/working poor/underemployed/UNEMPLOYED especially the 99ers continues when our elected officials returns to Washington. Don't give up!!!!

Interesting how when I sign in THEY soon start up shortly thereafter which tells me they are HACKING the PI website and viewing PIs. One ass in particular does it on another website so he is known and its not complimentary. TROLLS are becoming too obvious so bringing down The Anonymous group would be a pleasure. I will be emailing PI regarding your HACKING their website at leisure, I guess desperate times cause for desperate measures.. You have been warned!

I said it before will say it again ): NUT CASE!

www.american99ersunion.com Has EVERYTHING needed for FAXING-EMAILING and TWEETING!!

More HYPOCRISY from the Republican Tea Party: "Regulations, taxes, aren't hurting small business owners say. Its out of work consumers! http://www.bluestatepost.com/news_290.htm

Saw a Republican VIDEO at a Town Hall meeting and a constituent asked the Republican Rep WHERE ARE THE JOBS? She stated the BUSH TAX CUTS started in 2003 with the JOBLESS rate at 6.5% and now its at 9.1% SO WHERE ARE THE JOBS that President Bush promised from this BUSH TAX CUTS??? The Republican Representative started to say something about the Stimulus Package but the people BOOed him saying one has nothing to do with the other SO this guy stumbles and fumbles all over himself and could not answer the very GOOD question! PEOPLE are WAKING UP and smelling the political excrement permeating from the Republican Tea Party BIG TIME!!!

OBTW: Everyone have a SAFE LABOR DAY weekend.

You too..But check under your bed ....be sure there is no Trolls or Hackers there. Worst maybe BUSH himself!!LMAO You becoming a Joke to everyone on here...just read the post. Even pdwall is trying to tell you. Kind of sad really.

President Obama (Wonder Boy) received that 3 am phone call, that Hillary warned us about, two 1/2 years ago on jobs! He still has not answered the phone! His new slogan for 2012 is going to be "IT WASN'T ME"!!!!

"A man jumped the White House fence, but after a brief chase, the Secret Service was able to talk President Obama into coming back and finishing his term." —Conan O'Brien

Watched a Interview with Sarah BIMBO Palin who will announce, wouldn't announce AND who gives a chit either way!! I think she more than qualified to be President of the United Arab Emirates! Hell I think she's got a shot at winningv too, LOL LOL! Sarah Palin is nothing but the conservative's answer to a WET dream! She's legs with hi-heels and a ONE cell brain but she's also good for a laugh or 2.

Your legs are too fat for heels...You are a Conservatives nightmare and you have zero brain cells...but you are good for a laugh also!

Sarah Bimbo Palin...Really...She was the Gov. of a state...she ran for VP...the last 4 years she made millions! You can not hold a job..even after a state paid training program. You are on line begging for Gov handouts...Ummmmmm..who is the real Bimbo?

you gotta point there.

Articles like one below are posting thru out the Internet to beware of the HACKERS and TROLLS that are invading these websites. We saw it starting several months ago with the CLONE-HEADS for mom/JT/jt came on board and PI started having technical difficulties and hasn't stopped since then so as RCH and others have said: "ASSES of EVIL" http://networkedblog.com/mu9gh

"Raise the minimum wage, makes lives and economy better" CNN.com it's exactly what our economy needs. On the campaign trail, Obama called for raising the minimum wage to $9.50 by 2011; now is the time deliver on that pledge.

Anne Thompson -- Raising the minimum wage would not only help working families, it also would help power the economic recovery. As the economy has sputtered, wages have stagnated, and even folks with jobs are having trouble meeting their families' basic needs. Accounting for inflation, weekly wages have actually fallen by 1.3 percent in the past eight months, and the Commerce Department reported that consumer spending, which makes up 70 percent of the economy, dropped in June for the first time in nearly two years -- both deeply worrying economic indicators.

Raising the minimum wage puts a little more money in pockets of the lowest-paid workers, who have little choice but to spend that additional income immediately, helping restore the consumer spending that businesses need to grow. Preliminary estimates suggest that restoring the minimum wage to $10 per hour by 2014 could generate as many as 160,000 new jobs.

And not only does raising the wage floor help workers making minimum wage, it also boosts pay scales across the whole lower end of our economy. Unfortunately, low-wage work is becoming the livelihood of an ever-growing number of workers.

That will not raise your welfare check!

Not only would a new push to raise the minimum wage help America's economy and working families -- it would help Obama regain populist momentum. Raising the minimum wage is particularly popular with the public, consistently winning support from more than two-thirds of the public.

Opponents are likely to be put on the defensive, struggling to explain why they oppose a modest raise for Main Street as Wall Street enjoys record profits. They will also resurrect the tired old canard that raising the minimum wage leads to job loss, but that theory was first shot to pieces in the 1990s by Alan Krueger, Obama's nominee to head the Council of Economic Advisers, when he and economist David Card published a groundbreaking study finding that raising the minimum wage boosts incomes of low-paid workers without reducing employment. Nearly two decades of rigorous academic research has confirmed these findings.

With so many Americans struggling, we need the president to raise his voice and find some fighting words. It's time for President Obama to say -- once again -- that now is the time to raise the minimum wage.

Even if they raise the minimum wage most people will still be living below the poverty level and STILL need government assistance. (Rigorous academic research my butt).

I agree that the minimum wage should keep with inflation. However, this is FAR from any real grown up solution to a struggling economy.

I’m personally tiered of “you” and wherever you’re seeking your political instructions from for THINKING SMALL! The minimum wage was originally designed for teens working their way through high school & college while their adult parents supplemented their education and future with real serious money.

Raising the MW is a good idea but would still keep most living below the poverty level STILL eligible for more free government money, (cash assistance, food stamps, Medicare, cell phones, etc.).

For most self-sustaining hard working adults truly wishing to flourish once again… their mindset is NOT to be anywhere near qualifying for any government assistance. Thats a good thing! Stop thinking small.

Good Point. People are not looking for min wage jobs. The sad thing is, like msan222 is saying, too many are having to take them right now. The bottom line is until we get some real growth in this economy nothing is going to change. No jobs bill will do it. It is the direction the Gov moves. They need to get out of the way..as Palin was saying and let the private sector do it's job. Do not get me wrong. I am not pushing Palin for President. Yet; she did make some good points. Christine has a mind set that is LOCKED! Unwilling to even think outside of the Obama box of welfare and min wage jobs.


This is what you get with minimum wage jobs:


In 2011, this can also be "the new poor" (formerly the middle class, now the underemployed). I keep hoping that Shipler will write a revised version of the book to address all that has happened since the last version.

Sad but true!


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