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"No Priors" Hiring All Too Common

The National Employment Law Project estimates that nearly 3.9 million adults in Illinois have a criminal record, excluding them from jobs and employment.

A job advertisement posted on Chicago Craigslist last November by a temporary staffing company sought entry-level employees to work for two different manufacturers based in Lockport and Naperville. Shift hours were listed. Job descriptions were detailed. Employees would make minimum wage or just above it. And check out the highlighted criteria all applicants had to meet:

"No priors" references an applicant's criminal past. According to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), such language has become all too common for employers both large and small. The group makes this conclusion in "65 Million 'Need Not Apply'", a study (PDF) released this morning that analyzed job postings at city-specific Craigslist sites around the country, including Chicago.

A NELP spokesman released screen shots of some of the Chicago-area Craigslist ads to Progress Illinois. "No prior criminal records- we do background checks!" a company seeking leasing agents in Chicago, one declared. Prospective taxi drivers in DuPage and Kane counties must "have No Felony Criminal back Ground [sic.]" A restaurant franchise in Joliet required that applicants "Must be able to pass background check, no felonies or theft/fraud on record" in an ad posted about a year ago.

"Across the nation there is a consistent theme: people with criminal records 'need not apply' for available jobs," NELP writes. "Combine today’s tight job market, the upsurge in background checks, and the growing number of people with criminal records, and the results are untenable."

And they're untenable for literally millions of people. The organization calculates that 65 million adults -- more than one out of every four -- now have criminal records across the country. In Illinois, according to NELP's estimates, there are nearly 3.9 million adults with a criminal record, about 40 percent of the adult population here.

Criminal convictions linger -- a bad youthful choice can haunt people for decades. Consider the case of Darrell Langdon, a Chicago man Tribune columnist Dawn Turner Trice highlighted last summer.

Langdon was working for Chicago Public Schools when he was convicted of possession of a half gram of cocaine in 1985. He got help and continued working for the school district until a layoff hit 10 years later. Landgon switched to working as a mortgage broker until 2008 and then sought employment with CPS again. Here's how Turner Trice described what happened next:

[H]e decided to return to CPS, applying for the position of stationary engineer (or boiler room engineer). In his August 2008 job application, Langdon said, he disclosed his criminal record. During the next 16 months, he interviewed three times and took an aptitude test and another test that assessed his plumbing, electrical and boiler room skills. In late January, it appeared the lengthy process finally had paid off. CPS told him he was hired, pending a background check. Just days after he signed his new employee paperwork, CPS informed him they'd learned of his 1985 conviction and that he was ineligible for hire.

This case ended with CPS taking another look. "In response to my questions — and hard work by Cabrini Green Legal Aid and, frankly, by Langdon to rehabilitate himself — CPS officials agreed to take a second look at his application. Last week, they called Langdon to inform him that he'd been hired," Turner Trice wrote in a follow-up column.

But thousands of others are not so lucky. Anthony Lowery, the director of policy and advocacy for the Safer Foundation, a non-profit that trains ex-offenders and places them with employers, called a criminal past a "blanket-barrier" to finding a job. 

"The criminal record is the biggest barrier to employment anyone can face," Lowery told Progress Illinois today. "It supersedes education, work experience. The big thing is people being released and the community at large doesn't understand the level of discrimination."

He went on: "Most people who get out don't understand blanket barriers to employment. A lot of them try to get jobs on their own, but after they submit 50 resumes on their own, then they'll come to Safer and get help."

This is important because Illinois' criminal justice system has a poor track record on recidivism. But employment helps -- a lot. A three-year study of its operations Safer released in 2008 found that while the recidivism rate for ex-offenders leaving the state Department of Corrections (DOC) was 52.3 percent in FY2005, the rate fell to 20 percent for offenders that went through Safer's programs and achieved at least 30 days of work and 16 percent if they worked for a year. Lowery said Safer is able to help on average 10,000 people annually. The Illinois Department of Corrections released 37,000 people according to its most recent annual report (PDF).

Advocates see a variety of solutions to give ex-offenders another chance. Lowery talked about a statewide "ban the box" law for non-violent offenders that would remove from intial job applications a box that applicants must check if they've had a prior conviction (the City of Chicago has already removed its box). That would allow employees to be considered first for a position based on their education and experience, rather than a single moment in their past, Lowery said; the prior conviction would come up later during a background check.

There are legislative efforts afoot in Springfield on this issue. State Sen. Kimberley Lightford's SB 1284 would make it a civil rights violation for "any employer, employment agency, or labor organization to inquire into or use the fact of an arrest, the fact of a criminal charge, or any expunged or sealed criminal history record information ... of a person, as a basis to refuse to hire." The bill passed out of the Senate's Criminal Law Committee by a 5-1 vote on March 17.

NELP, meanwhile, noted in its report that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled back in 1987 that barring people from jobs based on criminal records disproportionately excludes African Americans and Latinos, making seemingly "race-neutral" hiring policies anything but. (Recall that the Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study recently found that nonwhites were arrested for drug-related offenses at rates that outstrip their share of the population in 62 of Illinois' 102 counties.) The organization has also been part of what it calls a wave of lawsuits using the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws to challenge exclusionary hiring based on criminal records. Five other civil rights suits against large corporations about criminal records and hiring were filed last year.

In its report, the organization calls on the federal government to aggressively enforce exisiting legal protections that apply to criminal background checks; to adopt fair hiring policies itself; and for state and local governments to create fair hiring policies for ex-offenders and reach out to employers. Companies, the report states, must promote fair and open hiring processes.


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We need to end credit checks I agree. Now as for criminal checks...you have the right  to know ,when you hire someone, of their criminal pass...for your safety and the safety of other workers. If I hired someone that will handle my money..I'd like to know he is not a theft!  Those with major Drug problems  I'd pass on..thank you! I would also not take a job away from someone that lived inside the laws and played by the rules to give it someone that did not!!!

JT, this is just more bleeding heart liberal thinking.


This article sickens me! The liberal mindset sickens me!  If you read between the lines “Crime does pay and has no consequences”. I understand when you’re young and make foolish choices you certainly should be given a second chance if you display regret and learn how to stay out of trouble. This new “no box” listing priors does not distinguish the juvenile arrested for drinking in the park from a repeat adult rapist.

Whatever happened to Personal responsibility?

Whatever happened to life is all about the choices we make?

Why not just have a parade for all the X-convicts and celebrate their rehabilitation and hey, let’s also move them to the front of the unemployment lines and punish all the people who knew how to stay out of trouble.

In my opinion all rehabilitated convicts deserve a second chance. BUT don’t try to make me cry or feel sorry for them because they have it harder than the rest of us.

[No offence MM, I realize you’re just doing your (left leaning job) finding things to write about].


The goal of the fare left is to kill America as we know it...they hate Capitalism. There goal is Socialism and a Nanny State. How do they get their control and power to make others follow them? They feed on the poor..the criminal lot..those most in need. They offer them a hand out...small hand out; yet, a free hand out. Personal Responsibility is a BAD WORD as is Family Values. They try to convince them that the bad guy is the Government..The Rich..The Consecrative views of America. America is Bad and almost always  wrong and unfair. They  believe it is just and fair to take from one that earns and give it to those that do not. They place little to  no like for those that are responsible..that earn, save and invest...the very Values America was built on. Yes, it can make one ill...as a American Vet that fought for my country it makes me sick. I was raised in a family that taught us that You were Responsible for yourself..no one else. That you took care of your family..that if you make Bad Choices in life..you deal with those results. If you break the Law...Drugs, Rape, Robbing others...you made that choice..I could care less what color you are. It almost seems that this Liberal mind set is to reward that behavior and be-little those that lived by the rules and were successful! WHY? Lets just hope in 2012..We get a Consecrative President and move away from this Big move to Socialism. Mom..believe or not most of America will agree with us. You will see that in 2012.

Man you need to spell check and grammar check cause you come off looking like an idiot who will not even given the consideration you think you deserve.

The parrots of the right just don't know how to present their side w/o stating half the truth and then not changing even when confronted.


Hey Dixie Chick

Don’t think spell check will convert conservatives into liberals. Knock off one of your notorious emails to PI and complain to them about not having the spell check tool in their new comment box.


Also, I have more respect for typos than cowards posting under a second user name.

So what is the" half the truths" You tell me.

"looking like a idiot who will not even given the....."   Should it not be.."will not be given..."???lol You could use your own name MSAN222..LMAO


You could wait forever for an answer to your fair question. Remember these chicks don’t bite from that apple and engage in civil conversation!

Mom..they can not bite from that apple because they have nothing to back it up. Nothing to bite on.....only thing they can do is name call. That is normal for Liberals...Race Card....Mean Card...Child Hater...Dog and cat Hater...They have no Facts. They also know it is true...that is why they avoid a answer...they have no answer!

Fact: Democrats lost 7 out of 11 Presidential Elections, winning in 1976..Carter..1992 Clinton..1996 Clinton..2008..Obama. Only 2 times winning the popular majority.  Only Clinton won 2 terms The Democrats do not have a record of winning two terms! Say Good Bye to Obama in 2012! This New War will close the deal!!

Yeah, & I hope it's Sarah Palin running in 2012.  Oughta be funny.

She will not run. Obama's record will be enough to win on. UI...remains high....Debt and Big spending bills that gave us nothing..poor Leadership...and now a new WAR! After 2 years of Obama are you better off? He will lose..can count on it.

Signed up just so I could point that out, I really do hope she runs.  Her or Hypocrite Newt.  It'll be a landslide.

Like the last Election..lol...Obama is at only 21% in the polls with independents...who you must have to win! He reminds me of Carter....will have a bad economy and a mess in the middle east with NO Leadership.

In your shortsighted response you typed...  "I could care less what color you are."

Too bad the police don't see things the same as you, eh?

The police only become involved in your life if you are making bad choices. So now the Police are all bad also!!! If you do a crime...do the time. You can always find a bad cop..yet, most put their lives on the line for us every day. I respect them and the job we ask of them.

Guess you forgot about the fact that U.S. infrastructure is crumbling, & that re-building roads, bridges, & ADDING HIGH SPEED RAIL(thanks Obama) will add thousands of jobs.  Shortsightedness seems to be a trait you're full of, as well as other unmentionables...

Then with all those Jobs we do not need a tier 5! Good; nice to hear.

JT. Nice comeback! I think dynamickirishman forgot about the topic is jobs & tier 5 here and stuck her foot in her anonymouth bragging about Obama jobs on the way…

That's another really dumb and expensive government idea - high speed rail. 

Nobody is going to ride it.  If it was such a good idea why doesn't a private industry buy the land, lay the rails, and start the business. 

Railroad travel is shrinking, why do we keep spending good money trying to keep it alive?


Bob Kastigar

IBEW Local 1220

PS: Yes, they really do need a spill chicken for these posts.


OMG! Did the jt CLONE go back to President Carter? But doesn't want mentioned that President GW Bush was President prior to President Obama and left him a economic Tsunami AND 2 wars AND a $12 TRILLION national debt?   OMG!!  Tell that neighborhood store NO MORE sales on Wild Irish Rose wine!!!    

Bush...my old fool...was a Republican. I was talking of Democrats.  You keep talking of the money Bush spent...and I agree too much. Yet; you avoid the facts that Obama has spent more in two years. What about Obama's new War? Spending one million a day on his war now!!

@ 6:04pm:   Hey looks like someone saw the Movie "Nostradamus 2012"   or someone is watching TOO MUCH foxnews!   LOL LOL!    The CLONES are out via jt and mom who don't seem to be patroling what is or is not posted under THEIR usernames.   Be careful you might be banned and we will be so very sad if that happens.     www.american99ersunion.com    -   www.blog.afl-cio.org/

Still no luck getting a Job? Even after 99 weeks of checks and that retraining program. Maybe you are unemployable.  You must have the income to hold out on here day in day out...and play reporter...still have INTERNET. So you could not meet the means test for a tier 5...Right?

I think jt CLONE is pissed that Barack Obama's picture was removed, well o darn and shucks!!!  LOL LOL.   


I’m Mom, not a clone. Also, I’m not pissed about that photo being removed. Although the photo was funny it was not supposed to be included with my copy & paste out of respect for MV. By you & Ruth yelling, citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest actually gave me a bigger laugh. Ruth analyzing where the photo came from & the organization behind it had me rolling on the floor laughing. Funny Obama altered photos are all over Google & Bing, thats where I got it. You drama queens are keeping me entertained, I’ll give you that.

Thanks for laughs.

Latest news on HR 589 via http://www.crewof42.com?p=5069     (KEEP the generic letter going to the US REPS in D.C.  and also EMAIL - FAX - CALL - TWEET Congress and President Obama who  can sign into law HR 589 per "Emergency Designation".   We can't and wouldn't allow this to play out AND they skip off on their summer break.     STAY FOCUSED and CONTINUE the fight!!  

Whatever happened to your phony advocating for HR 870?  Its funny how you keep forgetting to include that jobs bill lately in your request for support ever since the “Breaking news” of a sit down for the 99ers. LOL.

Just show me the money! LOL

 How soon you forgot about the jobs.

@7:47pm:   It is plain to see people like you are not affected or concerned with events at home which includes an Economic boat load of economic excrement passed on to President Obama from President Bush!   It is clear that WORLD events are more conversational to bloggers on the www then the millions of unemployed in a jobless country with a new 112th Congress with a speaker who can't tie his own shoelaces without a cocktail in his hand.   As I said before to the CLONES for the 2 lacking in ????#@$@@%Z^Z*@(*&^%  and much more (LOL),   my fight and concerns are with the USA and  the classes of Americans who are being colonized by the republicans and teabaggers  with no discussion about JOBS JOBS or a JOBS BILL and nothing mentioned on the 2 bills in the HWM Committee BUT hell its ok because they got their $10 Billion BUSH TAX CUTS didn't they!  Pile on the DEBT with an addl $10 Billion dollars, who cares certainly not the GOPTP!   Hypocrisy 101.

I’m fully aware of the “as is” world Obama inherited from every President precluding him. I’m also aware that unfortunately he’s not up to the job. As usual it will take you slightly longer to come to that same conclusion.

If you remember Regan took over some major problems from the old fool Carter...He did not blame Carter for years...He did the Job. Got the economy moving. Obama should go back to being a community organizer!!!LOL

@8:55pm:   WOW looks like you spoke too soon, LOL LOL LOL!    You (folks) are really pissed off huh!   Miss that Barack picture huh!     www.american99ersunion.com

Mom..Funny she says Where are the Jobs...yet; Obama has been in two years..so why not ask him?  She will not answer about the NEW OBAMA WAR...Yet keeps hitting Bush on his War!! lol She is one good Liberal..Head in the Sand!! "Show me the Money"...she will say that...but understand Mom..she should add to this.."Show Me The Money..But do not ask me to work for it"....Just take it from others...I am entitled! What a total DEADBEAT

******Just 'another'******Muller Farm Production******






@Ruth Chambers Holt:   I agree!    Lets purchase a couple of the HOLES to plant 2 people from PI. They're a little OFF this evening and  I think jt and his means test + Sarah Palin in her cheerleader outfits, has him going every which way trying to keep it together!    LOL!!


To-->"Christine" @ 9:22pm, Wed Mar 23

Christine, I have reached the conclusion that we can no longer effectively CONTRIBUTE here, or function here on PI, without putting up with this nonsense of the GOPer Tea Party goons so I will ONLY be copying the info that is left here that DOES help the unemployed! I will be putting THAT info into my Facebook Pages and will NOT be leaving the PI link as a source of 'help' over on my FB pages. 

Lets face it..., ALL the old info/help can no longer be referenced and if this GROUP 'thinks' that *I* will play their games and actually 'leave' their NONSENSE GOON political agenda and goon tactics on MY Facebook pages then THEY are much more 'foolish' than they even appear to be. 

I will be leaving ONLY the 'good' info that is left by you, (and any other 'good' stuff/info from anyone 'else,<---which will not be happening), as YOU are the only one that actually LEAVES HELPFUL INFO. 

This GROUP  'should' know by now that *I* do NOT feed into their GAMES! so I will NOT be leaving ANYTHING they 'say' on MY FB Pages!

I think it might be more PRODUCTIVE for the REAL "'helpers' of the unemployed ", to avoid giving them ANY voice on our own Facebook pages, so I will not be adding links on my pages where THEIR "comments/postings/political rants" can be seen by those coming to MY pages!


                                                                                                                                                OK We are affected by the events because the BUDGET CUTS and addl spending will be in jeopardy because of the $$$ being spent as we know in Libya! OR at least thats the LIE they will tell their audience i.e. the American people,  BUT I have no intentions of debating the USA and Libya!  As I said I will leave that to the CLONES and TROLLS who enjoy that type of chatter and are not in the unemployed category or they would be fighting along side with ALL those that are involved.  

First: the War in the Middle East and other parts of the World where American lives are on the line is much more important than you getting 14 weeks of other people's money. Maybe you would like to tax the military pay..have it moved to you? Second:  I took a job before my 99 weeks...yes, less pay, but I took it. Why can you not find something part time, min wage...something? I do not buy it...you are not into working. You are one of the one's that fill out your weekly report applying for jobs you know you can not get or hope you don't get a call. I bet all your job looking is on line...fewer hopes of getting hired.

Dear Palooka,

“[BUT I have no intentions of debating the USA and Libya!  As I said I will leave that to the CLONES and TROLLS who enjoy that type of chatter and are not in the unemployed category or they would be fighting alongside with ALL those that are involved.]” 

Oh my little darling palooka, but I am fighting for the unemployed!  You see, I want them to prosper beyond 14 weeks at a time and not be dependent on the federal government. Your camp and culture only fights/begs for more government assistance and has no clue for how to survive without it.  If you did have a clue, you would be posting creative ideas for job making policies instead of nagging about crap that happened years ago. This is exactly why you have no intentions on discussing Obama’s war in Libya, because it’s not in your rear view mirror yet. Looking forward is not your strong suit.

@9:46pm:   Thank-you Nostradamus,  you are so insightful.         www.american99ersunion.com

knew I was Right!  Keep begging DC...but; there will be no tier. No way. Good Lick.  Go flip burgers...even you should be able to handle that

The problem is in the label "Felony".  It encompasses too many things from graffitti to murder.  Answering "yes" on an application could result in an immediate placement in the round file.  Some employers don't believe in second chances and/or may just be discriminating against certain races unfortunately.  If Martha can continue her wonderful cooking/decor show shouldn't a former graffitti artist be allowed to work a minimum wage job at the least?  Let's change the label and save it for the real scary dudes. 

Painting a graffiti is not a Felony! Martha works for herself. On the ap. if you say yes to a Felony..they ask you to explain...and you should. Bottom line if I am hiring...do I not have a Right to hire who I wish. What happen to free choice? If I was hiring and you could not explain a Felony..I'd be uneasy. A Felony is much more than a misdemeanor. Even a DUI is not a Felony..unless you killed someone...or was your 3rd DUI. If so I pass. If it is Drugs..sorry I'd pass. If I work somewhere I'd hope my employer knows if he is hiring someone in that case...sorry I do believe they have a right to know. A Felony is a little more than bad credit! I for one do not wish to work around someone that holds up stores...is violent or on drugs.  Sex crimes can hit the door on the way out.

Great post! I agree with you and pleased to see an intelligent comment. I mentioned earlier that the there is no way for anyone to know if you’re hiring, working or living with someone arrested for drinking in a public park when they were a teenager or a violent career rapist.  

The major Felony that will bar you in most jobs...Sex Crimes...Drug Crimes and Thief if handling cash or crimes ageist people..violent. I hired a lot of people in my years of working...those were the one's they held tight on. When we looked at someone's crime history we could care less about race...was about the crime. If you raped someone...brown, black or white..I'd show you the door.

I'd also add that at this point we need to get Jobs for hard working Americans that played by the rules...some got into credit problems..that one can understand. I have little need to put those that commit a Felony ahead of them in line..just my view.

Wow JT,

I thought JS made a good post until you explained things in much better terms. I loved the way you sorted out those important differences, very impressive.  Graffiti is not a felony, LOL / Martha Stewart is self employed, LOL.  I must be tired and didnt think it thru. nite,nite! 

Also mom...any crime as a teenager...unless tried as a adult..is not on record when you become a adult. If as a teenage you are tried as a adult...it had to be more than drinking in the park! Good night

In response to jt... actually, yes, painting graffitti has been classified as a low grade felony in some states.  It's called Criminal Mischief.  If someone doesn't have a good attorney than they may end up with a Felony where someone else will get a Misdemeanor or simply fines.  I'll give you Martha with the exception that someone with a felony may not be able to lease space to establish their own business.  Not everyone is a master chef and decorator.  As far as "Do the crime... Do the time"... many felons, low grade included, have done their time plus 7 outside only to be punished again and again by potential employers and landlords.  A first time offender with a low grade felony should be able to discard their label at least after 7 years IMHO.  Only short of a handful of states have anything close to that.

I understand your point..only to a point. As for Graffiti...Only if on Federal Property..90% of the time would be criminal mischef...in the end up to the Judge. I'd think most of this behavior is by kids!! Or if a older man..then he is kind of odd!! I do not see this as a job killer. As for Martha...God Bless Her..yes, she is above the norm.lol   In the end it depends on the Felony. I do feel that private  employers.. have a right to make a call. Understand I am a Conserative..my view is less..not more Government involvement in our lives. If I own a store and it is my money...should the Government be able to come in and tell me who to hire and who i can fire? Liberals will say Yes..most Conservatives will say No. Also...most people that end up in Prison did not get there with the first crime. A rapist when caught...most likely raped a few times before getting caught. . Someone holds up a store...gets caught...was not the first time..as a rule. Not always..but most of the time when someone goes to Prison...you can see their record and it goes back years. When someone gets out of Prison...if they really want to pull it together..they can get help and support. There are some employers that work with the PO and the Justice system to do that. It is sad to say..but a fact..that only a small number really pull it together. Sometimes they feel the money is better in the crime than a min wage job? I think you would have to say what Felony are you talking about and the history of the person. I still believe that the employer has a right in a free country to call his/her own shot. Or should we live in a country where the Government controls are ever move...sets up all the rules...with no free choice? As I said...my view only..It is my store...my money..my decision! However; I do understand that it is not easy for those coming out of Prison. I have seen some make it..that were really into going straight..Wish I could say more did...but I can not.

Google:  Graffitti Felony

JS...I do respect your view on this. We can agree to disagree. Thank you for being civil and expressing your view without name calling and the like.

Tuesday night AND Ed Schultz is on FIRE.and the  Subject  – “Ed takes a look at SIX things the GOP has been too busy doing to worry about generating more JOBS”


KEEP the FIGHT going for HR 589 EVERYONE and continue to EMAIL - FAX - CALL and TWEET your US REPS.    That includes President Obama on "EMERGENCY DESIGNATION" for HR 589 which can be signed into law without passage.       www.american99ersunion.com   -    www.blog.afl-cio.org/     

For those who want to work and contribute, don't forget to support HR 870.


Dear -----

I am writing you today as a long term unemployed American. In a time when

unemployment is so high, when there is one job for every five job seekers,

millions of Americans simply cannot be left behind. We are tax paying citizens

that are responsible for each and every one of you still being employed. We

deserve to be treated better than this. Your colleague Representative Conyers

recently introduced H.R. 870, the Humphrey-Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment

& Training Act. Combined with H.R. 589 to provide temporary financial relief for

those who have exhausted benefits until H.R. 870 can be implemented it is simply

the right thing to do, both for the economy and for millions of Americans unable

to find work in it.



Insert name

How are you a taxpayer when you say you are a long term unemployed American ?

Touché esquire!

I think she means “sales tax payer”! (LOL). She couldn’t possibly what credit for paying income taxes while collecting a small government stipend check from State sponsored job training program paid for by real earned income taxpayer’s generating new revenue from the public sector. I’ll take it your astute message one step further; Although taxes are withheld, I  believe you cannot call yourself a tax payer even while collecting EUC benefits.  An employer & employee contribution to UIC only covers regular benefits, (26 weeks) (20 weeks State EB).   

Job bills will not increase employment; the private sector does that.The best way to improve the job situation is for the Government to get out of the way. Build a more fiscal management team..cut spending and get control of the debt. When Businesses feel they can plan safely for the future they will invest. If Obama and the Democrats could not increase Jobs in 2 years with full control of both Houses; How can you think the Republicans should in 90 days with control of only one House???? Ed Schultz is so Left he is blind on his right side...just Liberal bo bo

Dear....  I am writing you today as a long time unemployed person. I have been out of work for over two years. You stopped by checks after only two years. Why? If I really though you were going to cut it off I would of made a plan. I was counting on you and I depend on you. Now what? I may have to take that min wage job or two part time jobs. Hell I may have to go clean Homes..I don't even clean my own home..so why would I do that. Damn I have been out of work so long just not into going back into the mill..you know. I think you should just tax those Rich Fools more..take over half what they earn and send me a check NOW ASAP. I am a American  I should be entitled to it. If you do I will vote for you. Thank you...got to go Days of Our Lives is On...  sign...Depentant One     Good for a LOL

All joking aside. I ask myself what would I do if I was in the same ship. Unemployment checks soon to stop..little cash? First thing is I'd have a plan before the last check to survive. If need be sell my personal items...cut off cable and the INTERNET. Move into a small studio. Sign up for food stamps..I'd eat at Fish and Lowe's if I had to...check out all social programs that could help. Go take any job I could get...any pay. You know Kelly on here did that;  she did what she had to do to survive. Then some on her put her job down as if it had no value!! I say she gets respect for surviving...she had a plan and worked it for her. She had kids as will. If she did it others can. Yes I am lucky I have my social sercurity...remember I only have it  after paying into it for 40+ years. And yes I had some investments I could tap. But I had a plan that worked for me. I could not tap some of those investments right off...a time date for withdrew...and early SS not until I turn 62...so before my last check I took that low paying job at Goodwill. I did not hold out for all 99 weeks. Each person has to have their own plan and do not hold out. Make a plan before that last check. If you are in support of a new tier or not in support of one...who cares really. We all know Unemployment will not go on forever.  At this time, at this point, the mood in DC is to cut spending and now a new War to pay for. To pass that bill you need all Democrat's voting yes and a few Repulicans...very unlikely. Some blue dog Democrat's will vote no and if you are lucky you may get at most 2 Republicans. The vote is not there. Hope is a good thing...Not False Hope. The only Hope you can count on is yourself.

Unemployment - New York Times

Over the last few decades, there has been an enormous increase in the number of people who fall into the no man's land of the labor market that Carroll Wright created 130 years ago. These people are not employed, but they also don't fit the government's definition of the unemployed -- those who "do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior four weeks, and are currently available for work."


There are only two possible explanations for this bizarre combination of a falling employment rate and a falling unemployment rate. The first is that there has been a big increase in the number of people not working purely by their own choice. You can think of them as the self-unemployed. They include retirees, as well as stay-at-home parents, people caring for aging parents and others doing unpaid work.

The second possible explanation -- a jump in the number of people who aren't working, who aren't actively looking but who would, in fact, like to find a good job -- is less comforting. It also appears to be the more accurate explanation. 


The "EMPLOYING BUSINESS" in the US does not function properly.

To put it mildly.

First, people should be evaluated, interviewed - then, check criminal background.

Now, 'evaluated' should include 'psychological evaluation'.

I don't think it is that hard to identify a psychopath.

The resume system is garbage.

At any rate, for 'everyday' jobs.

"I don't care if the guy came from Sing-Sing. I hire the man, not his past."

Henry Ford said that.

What many of you fail to understand is that this "we all have to be sterile" idea is an offspring of "political correctness".

What a 'real capitalist' should want is to hire a guy who gets the job done.

And it's all there is to it.

"Just hire him" " Not his past"...That sounds good. I can only speak from a incident when I was a Finance Manager years ago at a Auto Dealership. They hired a new salesman...no background check was done. He turned out to be a very good salesmen; always in the top 5 in the dealership. A very nice likable guy. After 6 mos. This is the incident. He came into my office when I went to the rest room...took personal information out of a file on my desk from a customer. Credit report, Drivers License , credit app., He must of made his own copies.  The next day we never heard from him again. About three months later we heard from the customer...His credit card was hit for $3,000. Seems after hitting it for the 3,000 he got caught two months later trying to use his credit to, of all things by a car. If we had ran a background check we would of seen that he had two Felony's for Theft.  The customer sued us...rather than fight it in court we  paid it off out of court. Bottom line it cost the dealership like 10,000 and a very unhappy customer I may add. So if you say or the Government were to say I could not do a background check or had to hire this person. Then something goes wrong..who pays the damage..the Government or the employer? In todays world you know how easy it is to get sued...at a drop of the hat. If I hired a person with a record of pass violet crimes..he goes off and hurts one of my other employees...the same Liberals saying no background check..would tell that hurt employee to sue me!!! Not as easy as you think it is.

"Christine" has a Reply to Commented Reply @:

--->Christine, 9:22pm, Wed Mar 23

WHO is sitting home all day on here day and night shooting down ANYTHING positive for the 99ers, long-term unemployed, people farming their kids out, losing their homes?  Cannot stomach it anymore....these two have not seen the bottom of the barrel yet, and I cannot imagine what they would do if they lost their internet or electric so their kids cannot do their homework....GET OFF OF HERE already....MV - they just throw in snippets of political crap here and there to stay on here - but offer NO HELP whatsoever to the downtrodden.  They continue to mention this and that, with no offers of help to those lost and bewildered in this economy.....HELP MV!  Kick them to the curb.  If I was in a shelter, they would say "Good - you put yourself there through wrong choices"...OMG....


Once you learn that this site is not exclusive to advocates supporting extended unemployment benefits you will have much more inner peace with yourself. This site is much more than just a bulletin board for the opinions of a single person.

The topic for this thread is “no priors hiring all too common”.

JT, JS & I exchanged interesting and civil conversation concerning that topic. No one got hurt, insulted or offended from those intelligent discussions. Perhaps you should learn how to do the same so your points are taken more seriously. For now you just look like Christine’s bull dog with no original thoughts or opinions on the subject of unemployment or the economy.

As Flo from Mel’s Diner would say, KMG!

@pdwa118:    I think they're still pissed that the Obama racist picture was removed by Michael and just trying to rile up some silliness with the CLONES and them intertwined.  Not biting!!     www.blog.afl-cio.org/

Pdwall: "They HELP NO ONE UNEMPLOYED"...Do you ever post one thought or idea? Do you even have a thought or idea? I have not seen one post from you that helps no one. Not one idea..not one intelligent remark or thought or idea. You just run in attract me or Mom..who agree or disagree with..at least have thoughts and ideas. What would you do to help get Jobs? How do you feel about criminal background checks? What is your view on how long benefits should be given? I do not have to agree with you; however, would be nice to see you post ONE INTELLIGENT REMARK!!! If you have nothing good to say...maybe it is best to say NOTHING!


I don’t blame you for enjoying pdwaii8’s post. She is your personal lap dog and a dog is man’s best friend. Don’t encourage her to grow or mature in a discussion forum having anything of practical importance to say. We all know you could care less about her having her own intelligent opinions & thoughts. That’s part of your selfish culture.

LMAO.. Where I missed them. The one's with name calling or the profanity?

@pdwa118:   OBTW   jt is not jt.   Check out the comments!  Those 2 mom and jt are unbelievable but at times amusing.   Too busy right now inbetween faxing.    Hey EVERYONE don't forget the 2 free faxes at  www.faxzero.com     AND no fax machine is needed!!     www.american99ersunion.com

http://progressillinois.com/posts/content/2011/03/23/workforce-training-chopping-block    This article is among the BUDGET CUTS proposed by the Republicans that are vital to the middle and lower class Americans and the proposed CUTS are in the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars.  I attended a meeting this evening and saw the figures and it was mind-blowing.  EVERYONE we need to not only FIGHT for HR 589 - HR 870 but also the STOPPAGE of any BUDGET CUTS to food stamps, WIC program, LIHEAP and several others.  Lets not forget the passage of the $10 BILLION BUSH TAX CUTS that the Republicans wanted and got it too.   I have sent emailed to Senator Durbin  and fax to 202 228-0400,  also Senator Mark Kirk the Freshman Republican.    There's alot happening in this country that has to be taken care of by ALL of us who care!   I have no time to placate those sitting on the brains all day blogging nonsensical horse manure who need help from the CLONES and they could care less about the UNEMPLOYED or these BUDGET CUTS.       

 - the insider source for local

Rochester Unemployment Examiner
Michael Thornton

States Cutting Unemployment Benefits: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Part 2

March 24th, 2011 12:53 pm EDT

In a previous post States cutting unemployment benefits: the good, the bad and the ugly. H.R 589 I discussed how some states are addressing unemployment benefit extensions. States are still…

Read more ►


Last 'news' that I heard is:

ALL UNemployed DO pay taxes on their unemployment benefits!


Got that right Ruth!  These assinine naysayers make me sick already.....I STILL owe taxes on my unemployment as I took it tax free just to survive.

If all you have is UI income and the wirite off of kids...then you would pay NO Taxes. Your income would be to low! Income under 15K with two dependents+ no tax.  Some even get a refund....even without paying in.

@pdwa118:   LOL LOL LOL LOL!     He's collecting his entitlement social security check every month that he claims he has EARNED and nada!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!   Sit on his brains all day and thats it.  Remember the guy couldn't even form sentences when he commented but the CLONES arrived to the rescue and he is a genius!   Thank goodness because he would have converted to writing on the palm of his hands like Mrs.Cheerleader Sarah ( I can see Russia from my house) Palin.   

You will have to get SSI...sure you not paying into SS!!!  Yes I did pay in over 100K the last 40 years. What about you.

they have nothing better to do with their pathetic sophomoric lives....leave them to each other is what I have been saying all along...do not engage them in convo anymore - their views are jaded, shaded and downright sad for mankind.

@pdwa118:  Yeah I agree they are kinda weird so gives me MORE time to do some faxing. LOL LOL!   Leave the love-birds to themselves.     www.american99ersunion.

You have kids..only income was UI..and you said you owe taxes??? You better get a tax man Dumbo!!LOL Or you Lie?


State lawmakers in Michigan passed last-minute legislation to preserve 20 weeks of federal unemployment insurance for the long-term jobless on Wednesday, averting an abrupt cutoff for 35,000 Michiganders in April. But in a deal preserving the benefits, lawmakers sharply reduced aid for future layoff.

ATTENTION -  to all Latinos in the Chicago area.

Attention of all Latinos in the area of Chicago and the 'burbs!  There are Facebook groups forming within the U.S. that are taking up UNemployment concerns and Political Concerns in THEIR areas of the country...

The GOOD thing about the Facebook idea is that YOU are in CONTROL of your Facebook Page and NO ONE 'else'.

For 'guidelines' perhaps some of you may want to visit and get 'ideas' from other Facebook groups such as:

Latino Democrats of the San Fernando Valley


Remember, it is up to YOU, (yourself, on an individual basis), to GET 'involved' in YOUR future as to how soon millions that may now include you or members of your family GO BACK TO WORK! So, grab a Facebook page and get going!  The sooner we ALL "get 'going'" the sooner America goes BACK to WORK!



Yes taxes are withheld from unemployment benefits but it doesn’t make you an American income taxpayer. All those dollars you receive and all those dollars you then turn around and pay taxes with are from other Americans earning real live income from the private sector.

Only a liberal would have you believe and call themselves an American taxpayer for paying taxes on unemployment checks. First of all, the original unemployment benefits of (26 weeks) are offset from employee & employer contributions. Only for this period would it be fair to say you are a tax payer because you & your employer paid into the system. When you collect EUC (emergency unemployment compensation) your contributions into unemployment insurance has expired and is now being continued by the federal government EUC program. What you are saying is you are paying taxes with recycled tax dollars from other hard working americans generating revenue from the private sector. (That a liberal taxpayer). 

Mom..If your income is that low..and you have kids you would not owe taxes. Kelly told me she paid 0 into taxes with her write offs! They  need tax professionals!!!


"Boolean", as in a Computer Game called "Bill Gates Rodeo" when the 'computer savvy 'cowboy' gets squashed by the 'computerized mechanical ole Bull' and grunts out", "BOOLEAN da udder way, yer mashin' my innards out...!"

Ruth, you are still queen of the “non sequiturs”.

JT - Kelly, Kelly, Kelly......BrainWave----she is GONE!  Your Lifeline to this Blog is GONE!  Get over it!  Kohl's retail worker is gone working!  OK?  She lives with Momma and Daddy - hardly a posterchild for other unemployed to follow --- most unemployed over 50 don't have a momma and daddy to live with - your analogy just doesnt fit the scope for the masses of unemployed - GET IT?  Thought not - BUBBYE!  Good riddance to bad rubbish joker - you are a hot mess.

I can understand why it took you 3 years to find work. You sound like you needed time to clean up on the Drug Problem. You the Witch from OZZ...and not the pretty one! LOL

If you have no dependents, deductions, assets, property, dividends and your only source of income was unemployment checks you pay NO federal taxes. If you elected to have federal taxes withheld from you unemployment checks and had no other income you get all your withholdings back from the IRS.

Illinois is not that generous, they demand a portion of the unemployment you received

STILL paying any taxes on EUC benefits does not make you  a tax payer. You are not paying taxes with your own earned income, you are paying taxes with someone elses earned income. In other words EUC benefits is free money. Giving some of that free money back in taxes does not make you a taxpayer....

And by the way, for you and JT sitting on here sparring with us all day - haven't you 2 ever lost your internet while not working?  YOU on the magnificent mile of Chicago - probably sipping drinks all day....and JT sitting on the west coast in Oregon in his worn out LawnBoy, I mean LazyBoy, with his intravenous pipeline from his winebox into his arm, have NOTHING better to do??????

You’re right JT, in some cases you don’t even have to file a tax return if you’re income is below a certain amount.

Question for JT;

Do people getting welfare pay taxes on those entitlements checks? Can you call yourself a taxpayer if you pay taxes using welfare checks?

Income would be to low...and you do need dependents to get welfare...as fare as cash.

And your changing your fonts and making it pretty with your stupid Mom sign off does not make you any more engageable....just someone who has nothing better to do with their life...so sad......still haven't seen you post ANYthing about where the jobs are.....because you know of none....just sarcastic blogs that mean absolutely NOTHING to NO ONE>

She brings in WELFARE!  WRONG Blog sister.....get a grip...this is about unemployment - folks who have WORKED for a living for a very LONG time and not getting any more help...WELFARE?  Perhaps you need to go to Cabrini Green blogs if it is still up and running you dufus. You totally suck and are sinking into a deep dark hole none of us want to jump into.

@pdwa118:   Its above their PAYGRADE.   You give them "TEACHABLE MOMENT"  but they're not learning!   LOL LOL.  

Things must be a 'little' better in Japan.  There are two 'listeners' on the Rooster Radio map...!  Maybe their 'spirit' is returning to the general population.


The Japanese people seem to be very 'strong willed' about reviving "hope" within their populance.  I wish that some of us here in the states had that kind of "bouncing back" energy that the Japanese display.  We seem to get 'better', (from our emotional  'stresses') at a much slower pace than the Japanese.  How heart rendering it must be, to look at the landscapes that they are having to view every day...


@ I agree about the Japanese people and it has been reported the civility exhibited in such devastating times!   The cartage in comparison reminds many of Hiroshima, amazing the human spirit and the need, desire to survive.        

Someone******should tell the 2 Commenters/posters******@ 10:14pm/&/11:13pm****** to simply TELL'that'CAST MEMBER to VAMOOSE and not be 'embarrassing' others on this page!  S_I_M_P_L_Y__tell that actor/actress that her/his/IT's "role" is no longer 'needed' in the "Muller Farm Production"/give IT severence pay and send her/him/IT downstream to 'River City' and that others in the cast will 'catch up' with it/her/him later... 


@Ruth Chambers Holt 3:23am.  I think they should try out for the SpongeBob show or revise "The Dead End Kids"  and get on the NickToons channel.  What a comedy routine with the CLONES as back-up to show them the way.  LOL LOL LOL!!

@pdwa118:    FIRED UP!    Unfortunately they could care less and what you say to them are above their paygrade.  The CLONES must break it down for them, that happens when you sit on your brains all day and PI is their life.    www.american99ersunion.com         99ERS  STAY STRONG & CONTINUE EMAILING-FAXING-CALLING for passage of HR 589 or EMERGENCY DESIGNATION!  ALSO STOPPING THE PROPOSED BUDGET CUTS!!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE -  www.american99ersunion.com      CLICK ON "TAKE ACTION NOW"  and "HR 589".   

IMPORTANT UPDATE -  www.american99ersunion.com      CLICK ON "TAKE ACTION NOW"  and "HR 589".   

New story up over here. Shutting down comments now on this one.


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