People hear about marijuana reform and all of a sudden envision complete anarchy. It's not like removing the speed limit on a highway. They're not giving people a free for all. The proposed limit is 30 grams of marijuana. There are also still plenty of regulations in states that have completely legalized marijuana. There are efficient and realistic options for handling marijuana use that don't involve destroying a harmless person's life with prison time and a criminal record.

Shouldn't the head of the DEA at least know that pot's addiction potential is practically nil. Why have a person in charge who doesn't even know current medical and pharmacologic properties of the substance they are regulating? From who and where is he getting information? How does he balance all the wasted money, police time, and just plain human tragedy the anachronistic pot laws have caused with "addiction" issues that don't exist? The government should be embarrassed by his irrational statement.

Well what they forget to mention is that he is now the CEO at Bensinger, DuPont & Associates, a private firm that issues drug tests to employees. It's not like this guy doesn't have a horse in the race to keep marijuana illegal.

He's built his entire empire off of false information that he supported and enforced for years under the failed War on Drugs.