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PI Original
by Brandon Campbell
Mon Sep 10, 2012

Chicago Teachers: Strike Is About Education, Not Money (VIDEO)

The Chicago Teachers Union strike is in full swing as thousands of the city’s teachers showed up to their respective schools this morning not to work, but to strike for the first time in 25 years.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Mon Sep 10, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union Strike Begins

At 6:30 a.m. today the Chicago Teachers Union will officially go on strike for the first time since 1987, affecting about 404,000 Chicago Public Schools students and 26,500 teachers. Both Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said they expect a return to the bargaining table today.

However, the two sides may not be close to reaching a deal.

Quick Hit
by Progress Illinois
Fri Sep 7, 2012

Op-Ed: Crisis In Chicago Schools Is Portent For Other Districts

The following is written by Oscar Weil, former executive director of the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

The threat of a teachers’ strike in Chicago is but an introduction to a crisis that will spread as school districts and unions face many problems in negotiating new contracts. A crisis has been building in Illinois for thirty years, as it has been in other states, like California, which was once a model for education in the nation and is now in decline. The decline began in Illinois when Ronald Reagan was able to turn the people away from the progressive income tax as the only way the nation could carry the cost of paying for a public education system that has been the most democratic in the developed world, a system that became the foundation for the greatest economy in the world.