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Working conditions


Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Thu Jun 6, 2013

Chicago Workers Protest Low Wages, Treatment of McDonald's Employees On Global Day Of Action (VIDEO)

Chicago fast food workers and advocates for a living wage protested outside a downtown McDonald’s Thursday morning, demanding that the company stop mistreating its workers. 

Thursday’s protest coincided with similar demonstrations at McDonald's restaurants in more than 30 countries as part of the National Guestworker Alliance’s global anti-exploitation campaign against the fast food giant. 

Tyree Johnson, who has worked at McDonald’s in Chicago for 21 years, said he has been “exploited” and “disrespected” at the hands of the company.

“I complained to my boss about a raise, and I told her I’ve been evicted, and she said, ‘So what? I don’t care,’” Johnson said outside the McDonald’s at 23 S. Clark St. “So I’m here to fight and stand up for $15 a hour and support guestworkers who have been exploited also.”

Quick Hit
by Ashlee Rezin
Mon Apr 29, 2013

LifeSource Phlebotomists Seek Union Representation, Cite 'Rough' Working Conditions (VIDEO)

Phlebotomists employed by LifeSource are being forced to work long hours for little pay, according to one worker who spoke to the need for union representation at the Thompson Center in Chicago today.

Tiffany Walker, 41, is one of 160 LifeSource phlebotomists being provided the opportunity to vote Friday to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Local 881.

“We haven’t had a voice for a very long time,” said Walker, an Auburn-Gresham resident and LifeSource phlebotomist of five years.

“If we get union representation, maybe we’ll be able to stand up and speak for ourselves, and hopefully change some of our rough work conditions and make a living wage.”

Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Mar 25, 2013

McDonald's Guestworkers Hold Teach-In Against Employee Exploitation And Abuse (VIDEO)

Some McDonald’s student guestworkers held a teach-in at the chain’s flagship store today in River North to show their solidarity for organizing Chicago fast-food workers and to expose the threats of deportation and severe exploitation they say they have faced at the hands of the company.

Standing in support of the guestworkers, members of the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, a union for downtown fast-food and retail workers that is pushing for a $15 minimum wage, discussed documented and undocumented workers’ rights to organize.

“We have rights with documents or without,” Lorraine Chavez, outreach coordinator with the Fight for 15 campaign, told the student guestworkers, who originally worked in McDonald’s restaurants in central Pennsylvania, and their allies inside the Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s.

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Mon Nov 19, 2012

Nursing Home Workers Hold Vigil to Protest Working Conditions (VIDEO)

Decrying low wages, understaffing and a lack of resources, about 200 nursing home workers and supporters showed up for a rally and march in Rogers Park Thursday evening.

The SEIU* Healthcare Illinois union members have been in contract negotiations with nursing home operators for more than a year, with each of these issues being major sticking points.

But those aren’t the only problems, workers said at the rally, which marched in front of four nursing homes in the far North Side neighborhood along Sheridan Avenue.

Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Sat Oct 6, 2012

Walmart Strikers Deliver A 100,000 Signature Petition To Downtown Store (VIDEO)

Just days after striking warehouse workers staged a large blockade outside a major Walmart supply warehouse in the suburbs, a group of like-minded labor advocates marched in front of a downtown Chicago Walmart store.

The group, lead by Chicago Jobs With Justice, contained some of the same workers who attended Monday’s rally, like Dakari Whitfield.

Whitfield told Progress Illinois that many employees in the suburban Elmwood warehouse work in harsh conditions indoors without good ventilation, rarely get paid on time, and are treated badly when they complain to managers.

“It’s an unfair labor practices strike. We’re asking for a set schedule, benefits, and maybe transportation,” Whitfield said. “When we presented this position, people got fired and suspended.”