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Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed Feb 8, 2012

Tea Party Speaker Praises Emanuel On Education (VIDEO)

EmanuelThe Chicago Tea Party may not like many things – taxes, Mitt Romney, even the Republican Party. But the Tea Party did like a video made by Andrew Marcus, which champions Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s education policies.

Marcus, director of the video, “A Tale of Two Missions,” produced by the Michigan-based Education Action Group, was the featured speaker at a Chicago Tea Party event downtown tonight.

PI Original
by Matthew Blake
Wed Feb 1, 2012

Quinn Focuses On Job Creation Programs, Not Deficit In "State of State"

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s “State of the State” speech today optimistically focused on ways state government can spur job creation and saved a dreary examination of state finances for the governor’s February 22 budget address.

Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Tue Jan 31, 2012

Turning Point On Corporate Tax Breaks?

CME Group logoThe city announced that CME Group, Inc. financial exchange elected to turn down $15 million in Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, money.

The announcement came the same day that the Mayor’s office announced TIF reform and two other companies – CNA Group and Bank of America – also returned TIF money. Moreover, CME Group's announcement comes after Stand Up! Chicago delivered a golden toilet to the company’s downtown headquarters last week, partly in protest of their tax incentives.