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Quick Hit
by Brandon Campbell
Wed Feb 15, 2012

Aldermen Continue Push For Child Safety Near Vacant Homes

On Sunday, Aldermen Deborah Graham (29th), Robert Fioretti (2nd), and Toni Foulkes (15th) joined members of the Chicago Teachers Union, Action Now, and a group of parents and community safety advocates for a press conference urging Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make the Vacant Property Safe Passages Ordinance a priority.

If approved, the ordinance, which has sat in legislative limbo since it was introduced by Graham on October 5, 2011, would require daylight watchmen to guard schoolchildren as they pass by vacant properties near public schools.

"Recently, the mayor said he cares so much about student safety on the way to school that he's installing speed cameras," said Aileen Kelleher, Action Now communications director, during a phone interview Tuesday. "We're saying if you care so much about safety this ordinance should be your number one priority."

Quick Hit
by David Milton Brent
Fri Jan 20, 2012

Southside Organization Gives “Occupy” New Meaning

Liberate the Southside – an ad-hoc group of Chicago clergymen, community organizers, and local residents – do not believe the “Occupy” movement should be limited to geographic locations like streets and cities.

They are interested in a more literal form of occupation: placing homeless families in abandoned houses that have been foreclosed on by big banks.