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Gun Control
Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Tue Apr 22

Congresswoman Kelly Committed To Renewing Push For Federal Gun Control Legislation

Although gun-control legislation has stalled in Congress, "common-sense gun reform" remains one of U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly's top priorities, the Democratic congresswoman said at a Monday night event in East Hazel Crest to review her first year in the House.

Kelly, a former state representative, was elected last April to fill the 2nd congressional district seat left vacant by disgraced former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. after he resigned in 2012. The district covers Chicago’s far Southeast Side and a large swath of the southern suburbs.

While in Congress, Kelly introduced gun-control legislation meant to place stricter safety standards on guns and keep "violent, dangerous people" from being able to purchase firearms. But supporters of gun curbs simply cannot get gun-control legislation to the House floor for a vote, Kelly said. 

"There is gun legislation dealing with background checks, and there is about 180 to 190 bipartisan signatures, Democrats and Republicans," the congresswoman said. "But we cannot get it called to the floor, so what I tell people when people come and see me about the gun issue [is], 'I'm your choir.' So we need to call other people across the United States and call Speaker [John] Boehner [to] at least [bring] the bill to committee and to the floor and let it be voted up or down."  Read more »

PI Original
by Aricka Flowers
Tue Mar 18

LIVE BLOG: Polls Are Closed, Time For The Results In 2014 Primary Election

All of the polls have closed in the Illinois primary election, including those that closed late due to problems at polling places. Progress Illinois lays out the latest as the results come in.

PI Original
by Ellyn Fortino
Mon Mar 17

Election Preview: Tensions Boil Over In The 26th District Legislative Race

Jhatayn “Jay” Travis, who is challenging incumbent State Rep. Christian Mitchell (D-Chicago) in the 26th District Democratic race, blasted her opponent Monday for "questionable election tactics." Mitchell's campaign called Travis' comments "desperate and superfluous." Progress Illinois details the latest scuffle kicking up dirt in the race on the eve of the primary election.

Quick Hit
by Anthony Burke Boylan
Fri Mar 14

Illinois Lawmakers Hold Public Discussion On Concealed Carry Law's Potential Effects On Businesses

Business owners concerned about the new law allowing concealed weapons in Illinois got a few answers Thursday, but learned there are far more questions that will only be answered with time and court rulings.

Business property owners in Chicago can opt out of the law, forbidding even people with concealed carry permits to bring guns into their establishments. And more than 20 types of businesses and facilities can never have firearms on the premises, such as bars, stadiums and property owned by the City of Chicago.

But exactly what liabilities could a business owner face if someone is hurt or killed with a concealed gun that was carried legally? What responsibility do business or property owners have to make sure guns aren’t carried into a business if they post the sign banning weapons?

“Our neighborhood is typically supportive of gun control, which is why all of you are scratching your heads wondering why you are here,’’ said State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), one of the hosts of a panel discussion Thursday on the new law. “We won’t know a lot of things until we live with the law and remediate the law because of things we discover along the way.’’ Read more »