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Julie Hamos


Quick Hit
by Ellyn Fortino
Thu Aug 15, 2013

Activists Want An Immediate End To Illinois' Medicaid Privatization Contract

Activists with the Alliance for Community Services protested at the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ (HFS) Chicago office Thursday morning demanding that the state immediately end its $76 million contract with a private, for-profit company hired to “scrub” the Medicaid rolls.

Following a grievance filed by AFSCME, an arbitrator ruled back in June that the state must end its two-year contract with Maximus Health Services Inc. by December 31 because it violates the state’s contract with the union. Arbitrator Edwin Benn ruled that state employees should be doing the work to investigate Medicaid fraud, not Maximus, the outside contractor.

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Thu Dec 16, 2010

Finding Waste In Medicaid: Easier Said Than Done

Lawmakers are busy identifying inefficiencies in Illinois' public health program for the poor. Those looking to hack away must realize that there just isn't a lot of excess fat to be cut.

PI Original
by Micah Maidenberg
Fri Sep 24, 2010

Here Comes Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

A first round of consumer health care protections went into effect yesterday.

PI Original
by Adam Doster
Mon Jul 26, 2010

Last Week's Overlooked Ruling On Tamms Prison

It snuck under the radar last week, but a ruling released by a U.S. District Court questioned the fundamental practices of Illinois' only "supermax" prison.