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Becky Carroll
Quick Hit
by Matthew Blake
Wed Sep 12, 2012

CTU Pushes Recall Demands Amid Fear Of School Closings

Today’s Chicago Tribune reports that once the teachers' strike ends the Chicago Public Schools will consider closing between 80 and 120 neighborhood schools on the South and West Sides. Except for Board of Education member Mahalia Hines, the Tribune cites anonymous sources and both the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS say they have no such plans.

But, according to Stacy Davis Gates, legislative and political director for the Chicago Teachers Union, “This rumor has been coursing for a while and we believe it, which is why we are pushing for a strong recall policy.” Both CPS and CTU say that a recall policy for recently laid off teachers is a sticking point in negotiations. CTU fears that school closings plus implementation of a teacher evaluation plan could mean CPS could let go of thousands of tenured teachers.